How to: Make Your Instagram Pop


Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms right now with over 300 million unique members, and that number continues to grow daily. It seems that some have unlocked the secret to gaining followers and popularity through the app while others struggle to gain more than 10 likes.

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5 TV Boyfriends We Wish Were Real


Television boyfriends have been making us swoon and breaking our hearts for as long as we can remember. Not only are they usually devastatingly handsome, they seem to possess all of the qualities we can’t seem to find in ‘real’ boyfriends.

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#WCW: Adele


It has been a long four years since Adele Adkins has graced us with one of her love songs. As of Oct. 23, she is officially back and slaying the music industry with her latest single, “Hello,” making her the ultimate #WCW.

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Halloween Movies for Scaredy-Cats


While many people like Dayna love the spine-tingling terror that comes from watching a good horror flick, others like myself are not so brave of heart. When Halloween rolls around, it’s hard not to feel a little left out. So how do you participate in a scary movie marathon when you are more of a Hallo-wimp?

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Social Media vs. Your Dream Job


If you’re applying for internships or a job after graduation, maybe it’s time to revamp your social media profiles. The way you display yourself to the public is extremely important and when you’re employed, you’re a representation of your company as well.