Cheetah, Cherry Red and Charm Necklaces

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The recent fashion trends have been anything but ordinary. The distinctive revival of cheetah print, the infusion of red and the chunky, charm necklace for a touch of individuality have taken the fashion world by storm. Whether worn separately for a bold statement or combined to elevate a plain ensemble, these trends exude an aura of effortless coolness, making you the epitome of the “cool girl.”


Cheetah, or leopard print, have made a roaring comeback in recent months. The print is now seen anywhere from the Wales Bonner’s Adidas Sambas to the Aelfric Eden leopard print jeans, representing the second coming of animal print into fashion.

The cheetah craze traces its roots back to the 1960s, seen on Jackie Kennedy, the former first Lady. Also, it was found on Jean Shrimpton, a model and style icon of that decade. The trend was seen again in the ‘80s when bold was always better. The wild, crazy pattern phenomenon of the time gave cheetah print its time to shine.

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Recently, designers have incorporated this wild print into accessories, shoes and even their clothing lines. Celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Dua Lipa, have showcased their take on this trend, some being bolder than others.

The print, which appears daunting at first glance, can actually be an effective way to add flair to a monochromatic look. Instead of allowing it to dominate the entire outfit, many have opted to accessorize with cheetah, such as in a shoulder bag or sneaker, adding a touch of character without overwhelming the look.

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Cheetah, along with other animal prints, will continue to take over the fashion community. Use this trend to explore your wild side.

Cherry Red

Cherry red remains the reigning color of the season, extending its presence from autumn through winter and now into spring. Its alluring nature has captivated the fashion world with vibrancy and sophistication.

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Red leather jackets, vibrant handbags and cherry ballet flats have taken street style and the runway by storm. This color, which is surprisingly easy to style, has become a staple for “outfit of the day” TikToks from influencers, celebrities and everyday citizens alike.

Cherry red exudes a confidence and poise that other colors cannot achieve. Both casual and formal wear are elevated with this hue, making it a versatile option. Moving into spring, many fashion experts predict this shade will transition into a deeper, darker version of red, still maintaining the same qualities as its counterpart.

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Whether it be used as an accent or as a statement piece, cherry red will continue to be the color of the season.

Charm Necklaces

Statement necklaces are not a new concept, but eclectic charm necklaces are a new trend that emerged from TikTok. Brooklyn Charm, a jewelry store that gained massive popularity on the platform, was one of the first to showcase this unique accessory.

Whether they are in gold or silver, charm necklaces have become a beloved accessory trend. Whether you opt for meaningful symbols or vintage trinkets, every combination of charms is accepted. 

There is no rhyme or reason for the creation of your perfect necklace, and that is why the accessory has become so appealing. The ability to customize and craft your perfect piece has lured millions into the fashion trend.

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Charm necklaces, serving as an accessory that reflects one’s distinct personality, will undoubtedly continue to spark excitement among many and remain a fashion staple as we transition into spring. 

These recent fashion trends embody themes of boldness and exude a sense of confidence. These trends, which have maintained popularity throughout the seasons, are here to stay for spring. 

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