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The Penn State Thespians Present: Amelia Bedelia!


The Penn State Thespians strike again. After their successful showing of Catch Me If You Can, the thespians are tapping into their inner child for their next show. This weekend, the club is putting on a children’s show for the public, Amelia Bedelia!

Amelia Bedelia! tells the quirky story of crazy maid Amelia, who takes everything extremely literally. She is thrown in a situation where she has to teach a class of second graders, without any experience doing so. Coupled with the fact that Amelia does everything to the letter, she gets herself into some…interesting situations.

As a freshman and potential new member of Penn State Thespians, director Molly Basilio is making her directorial debut at Penn State.

“It’s really thrilling and scary at the same time,” says Basilio. “I’m excited to do the show, but as a freshman I’m still figuring out how to direct – it’s my first time actually. But I’m confident that the show will be fantastic.”

Basilio’s journey as director has been no easy task, however. With two of her actors backing out over Thanksgiving break, Basilio has had to think on her feet to put everything together. Continue reading

A Night at the Marine Corps Ball

Cody and I I departed State College on November 20 for Greenville, North Carolina. After eight hours of sightseeing from the back of a Ford Fusion, I checked in at the City Hotel and Bistro with my friends Nicole Gross and Melissa Fello. The three of us would be attending the 1/8 Battalion Marine Corps Ball that night.

The ball happens in celebration of the Marine Corps birthday November 10. The continental Marines were established on this date in 1775 and the ball takes place in recognition yearly. The entire Marine Corps could not celebrate at the same time and place, so the battalions celebrate different days throughout the month of November.

None of us had attended a Marine Corps Ball before tonight. Nicole’s date was her boyfriend of fifteen months, Cody Pilch, while Melissa and I attended with two friends, Kevin Strange and Cody Scott. They are all stationed at Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

The girls and I began to get ready for the ball while awaiting our dates’ arrival. We all curled our hair in various fashions, prepped our faces with evening makeup, and slipped on our gowns. The event’s dress code could be compared to a grown-up prom, with floor length gowns less flashy than you may have chosen in high school. Melissa’s was pearly white, Nicole’s navy blue, and mine black with a lace neckline. Continue reading

Best Movies to Watch This Thanksgiving

ThanksgivingMovies_SkylarYuen Thanksgiving is a culture all it’s own – we eat and we drink and we laugh the day away with our friends and families. But once the stuffing has got you stuffed and the couch is calling your name, the only thing left to do is gather around with your loved ones and watch some good ole Thanksgiving movies. In need of some suggestions this year? You came to the right place!

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Steve Martin stars in this John Hughes classic as a man trying to make it home for Thanksgiving dinner. An unlikely partnership sparks up between the two main characters, and the rest makes for a funny and heartfelt story. A perfect film for a lazy night.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

No, it may not be a movie, but the Emmy-winning TV special is absolutely classic. Bound to be running all night, it’s a great reason to take a trip back to 1973 and enjoy Thanksgiving with Charlie Brown and his crew. Continue reading

Controversy in Entertainment: How Far Is Too Far?

4f72c166 A spike of interest in celebrities’ lives comes when they have done something that catches the eyes and ears of everyone around. Whether it is not re-signing their contract for your favorite show, announcing wedding plans or releasing their new album, it often catches more of your attention. However, when that something casts negative light on their beliefs or society as a whole, speculation arises and the issue is blasted to everyone.

In recent times, there have been multiple celebrities guilty of taking it too far. Most recently, Nicki Minaj has been under scrutiny for the release of her new song, Only You. The video has Minaj as a dictator of sorts in command of soldiers wearing an insignia of “YM” standing for “Young Money.” Supposedly the music video is supposed to replicate Sin City and a cartoon, Metalocalypse. However, many think that she is glorifying Nazism. All of the imagery is played in black and white except a red banner holding the letters YM in an all to familiar arrangement that appears on both ends above the dictator, Minaj, while commanding the soldiers. Although she has been heavily criticized, the artist stands behind her video defending it on twitter.

Another artist who was scrutinized for being insensitive about the events around the holocaust was Justin Bieber. Last year while visiting Amsterdam, Bieber went to the Anne Frank house. It wasn’t unusual that he visited the house, it was what he left behind. Signing the guest book, Bieber wrote, “Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.” The message has been viewed by many as self-serving and narcissistic on Bieber’s behalf.  However, some of his fans acknowledged the fact that before him, they had not known who Anne Frank was. Continue reading

10 Things You Definitely did in Middle School

2208_1078790818116_3582_nOh, the middle school days. Where Miley was still Hannah, school grades didn’t rule our lives, and not wearing makeup in public was socially acceptable. We could write a novel reminiscing about how fabulous the tween years were, but here are just 10 of the ridiculously middle school things you definitely did.

1. Made a Youtube Channel

You probably had a Youtube Channel where you and your BFFs posted videos of you lip syncing and dancing to songs like “My Humps” by The Black Eye Peas or “Smack that” by Akon. You thought you were actually hilarious back then and that one day you would be internet famous.

2. Watched the Premiere of High School Musical 1,2 and 3

You’re a liar if you say you didn’t absolutely love high school musical or that you didn’t watch it during a sleepover with all of your friends. You had a MAJOR crush on Troy Bolton and you secretly hoped people in high school actually broke out in song in the cafeteria.

3. Kept a Diary

You had a diary and you knew that if your crush read its contents you would have to move halfway across the world and hide under a rock for the rest of your life, because that’s how embarrassing you were. All you did was talk about how much you loved your crush and his super cute spiked hair and skinny abs. And don’t forget how athletic he was. He beat everyone in gym knockout. Continue reading

Taylor Swift Decoded: The Stories of 1989

TSwiftSongDeciphering.RachelJohannes Imma let you finish, but “1989” is the best Taylor Swift era of all time.

Sure, we grew up with “Fearless,” and maybe “Speak Now” was one of your first real stadium concerts, but numbers speak for themselves: Ms. Swift has seriously sold over a million copies of the No. 1 record in its debut week.

While “1989” is new for Swift with regards to the hypnotic beats and new-wave pop sound that is recurring with each amazing song, the song-writing is very much still Classic Swift–giving us the right amount of shade, the right amount of heartbreak and lyrics that are downright poetic. Just in time for the announcement of the 1989 World Tour, Valley has the inside scoop on what exactly some of these sketchy songs could really mean (because we’re Taylor’s personal friends, of course.)

Blank Space”

This song is a favorite of mine for many reasons. On first listen, it’s just a fun song with a catchy beat and just the right amount of echoes and Swift’s amazing harmony. However, on a second listen, the song is definitely making fun of the way the mainstream media makes fun of her with lyrics like “And I know you’ve heard about me” and “Got a long list of ex-lovers, they’ll tell you I’m insane.” This song is describing her pain now, after years of her dating life’s ridicule, about how she feels like she can’t date like a normal 24-year-old girl anymore. She has to watch her every step, and she expects guys she meets to run away and hide. People can say what they want about her dating habits, the difference is now is that she doesn’t care. Rock on. Continue reading

Quiz: How Would You Die in a Horror Movie?

ScaryButCuteMaryDuggan Let’s be real–the greatest thing about Halloween is the scary movies.

Unfortunately, it’s 2014, and most scary movies honestly are not that great anymore (give or take a few cinematically amazing ones. Talkin’ bout you “Annabelle” and “The Conjuring”). The same types of things happen in every single one. There’s some sort of affair between the main character’s best friend and their current love interest, usually nudity is involved. This distracts them as the killer creeps closer. There’s a girl who, of course, is wearing stilettos, trips over a fallen tree branch, and crashes to the ground before her masked pursuer wins the race. How tragic.

Still, despite the clichés and inevitable disappointments of watching a recent or not-so-recent horror movie, it still is incredibly fun to ask yourself a very simple question with a not-so-simple answer–how exactly would I do if I were inserted into a horror movie? Luckily, Valley has got your back.  Take this short quiz and find out if you’re the last one in or first one out. Happy Halloween! Continue reading

The “Real” Valloween

valloweenREALTrick or treat! Smell my feet! Give me something good to eat!

And naturally the staff at Valley would say something along the lines of ‘Have a Happy Valloween!’

But we recently learned that Valloween is a term that does not only refer to Halloween at Valley Mag. Valloween, as the name implies, is a combination of Valentine’s Day and Halloween. And there are three types of people that celebrate Valloween:

Type 1: The Crazy Cat Lady

It is celebrated by some of the morbid singles that view the steamy, life-sized bear giving, chocolate eating holiday as a huge smack in the face—an “evil” reminder that they will forever be single. During this “wicked” 24 hour period, participants dress up in their spooky costumes to bring a little edge to the romance. Usually these people believe that they will end up alone forever—driving away all possible significant others, making them crazy cat ladies.

Type 2: The Blood-Oozing Gut Lovers

Valloween is also celebrated by the “horror” enthusiasts that are overly obsessed with Halloween. These people are in love with all things scary. When asked to choose a movie, these people will pick the classic horror movies every time. Valloween for the Halloween-crazed is usually spent staying in, sitting in a dark house with horror movies galore.

Type 3: The Unconventional Couples

If you ever see a couple dressed up in Halloween gear in the middle of February, Valloween is most likely the reasoning. These couples do not enjoy going out to a candle light dinner or cuddling up and watching romantic comedies as much as they enjoy Halloween. So mixing the two, gives them the perfect combination of Cupid and the devil.

Valloween is mostly an underground February holiday but to Valley it will forever be our little twist on this candy-filled holiday! So happy haunting to all and to all a good fright!

#MCM: Halloween Hotties

There is so much to love about Halloween.

Whether you were pumpkin picking or putting together the perfect costume, there is only one way to end a chilly, State College fall day – Halloween movies.

We all love the classic Halloween movies. We grew up watching them and couldn’t imagine going a Halloween season without them. So, this week, it was the boys from our favorite Halloween flicks who inspired our #ManCrushMonday.

Here are our rankings:


8. Luke – “Halloweentown”

“Halloweentown” is perhaps the staple Halloween movie series for our generation, and how could we not put adorable Luke on the list? True, he’s not the most pleasing to the eyes in his goblin form, but when we see him as a human, he is simply adorable.


7. Max – “Hocus Pocus”

Another Halloween must-watch, “Hocus Pocus” is always on TV throughout October. And not only do we love the movie, but we know we all loved Max growing up. He proved to be such a good big brother, and really, what’s cuter than that? Continue reading

The Stress of Fall TV

IMG_6727The leaves are just starting to fall, making State College a beautiful red-and-orange sprinkled wonderland. The weather has not reached freezing levels yet, allowing you to wear your favorite hoodie to class. In a picturesque world, you are outside laughing and savoring the bliss while it lasts.

Except you probably haven’t left your living room when you’re not at work or at the library.

Fall TV is back, and it is all encompassing. It devours your soul entirely and gives you that escape you crave after that terrible exam or that blockage you need from your surrounding when your roommate is being terrible.

Despite all of the amazing things the return of Fall TV brings, its angels have demons, giving you a whole new wave of unwanted stress of your life. If you haven’t thought about it before, Valley invites you to take a closer look into your other new schedule, and how it is equally saving and also ruining your life. Continue reading