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Shopping Made Easy for Tall Girls


Just joking, but the girls over this height will understand the trials and tribulations of being a tall girl in college. Whether you like it or not, being tall wasn’t something sprung upon you during college, but something that was naturally instilled in you since you were a little girl.

Whether it was going through the awkward middle school phase of deciding what homecoming dress would be an “appropriate” length since your knees were two to three inches higher than your friends, or even battling the stress of not wanting to wear heels to prom just so you wouldn’t tower over your date. There is nothing wrong with being a tall girl, but dealing with the constant scrutiny of making sure the little things that other girls don’t have to worry about are in-check becomes a task in itself.

Alex Strach, a 5’10 junior studying education, talks about how shopping can be stressful rather than therapeutic.“Shopping for any type of clothes presents problems when you’re tall,” says Strach. “Long sleeves, sweatshirts, and jackets are all too short along with pants.” Continue reading

Maximizing the Power of the Sweater

UglyFallSweaters.JessicaLaGrecaNow that it’s October and the leaves are beginning to change colors, we can finally pull our favorite heavy knit sweaters from storage. For most of us, we like to throw our sweaters on over top of a pair of leggings and a cute pair of boots. It’s a simple and easy way to look like you actually tried to put yourself together even though you just rolled out of bed. Instead of wearing your usual go-to, try mixing up your fall flair by styling your best sweaters with these tips.

High-waisted shorts and cable knit tights

Instead of packing your shorts away, you can mix and match your denim with your sweaters, creating endless possibilities. Tuck in your sweater or wear it over your shorts. Try adding a light coat for more of a grunge feel.

Skirt and tights

Try pairing your sweater with a cute, flowy skirt and a pair of tights. You’ll be keeping your legs warm and using your favorite summer pieces. Continue reading

What Your Underwear Says About You

UndiesDanielleD'AngeloThere is one phrase that every girl wants to hear. It is guaranteed to put a smile on her face and turn even the worst day around. That’s right, it’s “Five for $26.”

Seeing that sale advertised in bold font on the big windows of a store means one thing only – new underwear. Girls love buying new underwear. There are so many colors, patterns and fabrics to choose from that it makes shopping for underwear almost…fun. But, it also takes some reflection. Do you want neutral or bright colors? Cheetah print or lace? Without even realizing, we select underwear that suits us and our personalities.

That being said, what does your underwear say about you?

Animal Print Undies 

Whether you’re sporting zebra or cheetah or anything in between, animal print panties are a sure sign you like to get wild from time to time. You’re a party girl, and you want your underwear to reflect that. The more basic and plain colored options bore you because you think everything you wear, even your underwear, should echo your fun and outgoing personality.

Sport Panty

If you find yourself heading straight for the sporty options, you are clearly a woman who loves her fitness. The last thing you want at the gym is for everyone to see a panty line through your spandex or yoga pants, so you are drawn to the seamless, stretchy sport panties. You appreciate practicality and you know when it’s time to focus. You don’t let anything distract you, especially while you’re in the middle of your daily workout.

Lace Thong

Can you spell “confidence?” If you rock a lace thong on a regular basis, you are sure of yourself and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You know you are fierce, so why shouldn’t your underwear be as well? You still keep a sense of delicacy and femininity, but you aren’t afraid to let everyone know who calls the shots.

Boy Shorts

Comfort, comfort, comfort. If it were socially acceptable for women to wear boxers, you probably would. But, boy short underwear makes a lovely and comfy alternative. You aren’t necessarily a “tomboy” per say, but you are just happy being yourself. It isn’t about being the center of attention for you, and you will gladly stay in your comfort zone.

Who knew underwear could say this much? So, next time you are loading a washing machine or folding your clean clothes in the laundry room, know that you might be telling people more about yourself than you even realize!

Photo by Danielle D’Angelo

Multiple Ways to Wear Scarves

IMG_0911Now that we have officially entered October, scarves are making a major appearance. Want to get away from the traditional styling? Valley’s here to give you the latest advice on unique scarf looks. We talked to Heidi McNeal from Dwellings, who gave us great scarf fashion tips and tricks.

McNeal recommends scarves to “dress up any simple black ensemble.” She shares that with a pop of color you can really pull together an outfit. McNeal also says that although “the sky’s the limit” on patterns, green is going to be huge this fall. With that in mind, she also told us to pay attention to the weather to determine which texture you should go with. If it is a warmer day, stick to a cotton or linen material. On those chilling winter nights, cashmere and wool is highly recommended.

For milder nights, McNeal suggests using a scarf as a shawl contrary to a light jacket. Drape a light scarf around your shoulders and gather it in the front. When it starts to cool down in the next few weeks, you can wear the scarf looped around your neck. Put the scarf on around your neck where the ends would be in the back at first. Then, you grab the ends and take them to the front over the opposite shoulder. This will allow the ends to hang in the front while still covering your neck from those harsh winds. Continue reading

We’re Fall(ing) for Overalls

IMG_8567-2Pumpkin spice everything, North Faces for days, and the realization that it’s only going to get colder from here – if you’re over all that is fall, take a second and reconsider that summer #TBT you were about to post, because we think we might have exactly what you’re looking for.

When the leaves start falling it’s time to do some overall-ing. Ditch your shorts and tank tops and get ready to strap on fashion’s favorite denim onesies, perfectly styled to take you seamlessly from summer to fall.

Picking Your Perfect Pair

First thing’s first (we’re the realest): mastering the overall-for-fall trend starts with finding a pair of ‘alls with an appropriate fit and wash.

Your goal is to choose a fit that hits the sweet spot between oversized-lumberjack staples and undersized sales-rack rejects. There should be just enough room around the waist to tuck in your shirt, but not enough that you’re accidentally flashing bystanders every time you bend down – think loose and comfy like your boyfriend’s jeans, but with a flattering, feminine feel. Continue reading

Take it Back to Black for the Fall Season

BackToBlack_SkylarYuenWith a season change comes a wardrobe change, and a basic girl’s favorite time of year is coming around again. Riding boots, oversized sweaters and knit scarves are on the rise.

But before you scour the stores for your perfect patterned cardi, let’s bring it back to the classic – black.

Sure, everyone loves to indulge in our favorite fall trends, but black is back for fall with a chic new twist. You’ve heard of color-blocking your favorite color combos, and every girl owns that perfect LBD; now vamp up your style with head-to-toe black.

It seems a little intimidating at first. After all, when you think “head-to-toe black,” it definitely takes you back to the middle school emo and scene days, am I right? But don’t forget that black doesn’t have to be bad. There are many reasons to love it, and you can literally wear it with anything. Continue reading

The Five Stages of Online Shopping

OnlineShopping_MeghanTranauskas2It hits you hard and it hits you fast. Before you can even grab your credit card from your wallet, your shopping cart is already full. BOGO, 50% off clearance and new arrivals – it sounds too good to be true. Today is the day you’re going to scratch that annoying itch: you’re going to online shop.

But unfortunately, all decisions have consequences. While expanding your wardrobe is literally the most euphoric feeling on the planet, it can come with some questionable and unprecedented emotional side effects. Check out the inevitable stages everyone goes through while online shopping.


You do not have a problem. You don’t remember the last time you checked your bank statement and was happy with the result, but you don’t have a problem. How else are you supposed to make sure you’re fully clothed? Humans were not meant to be naked, or else we would all have fur on our bodies. Oh, a faux fur vest on clearance? Get it, girl.   Continue reading

Top Five Essential Footwear Trends for Fall

FallShoes_KiaraKulbingerFall is approaching and its time to put away the sandals and crocs and bring out some fashionable boots. Snow isn’t coming anytime soon, so why not enjoy the chilled breeze and colored leaves in style? When it comes to fashion, Fall is the essential weather of layered clothing filled with knit sweaters, infinity scarfs and of course, anklet boots. If you’re having trouble finding footwear that suits your style, then search no further, here are the top five must-have boots.

1. Chelsea boot

Kanye West, like his personality or not, is one of the trendiest artist out right now. From his latest red Yeezys and Nike releases, anything that he wears is going to be featured in a major fashion blog/site the next morning. Recently West’s newest trend has been the Chelsea boot. Chelsea boots are a no lace boot with an elastic styled boot. The great thing about these boots is that they aren’t gender-categorized. With warm neutral colors along with different textures, both men and women can find themselves wearing them. Best paired up with a thin sock or a sleek stocking, these boots fit the style of a girl who is not afraid to contrast both a feminine and masculine look at the same time.

2. Doctor Martens

If your style is more hipster-chic, then Doctor Martens would be the best fit for you this season. The great thing about these boots is that the design varies from a low top to a high top. Either or would be good for either the cold days versus the warm days during the fall season.  Also known as “docs,” vary in a range of daring colors from burgundy red, Everest green, to even a mustard yellow—all reflecting the beautiful colors of Autumn leaves. Docs are a statement piece and perfect for a girl who isn’t afraid to lace up with color. Better paired with black leggings, a skater dress or even your favorite pair of skinny jeans, docs are the daring Fall boots to be on the lookout for.

3. Platform sneakers

All girls should feel like the sidewalk is their runway.  Platform sneakers are the perfect way to strut your stuff without the anxious feeling like you might trip and fall. The great thing about this new trend of footwear is that it is basically two shoes in one. This shoe is perfect for girls who have a tomboy side; that’s where the sneaker part comes in but also have a girly side to them, hence the platform lift. Dressing down in sweats or up in a dress/skirt, both looks will stop anyone in their tracks and be great for the run—I mean sidewalk.

4. L.L.Bean boots

L.L.Bean boots have been a Fall favorite for a while. In its warm neutral tones, this boot goes well with any outfit and can be worn during cold and warm weather! So don’t wait till there is six feet of snow around you, go for them now while the weather is mild. If you like to go outdoors a lot and aren’t afraid of getting dirty, then these boots will get the job done. Originally made for hiking, the cushion and sturdiness is durable for any adventure while being fashionable attractive of course.

5. Hunter boots

Does it even rain during the fall? Not as much as one thinks, so when it comes to Hunter boots, many seem to overlook them and save them for the Spring season. However, with their variety of textures and lengths, Hunter boots are great footwear for Fall. Aside from the traditional glossy tall look, they run in a matte texture, coming in calm colors from evergreen to mahogany red. If you’re a girl who cant get enough of the comfortable feel of rain boots, don’t worry. Hunter boots are the perfect fit for comfort and still be weather appropriate.

Whether it be a fashionable ankle boot or a bold platform, these top five shoes are appropriate for all types of personalities and styles for the perfect girl.

 Photo by Kiara Kulbinger

The Spirit Jersey Takeover

SpiritJerseys_SkylarYuenThey’re everywhere. If you go to Penn State, chances are you have one of these in your closet. You wear them to bed, to the library, to your 8 a.m. class, to work and every place in between.

It’s the spirit jersey takeover.

When it comes to these uber comfortable tees, it’s like the fashion gods blessed this shirt with comfort and cuteness. It is almost impossible not to spot at least one person walking across campus wearing a spirit jersey, and no one’s complaining.

What started out as a t-shirt meant for rowers quickly spread to the wardrobes of sorority girls. But since then, the spirit jersey has taken over the closets of what feels like every girl at UPark. From the classic blue and white to more bright lilacs and mints, there is something for everyone. Continue reading

Goodies for Game Day: Cute Accessories for Penn State Football Games

IMG_8575-2Ever look at your closet full of clothes and thought, “I have nothing to wear?”

This only leads to more stress and unwanted pimples for the night, which we all don’t want to deal with the morning after. So what should you do, if the big football game is tomorrow, and your options in your closet are scarce?

Little did you know there are a few shops downtown that can do justice to the little matters we seem to overlook on game day, while all being fashionably cute.

1. Navy Knit Gloves

Since we’re steering into fall weather, many of you will find yourselves looking for a good accessory that can keep you warm but also show school pride. If one were to head down to Old State Clothing Co., they would find a cute pair of Nittany Lion gloves that would be a great accessory this fall. Only at $13.99, the Navy Knit Gloves can make you feel 5 times better about doing the wave in the student section without worrying about if your hands are going to fall out due to frost bite. Continue reading