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Comfort Food, Comfortable Clothes: Your Thanksgiving Day Wardrobe

DressingforThanksgiving_JessicaLaGreca It’s nine p.m. and you look down to an empty plate that once held overwhelming amounts of cranberry sauce, turkey, stuffing, and a million other family recipes. Next thing you know, the button on your jeans pops off and your once toned stomach turns into a second trimester food baby. This scene has been all too familiar every Thanksgiving and the struggle deciding what to wear to Thanksgiving dinner is even more familiar. So, in preparation for this upcoming national holiday, Valley talked to Metro’s assistant manager, Brittany Anello, on how to look cute this Thanksgiving, while supporting your food baby.

Elastic, Elastic, Elastic

It is key to wearing as much stretchy and elastic based clothing as possible, that way your clothes can expand when you need it to. Anello suggest wearing high waisted leggings that are not only comfortable but can tuck in any unflattering parts of your food baby. While leggings are cute, they may not be fancy enough for your Thanksgiving meal. To combat this problem Anello suggest to wearing nicer boots and a blouse with your favorite pair. Continue reading

The Matching Game: Socks and Shoes

FallBoots_SkylarYuen Now that eternal winter at State College is on its way, we have to prepare…our feet. The time of open-toed wedges, strappy heel and flip flops is no longer. We are now in boot weather. It’s time to stock up the sock collection and get creative.

We stopped by Metro to get some advice on what socks go with which shoe. Sophia Sunderhaus, Senior Sales Associate, gave us some great looks.

If you still want to wear that open-toed shoe, pair it with stockings. The outfit will still be fashionable, but now your toots will be warm. You could also go with a knee high sock with detail just above the boot to add some flare. If you’re wearing tall boots with more detail on the boot, you could go with a “cute frilly, fee people layering look” to still get the most out of your outfit. If you would rather wear a flannel, Sophia recommends that you pair it with a high knee sock and an ankle boot.

Now let’s talk about something even our parents wore….yes, tube socks. “Hard to do, but looks good for sporting events. Still dressed nicely, but for the occasion.” Sophia says if you wear tube socks over leggings, it “adds warmth and still looks super cute!” If you go with a white tube sock, it’s more of a casual gym-hitting look, whereas gray is classy.

Next stop on our foot fashion was our friend, Matthew Lannan, at Dwellings. He showed us multiple options to pair with your favorite fall shoe. Boot toppers are somewhat of a new trend. If you are going out and want to wear a high heel ankle boot, you can pair it with a lacy boot topper, which is similar to that of a garter, you wear it just above the ending of the boot to add a little decoration. Continue reading

Timberland Boots

Timbs_JessicaLaGreca Lately, not being basic has been everyone’s main concern. We all know the classic traits of the basic Penn State girl are, and it’s been mocked endlessly. But we cannot forget that Penn State boys are just as likely to exhibit those basic boy traits too. One of those trends that we love to see when the weather gets colder is Timberland Boots. I’ll admit it, I don’t mind it as a men’s fashion trend. Because of that, I can’t help but be intrigued (albeit more than that) by the appearance of women’s Timberland boots.

Like most new trends, I tend to be skeptical when I first spot a new item on the streets. At this time last year, I only knew one girl that had a pair of Timberland boots and could pull them off flawlessly. But the more I saw her wear them, the more I realized how there was potential for a trend there. The benefits of Timberland boots include the style aspect yes, but also the practicality of their wear for State College weather. Continue reading

Nailed It: This Fall’s Hottest Nail Trends

FallNails_SkylarYuen Ask any true fashionista — cuticle care is crucial! Whether you prefer doing your nails at home or getting them done at the salon, a fresh manicure is clean, pretty, and just another way to express yourself and your style. This fall, we rounded up some of the most hip trends to keep your nail game on point.


If you’re anything like me, dark nails is an absolute signature. Blacks, dark reds, and even navy blues or grays serve as the counter-culture of nails. Cross over to the dark side and give off an edgy flare with this season’s darkest trend.


Spirited people are very creative — from head to toe and now, even to nail! Show off your penn state pride by inscribing letters onto your nails. Sorority letters, organization names, or even the classic “PSU” for football games is a very innovative way to bring fourth what your passionate about.


Just as we saw the emergence of ombre hair this past year, ombre nails are making a huge appearance as well. Although this may sound daunting, its actually quite simple — just chose two colors and paint the top of your nail one and the bottom of your nail the other. Feeling super creative? Paint the bottom part in the shape of a triangle to create a super sleek illusion!


There’s no shame in going back to basics. When you’ve tried all of the above and want to end your cycle with a nice clean look, try a red or light pink. Wear them short for a polished vibe or grow them out to add some elegance to your fingers.

Junior Megan Gimson is a Psychology major who, in he spare time, serves as the most popular manicurist for all of her friends and sorority sisters. “When it comes to fall colors, I like dark reds. I also love a black french, which is a big trend at the moment,” Gimson says.

When it comes to nail art, you really can’t go wrong as long as you use your fingernails as an extension of your beautiful, unique style. As the fall weather shifts to winter, don’t be afraid to try something new. Just like that, a simple splash of color can transform your entire ensemble and give you a little extra boost of confidence. Nailed it!

Shopping Your Closet This Halloweekend


You’re sitting in class on Thursday afternoon when you get a text from your friend reminding you that she’s throwing a social tomorrow night. As is protocol in these situations, you ask her what she plans on wearing and in response she sends you a picture of cat ears and a black leotard. Oh yeah… tomorrow’s Halloween, isn’t it?

Well, that escalated quickly.

But just because there’s not enough time to go out and buy a costume (if there are any good ones left in the stores to begin with!) doesn’t mean you can’t still own the Halloweekend costume scene.

“A lot of girls are making costumes instead of spending so much money on them this year,” says Jezebel’s owner, Patty Stover.

Pulling a costume out of your hat is as easy as reaching into your bag of tricks – a.k.a. your closet. Not only will you save yourself some money and a trip to the store, but you’ll also save yourself the shame of showing up in the same outfit as someone else. Feel free to give pause for your inner-hipster to rejoice.

When it comes to shopping your closet this Halloween, Valley’s got you covered: whatever it is you’re looking for in a costume, consider this is your go-to guide to Halloweekend fierceness. Continue reading

The Sexy, the Gross and the Scary: Making Your Scary Costume Ideas Cute

meangirlsOne of the reasons that Halloween is so awesome is because of the creative freedom. For one night a year, you can disguise yourself as whatever you want to be and show off your creative side to all of your friends.

When it comes to costumes, we have seen it all – the good the bad and the ugly (or should we say the sexy, the gross and the scary). There are tons of options out there in the sexy category, but what if you want to go a different route? Dressing as certain characters or creatures is a huge trend right now and although stepping out of your comfort zone may seem intimidating, there are tons of ways to keep cute while dressing fiercely. Most ladies like to look good for their parties and pictures, and luckily we have some tricks and treats on how to take a creative spin on your gross or scary costume ideas to keep them attractive. Continue reading

The Link Between Halloween Costumes and Body Image

HalloweenCostumesBodyImage.RachelJohannes-2It seems these days the only epidemics on everyone’s lips are medical. The news is constantly gathering facts, spreading the word, and making sure the people are well prepared in a fight that hopefully, we never have to face. But what about the epidemics that don’t get national coverage? What about the epidemic of negative body image? In my opinion, this problem has as many serious health risks. In anticipation of Halloween and the culture that has become Halloween costume shopping, it is important to address the situation at hand.

While browsing the stores and websites, it has come to my attention that the costume selections are not very versatile. Almost everything offered for women comes with a title of “sexy this” and “sexy that”. These costumes are very revealing and tight – most with short hem lines and cropped tops. A lot of women don’t appreciate the lack of choices and are apprehensive to spend money on these pieces. Continue reading

When Boys Guess the Brands and Designers in our Closet

GuysGuessBrands_SkylarYuen-2Throughout the years we noticed those who are attached to brand names. From clothing to backpacks, we can tell who is “brand obsessed” and who just happened to score a deal. At Valley, we like to see who knows what the brand actually sells. So, we went to the HUB to interview some guys to see if they know their stuff.

These lovely gentlemen were told a brand and a designer’s first name to see if they knew what the brand was known for. Here are the results.

Rob and Mike who are chemical engineers were asked first.

“They sell makeup.”

“Shoes, purses and t-shirts.”

“Makeup and shoes.” Continue reading

You Are What You Wear: Valley Chats with Penn State Fashion Blogger Simi OA

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 2.15.00 PMSimi OA is a fifth-year senior from Lagos, Nigeria gracing Penn State with an unbeatable sense of style. Busy with her double major in psychology and business, Simi found spare time to create a blog sharing her passion for fashion with other college students. Although the site was started for fun, “House of Àrà” has gained feature on popular fashion websites like CollegeFashionista, Fashion Bomb Daily and The Style Hub. The site, containing fashion tips, inspirational quotes and beautiful photography, has gained steady traffic since its launch in March. Valley sat down with Simi to discuss the success of her blog and her keen eye for style.

Valley: When did you begin the blog?

Simi: I started off on, but the problem with (Blogspot) is that it limits how much you can do and how you can design the blog. So, I started with that and was using my phone to take pictures. You know, it was just horrible! After a while I’m like, “I really do want to do this,” and I invested the money to have someone design my website and got someone to take my pictures so they look decent. I launched this website in March of this year, so it’s pretty new.

V: What inspired you to make the blog about fashion?

S: I’ve always been into fashion. I actually come from a very conservative family, so that propelled me more. Finally when I left home I’m like, “Yes! I can finally wear all these things I always wanted.” With blogging, it was mostly my friends telling me I could do it. Most fashion blogs are about people in the “real world” and we don’t really have a lot of fashion blogs about college students. I know there are some like CollegeFashionista, but with that I still felt like there was something missing, you know? It shouldn’t always be just plaids and jeans and sweaters. Regardless of the fact it’s college, we can still be fashionable. Continue reading

Shopping Made Easy for Tall Girls


Just joking, but the girls over this height will understand the trials and tribulations of being a tall girl in college. Whether you like it or not, being tall wasn’t something sprung upon you during college, but something that was naturally instilled in you since you were a little girl.

Whether it was going through the awkward middle school phase of deciding what homecoming dress would be an “appropriate” length since your knees were two to three inches higher than your friends, or even battling the stress of not wanting to wear heels to prom just so you wouldn’t tower over your date. There is nothing wrong with being a tall girl, but dealing with the constant scrutiny of making sure the little things that other girls don’t have to worry about are in-check becomes a task in itself.

Alex Strach, a 5’10 junior studying education, talks about how shopping can be stressful rather than therapeutic.“Shopping for any type of clothes presents problems when you’re tall,” says Strach. “Long sleeves, sweatshirts, and jackets are all too short along with pants.” Continue reading