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It Girls: Where Are They Now?

Hilary-Duff-2013-Do you ever wonder where the child stars from your youth are now?

What are Mary-Kate and Ashley doing right now? Is Lindsay Lohan even acting anymore? What happened to Amanda Bynes after she was released from treatment? If you’re feeling a tad nostalgic, check out what happened to your old favorite celebs.

Hilary Duff

Our generation’s ‘it-girl,’ Hilary Duff, used to be everywhere. She released four albums, was on our televisions as Lizzie McGuire for four years, and starred in a whole bunch of movies (“Cheaper by the Dozen”, “Agent Cody Banks”, “A Cinderella Story”, “Raise Your Voice” and “Material Girls”). Following “Material Girls” in 2006, Hilary seemed to disappear from public. During this time she wrote a novel trilogy, starred in some random films, got married and had a child. Her son, Luca, is now two.  Continue reading

Indie Films: The Best of 2013

Indie films are often underrated. Just in case you weren’t sure, an “indie” film is a movie produced outside the major studio system (usually on a very small budget). Despite being low budget, indies often have great cinematography, very honest writing, and manage to bring in some outstanding actors. Once you go indie, you’ll never go back. Check out our list of the best indie films of 2013 and see for yourself.


Stuck In Love
Romantic comedy-drama; Lily Collins, Logan Lerman

“Stuck In Love” focuses on the different relationships of the Borgens family. The film starts with Samantha (Lily Collins), a cynical 19 year old, but talented writer announcing her first manuscript has been accepted for publication. From here, “Stuck In Love” explores divorce, death, and three very different kinds of love. While some of it may be cliché, it’s still quite enjoyable. Continue reading

The Art of the Selfie

Hsieh_Selfie-1The proper lighting, the right angle and the perfect filter.

For some people, those three things mean nothing. But, for those who are connoisseurs of the selfie, those three things mean everything.

The “selfie” has progressed into something far more than a simple picture. It has been transformed in recent years into (for lack of a better term) an art form, and like any true art form, has accumulated mixed reviews.

“I think that selfies now are more acceptable in public. If you see someone taking one for snapchat it’s kind of funny,” says senior industrial engineering major Natalie Roberts. “It’s when people start taking them in frat bathrooms, at the gym, or while driving that it’s not okay. Do less.” Continue reading

TBT: The Old School Playlist

We are the millennial generation. We jammed out with our CD players, strapped Hit Clips to our belts and waited in line for the very first iPod. But we also saw the evolution of some pretty great musicians. So, for all you people out there still stuck in the 90s and early 2000s, here’s a playlist for when you’re feeling a little bit nostalgic.


“What Dreams Are Made Of”- Hilary Duff

Of course I had to start off with a Lizzie McGuire throw back. This was not only the best song out of the entire movie, but it might just be Hilary Duff’s best song. ever. This is great song to jam out to when you remember that Disney Channel Movies just aren’t as good anymore. Plus who doesn’t love that little shimmy Lizzie does at the end of the song.


“Where is the Love”- Black Eyed Peas

This brings you back to the day when Fergie and Will.I.Am were still a part of the Black Eyed Peas. If you’re in the mood for a slow rap and some political justice this is the song to listen to.


“Cry Me a River” – Justin Timberlake

Justin, you had us the moment you got rid of your crazy macaroni hair. This is a great throwback to the days when JT was single and still available. (Sigh)


“Complicated” – Avril Lavigne

Avril just knew how complicated our preteen lives really were. But let’s be honest, this song is still pretty applicable to our lives now, even though it’s been a good decade since it came out.


“Lip Gloss” – Lil Mama

This song made you want to go out to Claire’s and buy every scented lip gloss possible. It was the Hip Hop anthem for every sassy middle school girl. Plus the music video about a magical lip gloss necklace was pretty cool.


“Smack That”- Akon

Ah yes, Akon ruled the middle school dance floors. While none of us probably knew more than the chorus of “Smack that”, it was still a great song that came with a simple dance: the “smack the imaginary butt” move.


“Crank That”- Soulja Boy

Speaking of dance moves, this was the song that everyone secretly practiced in their spare time. Soulja Boy’s Crank That is perfect for those days when you’re just in the mood to bust out some good ol’ fashioned dance moves.


“Shake Ya Tail Feather”Nelly, P. Diddy, Murphy Lee

This came out after P. Diddy had name ADD, and changed his name a bunch of times. It’s classic hip hop song that had everyone up on their feet. This is the song to listen to get you pumped on a Friday night. Plus who doesn’t love a great Nelly throwback.


“Genie in a Bottle”- Christina Aguilera

If you’re in the mood to just chill this is the perfect throwback. Christina sultry voice will take you back to the days when life was a little less stressful.


“Girlfriend”- Avril Lavigne ft. Lil Mama

The amount of times I’ve had “Little Mama and Avril Lavigne, REMIX!” stuck in my head is uncountable. It’s a great song for those days when your relationship drama is just getting out of hand.

For more TBT songs check out for their entire selection of 90s and 2000s playlists.

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TBT: Italian Charm Bracelets

0f1d7c309a6362277f56ce0e4d762598Jewelry trends come and go, but the attention they get while they’re around is amazing. We all remember the choker necklaces, power beads and of course, charm bracelets. This week, Valley is taking its readers back to the early 2000s to reminiscence about Italian charm bracelets.

If you’re unfamiliar with Italian charm bracelets, they are silver modular links hooked together to form a stretchy bracelet. Typically, a bracelet is 18 links in length. To start your own, you buy a completely blank bracelet and then purchase individual charm faces (letters, designs, etc.) to switch out for the plain ones. So, until a bracelet is complete, there will be blank and charm faces mixed together.

This trend, obviously started by Italians, got attention from American tourists as early as the 1990s, but a majority of the country didn’t join the craze until the early 2000s. Many of us ladies can remember seeing these charms in Limited Too and in several department stores.  Continue reading

100 Happy Days

Zucker_100happydaysIt starts with a simple question: can you be happy for 100 days in a row?

That is what the “100 Happy Days” Challenge is—a picture a day, captioned #100HappyDays. It is the hashtag that has begun to go viral. I can’t scroll through my Instagram feed without seeing it, but I am not complaining. The pictures are the best part of this challenge. They are not a bunch of heavily-filtered smiling-faced selfies—the challenge goes deeper than that. The photos submitted are meant to be snapshots of the everyday moments that make life a little better. It could be the fact that you finally figured out the perfect ingredients combo for your Mixed Greens salad or a screenshot of that text from your Grandma who went a little overboard with the emojis. Continue reading

WCW: Emma Watson

emma-watson-at-noah-premiere-in-madrid_1Woman Crush Wednesday (#WCW) is often used as an excuse for people to post pictures of ‘pretty’ or ‘hot’ women. Personally, I’ve always believed that #WCW should be about more than outer appearance.  #WCW gives us the chance to post about women who are not only considered to be physically attractive but who are also talented, genuinely good people, and positive role models. I have a few #WCWs, but for me there is one ultimate #WCW: Emma Watson. Here’s why Emma is the ultimate #WCW.

She’s got brains

While filming Harry Potter, Emma completed her schooling receiving ten A grades, her GSCEs, and straight As in her A-Levels (for non-Brits, this means Emma basically got a 4.0 GPA). After finishing Harry Potter, Emma enrolled at Brown University and is set to graduate this semester. Continue reading

The Origin of April Fools: Why the Joke’s On Us

AprilFools_LaurenJohnsonIf you find yourself wondering about the origins of April Fools’ Day, you are not alone.

“I have no clue how the tradition began,” says junior Natasha Bailey. “I’m sure someone was probably bored and thought it would be a great holiday to start.”

Like Bailey, the rest of the world is unsure, too.

The most popular April Fools’ Day theory to date involves the French calendar change that took place in the 1500s. The New Year would begin in January to coincide with the Roman calendar rather than late March or early April. However, word of this change traveled slowly, and many people residing in rural areas continued to celebrate the New Year in early spring. As the story goes, those mistaken became known as “April fools.” Continue reading

HIMYM: The End of an Era

ent_himym_epk_012314_640x360This Monday marks the end of the 9 year Emmy award winning sitcom How I Met Your Mother. With so many seasons comes millions of fans, and with those fans comes the theories about how the show will end.

HIMYM is known for both its amazing comedic moments as well as the surreal, hits-you-in-the-gut real life ones (Marshall’s dad dying, anyone?), so it comes to no surprise that the end of the show may be a little more bitter than sweet. Continue reading

Surviving a Penn State Zombie Apocalypse

Hsieh.PSU_zombiepocalypse2008 may have begun the era of the vampire with everyone’s favorite book series (Twilight, of course), but 2014 so far has definitely been the year of the zombie, and what’s not to love? They’re literally dead, walk around, eat people and turn you into them. It’s terrifying and also at the same time undoubtedly fascinating. However, what’s even more terrifying is the possibility of a real zombie apocalypse.

With AMC’S The Walking Dead season four finale finally upon us, Valley decided to explore the possibility of an attack happening at Penn State, and talk some students to see how they would handle this new life. So load up on your weapons, and get ready to use that cardio, because we’re about to take on the end of the world together.  Continue reading