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Pushing Up Daisies

Florio.DaisyPictureSunflowers and roses and daffodils – oh my! Floral is a classic look that has been popular for years, and it never goes out of style. I would bet you my favorite NYX lipstick that there’s at least one floral piece in your closet. (I’m right, aren’t I?) But even though florals serve as the perfect go-to print, a new flower is on the rise – daisies.

As the boho look becomes increasingly popular, so does the rise of the daisy. But why all of a sudden the sudden burst of flower power? And how can the more conservative nix the hippie look?

“They’re becoming more popular since the seasons are changing. It’s a more juvenile print, so you could easily dress it up with something nicer, like black and white. Maybe even through in some denim to offset the bright colors,” say Urban Outfitters Manager Laura Kerpovich.

April showers bring May flowers, and daisies are here just in time for spring and summer. The major upside: they can virtually be paired with anything to create any look. Whether you’re bohemian, classic, girly, punk, or hipster – everyone has a little room for flowers.

“Daisies are great because you can dress them up or down with anything. For a daisy print top, you could easily pair it with some high-waisted jeans or a skater skirt. For a layered look, daisies can also be rocked with a kimono as a statement piece,” says Alexandria Gonzalez, Assistant Manager as People’s Nation. “There’s even the flower crown, though that definitely takes some guts to pull off.”

So next time PA gives us a break from the cold and actually shows some sun…girl, treat yo’ self. Splurge on that cute daisy crop top or stop by Urban Outfitters and pick up their new daisy print vest. If you’re feelin’ the love, maybe invest in a flower crown. Woodstock, anyone?

Photo by Sam Florio

Jelly Shoe Déjà Vu

Obrien_GelliesFashion is all about creation and expression, and is usually ahead of its time. Trends for fall are usually debuted in the winter months, and designers are already planning next year’s lines for Fashion Week. But sometimes, past decades come full circle. Retro and vintage trends influence the street style in subtle ways – even if they’ve gone completely out of style.

One “fashion” piece we never thought would come back? Jelly shoes. That’s right – the same ones we all wore as little girls to match our fairy wings and princess tutus. The late 90’s and early 2000’s have returned with a vengeance, and these shoes aren’t going anywhere any time soon.  Continue reading

Valley’s Guide to Wearing Heels

Zucker_heelsguideHeels. We all wish we could rock them like the Victoria Secret Angels. As little girls, we would steal mommy’s favorite pair to parade in and pretend we were grown-up. And I know your dream purchase is a pair of red-soled Louboutins — don’t lie to me.

But does anyone take into consideration the heel-inept? Those who stumble and fall in simple flip-flops? (That would be me.) Those who look but are scared to touch? Not until now. For the ladies out there who dare to dream and are ready to make the commitment to heels – let me break it down for you. Continue reading

Overalls: Love ‘em or Leave ‘em?

Florio.OverallsCue the flashbacks to adorable baby pictures, when wearing overalls was the norm. But are they ok to wear as college students?

Carrie Bradshaw has undoubtedly pulled off the interesting look throughout her “Sex and the City” career, so it must be ok, right? Ultimately, it’s your decision on whether or not you want to take the risk. If you’re willing, there are several easy ways to pull them off.

Overalls are supposed to be cute, bringing back the emotions associated with youth and innocence. Therefore, your outfit must be light. It is imperative that you stay away from heavy and bulky fabrics that cover your entire body. Continue reading

How to Dress TV Teen Fashionable

pretty-little-liars-girlsFrom the ABC Family sensation, Pretty Little Liars to CW’s Carrie Diaries, fashion plays a huge role in many hit TV shows. Yet these shows tend to have big budgets, meaning expensive fashion choices. While it can be fun to get inspiration from your favorite TV shows, it can be discouraging to find Carrie’s favorite sweater for $200. But for all the fashionistas and TV lovers out there, don’t worry. There are always other choices. Here are some tips and tricks to finding similar clothes of your favorite TV show character.

Tip #1: The internet is your best friend

While clothing items in store tend to be expensive, online items, especially online sale items, tend to be very cheap and have a wider selection. This is because clothing companies are able to put anything that was on back stock for the last couple of years from all their stores on the internet. Constantly checking high end websites for sales is always easy to do. For those who are more impatient, sites like Amazon and Ebay allow for cheaper clothing from big name stores. Clothing brands like Topshop that are commonly featured on the Carrie Diaries can easily be found on Ebay or Amazon with a cheaper price tag. Continue reading

Stained Glass Leggings

10021178_hiLeggings are your besties. They’re there for you no matter what occasion: a concert, class, the gym, hanging out with friends and whatever else you deem their stretchiness appropriate for. Sometimes, though, it’s time to step up your leggings game with something different: stained glass print.

If you want to go full-out stained glass and look like a walking homage to a Catholic church, these pants from Black Milk may be for you. Just be careful that nothing sacrilegious is going on when you slip into those skin-tight pants.

If you want to keep the stained glass look but scale back the angels and saints motif, try something like these Nollie leggings from PacSun or this cathedral-inspired pair from Hot Topic. Then it’s just like wearing another everyday pair of colorful leggings just with a much more interesting pattern. Continue reading

Perforated Leather

Mannino.PerforatedLeather3It’s finally springtime and it’s time to pull out your colored jeans, lightweight sweaters and flats –well, at least on days that it’s at least 50 degrees and sunny in State College. This spring, pastels and florals are a must, but don’t shy away from the latest trend – perforated leather.

Perforated leather is a great way to add texture to any outfit. You can find this trend on handbags, shoes, jackets, skirts and blouses…it’s everywhere.  The look is modern, feminine and definitely an easy trend that every body shape and size can pull off. The perforated leather look incorporates small holes, patterns and other cool cut outs. Designers like Rebecca Minkoff, Emilio Pucci and Rebecca Taylor all included this spring trend into their spring 2014 runway shows. It’s simply a fabric update.

Check out a few staple spring pieces below. Continue reading

Valley Presents: Power of the Plain White Tee


Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 1.14.56 PMWith the help of Christina Monzillo, the owner of Access, located at 224 E Beaver Ave., Valley has the perfect guide to help you get a new look for spring, playing up looks with one basic item every girl has in her closet— a plain white tee or tank.   Continue reading

Smooth Transitions: A Guide to Your Perfect Spring Wardrobe

SabineC.SmoothTransitionSpringThe only thing worse than the bipolar weather we’ve been having lately is deciding what to wear when facing the unpredictable elements. At the first sign of warm weather we can’t help but reach for our favorite pair of shorts or our laciest sundress, only to get about halfway to class before we regret not wearing jeans.

Surviving spring is all about avoiding extremes – no, you don’t need a parka, but a bikini might be overkill – and meeting your wardrobe somewhere in the middle. By trying some of these spring staples on for size, you can master whatever the season throws at you:


As much as we all love our oversized chunky sweaters, spring gives us a much needed vacation from the bulk that comes with them. With a loose-knit sweater you can have the best of both worlds, keeping the slouchy silhouette you love while also giving you a little space to breathe.

Slipping into some chiffon is another way to keep your layers light and your style fresh. Go backless or with buttons, patterned or printed – a flowy chiffon shirt will give your wardrobe that springy feel without sacrificing comfort. Continue reading

Splash Into Spring with Colored Jeans

DuncanLauren.ColoredJeans3With so many trends hitting the runways of fashion week for this spring, it can be hard to choose which ones we’re going to try first. While denim will always be in style, colored denim gives you the option to try out this spring’s hottest trends in the most colorful ways.

Colored denim opens up many different doors when it comes to putting outfits together. It truly gives you endless options to mix and match your wardrobe.

For spring, try mixing bold colored denim jeans in red, cobalt blue or Kelly green with a bright floral print. While florals were sported on the runways from head to toe, try starting out with a small dose such as a floral print top or flats.  Continue reading