Energy Cleansing Through Eggs: All You Need To Know About Egg Cleanse Rituals

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Have you ever woken up with the gut feeling that something is, in the simplest terms, off? You descend from your bed on the side that you never normally dismount from, stub your toe on the bathroom door, drop your toothbrush on the floor, all while your alarm goes off again because you hit snooze instead of stop? All of this happening within the first few minutes of rising could certainly leave many people discouraged and in a state of acceptance that these few instances will lead to a negative ambiance for the duration of their day. 

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Now, what if there was a way that we could get rid of the bad energies that these instances leave us in through eggs? Not making yourself an egg breakfast (although that could also be quite productive), but instead through egg energy cleanse.

Molly Young in her #HashTagHyena blog post reveals the meaning of the ritual behind egg cleanses. These rituals surfaced throughout social media these past few years, when they’ve actually been around and practiced for hundreds of centuries. 

Young states that egg cleanses originated in the Mesoamerican era and can alternatively be titled as “limpías” where individuals use raw eggs and eggshells to cleanse any negative energy that they felt surrounded their own being or their space. Not only is this ritual noted to remove toxic energies, but in removal it opens up energetic space for good luck and new opportunities.

Low energy is not the only driving force of the egg cleansing practice. Many people would perform this ritual when they’d randomly become ill, before they begin a new project, when approaching the beginning of a drastic change or after break-ups/ distancing from close friends or family members. 

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Steps for completion: 
  1. Prepare a clear glass of room temperature water.
  2. Salt the water using table or sea salt, usually using natural elements such as sea salt ground.
  3. Following the addition of the salt to the water, you take a raw egg and roll it above the eyebrows and on the forehead in circular motions. Some roll the egg gently from head to toe. In this time you’d focus your intentions on positivity and alleviation from any negative energies that you recognize are popping up in your mind. Acknowledge them and deny them the attention they so desperately want. 
  4. Once this is done, crack the egg into the glass containing the salted water.
  5. Allow the egg to settle and observe what the egg reads for you. Once the final interpretation is made, more salt is added atop the egg and the entire mixture is flushed down the toilet. 
Egg Cleanse Ritual Demonstration
Egg Reading: Meaning and Interpretation
  • A Person is The Cause of Your Negative Energy 
    • If the egg presents the shape of a face or figure that resembles that of a person or animal, there may be a person in your life that is the root of your negative feeling. 
  • Illness
    • If the egg presents a poor odor or there is blood in the egg (usually present in the yolk), there could be a sign of onset illness, either physical or mental. 
  • Bad Luck 
    • Cloudy or murky water after the egg settles may suggest that there is an ambiance of bad luck surrounding you, which is the driving force of any negative feeling. 
  • Evil Eye Placed Upon You
    • The evil eye is a very complex element of the spiritual world and has various meanings depending on the context of the culture of discussion. In this case, the evil eye can be placed upon someone by another person in a means of deceit, jealousy or resentment, in hopes that the evil eye will attract negativity into the person who is receiving its life. If the egg creates any resemblance of an eye someone may be pushing the evil eye upon you. 
  • Successful Removal of Negative Energy 
    • If the water bubbles or there is bubbling in the egg, that means the removal of negative energy was successful. 
  • Absence of Negative Energy
    • If the water is clear, the egg does not bubble and there are simply no changes to the egg placed in water, there is no detected negative energy that is necessary for cleansing. 
  • Blockage 
    • If there is clear webbing of the white of the egg, this may suggest a blockage in the ritual and alternative cleansing methods are encouraged.
  • Successful Cleansing
    • If the egg whites create a pyramid-like shape, it means the cleansing went well and the egg is ready for disposal.

Being that the egg is a universal representation of life in so many cultures and species, these cleansing rituals have been generationally passed down and adopted by various groups of people in order to ground themselves with their own positive energies. 



  • Avatar Paris b says:

    When doing a class will it reveal the person who is envious or giving you an evil eye? Because when I did it the following day someone that I know had their car towed from the parking space…. Coincidence??

  • Avatar Christina says:

    I wish there was a way to share with you my sons egg. I wouldn’t say it fell in any of these categories idk

  • Avatar Vanetta says:

    DO NOT eat the egg afterwards!

  • Avatar jordan says:

    can i eat the egg after ?

  • Avatar Alex B says:

    What do I do if it’s spiky and it looks like waves? It doesn’t feel very comfortable to look at honestly.

  • Avatar Ash says:

    I did it,but when i got to the toilet to flush it i dropped a little bit of water.
    Is that a problem??

  • Avatar Debbie says:

    i want to know what does it mean when i broke my egg into glass of water the egg fail apart to pieces

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