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Rent Your Way To A Fashionable Night


Rent the Runway offers a unique service in which you can rent anything from a ball gown to a skirt and so many things in between. It’s like having a very fashionable sister that doesn’t mind sharing her clothes and happens to be the exact same size as you.

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Halloween Ideas for You and Your Squad


Valley narrowed down a list of fun costume ideas for you and your squad with looks based off of pop-culture events and classic movies. These costumes are super relevant and will allow your crew to avoid the awkward “Um, what are you supposed to be?” moment.

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DIY: Lace-Up T-Shirt


Forget about those overpriced store-bought shirts, and make as many of these DIY ones as you want. Throw it on for a daylong or if you want to be comfortable but still look fashionable at the same time.

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Brand Spotlight: Peach Fuzz


It goes without saying that students here at Penn State are making strides to success. Many are reinventing themselves, breaking boundaries and even starting their own businesses — senior Marketing major Phoebe Burks has done just that.