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Front Row Fashion


For the most part, each designer handpicks celebrities to dress and have sit in the front row — the most important and revered row in all events regarding fashion.

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Trading in Couture for Cotton


The behind the scenes role that designers used to play in our everyday lives is slowly fading away. These political statements displayed at New York Fashion Week has taken them beyond the realm of fashion and instead, into our social consciousness.

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Red Carpet to Real Life


When filing through your closet or scrolling through the endless pages of online shopping, think of these trends and the celebrities who brought them to life, and they’ll serve as your guide to the magical world of fashion.

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Your Sports Bra Must-Haves


Valley went sports bra hunting to get the scoop on the variety of sports bras available and how to utilize each type. From the lounge wear bra to the “I’m about to kick some butt at the gym” bra, these are the ones we think you will love.

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There’s no denying that Abercrombie and Fitch was the epitome of cool during our middle school days. So, how did it become a store to be avoided like the plague?