WHOOP Fitness Band — Your Workout’s Best Friend

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If you don’t already have an Apple Watch or a Fitbit, you definitely know someone else who does. Smart watches and fitness trackers have become so popular among all ages in recent years. Influencers and fitness trainers on Instagram swear by these smart watches and fitness trackers to help them attain their healthy lifestyles and wellness goals. Most of these devices do the same things: they track your steps, miles, heart rate and calories burned, among other information. 

The WHOOP band, a new fitness tracker that has been worn by respectable fitness trainers and runners and promoted on Instagram, is different from the fitness bands such as Fitbits and Apple Watches. But what makes WHOOP different?

Compared to the typical information that fitness trackers record, this wristband does things a little differently. WHOOP is meant to be worn while sleeping and working out, and it collects information when you react to stressful situations in your life. What sets WHOOP apart from other fitness trackers is that it takes time to learn about your body during workouts and daily habits so it can give you a grade on the WHOOP app based on your strain score, sleep performance and recovery score.

Strain Score

For the strain score, WHOOP measures the amount of pressure your heart takes during a specific activity. After you finish a workout, WHOOP asks you to rate your performance on a scale from “weak” to “peak.” WHOOP then gives you a daily strain score by combining all of your activities from the last 24 hours. 

Sleep Performance

WHOOP highlights the importance of sleep and provides an in-app survey about your sleep each morning. The survey includes questions including: 

  • Did you have two or more caffeinated beverages within four hours of bedtime? 
  • Did you have two or more alcoholic drinks within two hours of bedtime? 
  • Did you share your bed? 

Your answers to these questions, along your heart rate data, are combined to generate your daily sleep performance number that tells you how well you slept. 

Recovery Score

Your recovery score is WHOOP’s way of keeping track of how well your body recovers from your activity the previous day. The WHOOP app will ask you some questions in the morning, such as: 

  • How are your energy levels? 
  • How sore do you feel? 
  • Do you feel stressed, sick, or injured? 

These answers are combined with your heart rate variability (HRV) data, your resting heart rate (RHR) and your sleep score to give you a personalized recovery score each day. 

Photo from whoop.com

After 30 days, WHOOP will give you a weekly performance assessment that analyzes all of your data and gives you tips on how to improve the next week. You can also record and download videos of your WHOOP data that can be posted on social media. If you want to improve your body’s overall wellness, give WHOOP a try for yourself. The band itself is free when you buy a six-month subscription at $30 per month, or $180 total. To sign up and receive your WHOOP band, visit whoop.com.



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