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Yik Yak: A Story of Discovery

YikYak_MaryDugganSo, I would like to think that I’m technologically savvy, and can pick up on the latest apps and internet trends in a millisecond. But what in the actual world is Yik Yak?

No. Seriously. What is it? Also, what kind of animal is that even supposed to be?

For the longest time, I genuinely couldn’t figure it out. Is it like a new form of dating site where you can hit on random people anonymously? Is it a secret blackbook to all of the hottest parties around State College?

From what I have concluded, despite the insanity of it all and the weird bison-themed icon, it is absolutely hysterical. So, I decided to do some experimenting.

In case you are not aware, Yik Yak is a new app that connects you with your current location, and allows you to see a stream of random, anonymous posts. Most of the comments are irrelevant things about everything from making fun of Greek life, to praising Canyon Pizza to basically trying to “subtweet” other people. Continue reading

The Art of “Shipping”

Shipping_RachelJohannes1If you are unaware of the internet phenomenon called “Shipping”,  you are not alone.

“Isn’t that just when there’s two people you want to be together, then you just create a name for them?” asks sophomore biology major Casey Fagan.

Fagan is one of many people we stopped on the streets to ask about their knowledge of “shipping”. She, like nearly all others, is not entirely sure. Most people have never even heard the term, while others recognize it but have no further knowledge.

Sophomore psychology major Devan Geary is perhaps the most accurate with her definition. Continue reading

A Girl’s Goodbye To Derek Jeter

1392234550000-2014-02-12-jeter2Dear Derek Jeter,

I got my first Yankee baseball jersey when I was eight and it had your name and the number two on the back of it, but I honestly had no idea who you were. My little brother would babble non-stop about the beloved Yankee Captain and it really meant nothing to me, until I went to my first Yankee game.

I had pretty good seats a few rows back behind the Yankee dugout and was there early enough to watch all the players warm up on the field. There I was sitting in my seat, softball glove in one hand and extremely large and expensive cup of Coke in the other, when you emerged from beneath the dugout like a beautiful baseball God. I tapped my brother on the shoulder frantically saying, “Who is that? He’s so cute!” “DEREK JETER!” he screamed like a maniac. My innocent elementary eyes went right to your butt when you started stretching because, oh my, did it look good in those baseball pants. You ran around the field flashing that beautiful smile and I couldn’t help but fall in love. Continue reading

Grey’s Anatomy: Fiction vs. Reality

Greys_Anatomy_Season_11_PosterGrey’s Anatomy Season 11 will be back on September 25th, 2014. Grey’s addicts from all over the country having been anxiously waiting for the upcoming season and all the drama that comes with it.

Since the drama somewhat twists the medical portion of the show, surveys between residents and physicians have been conducted on whether Grey’s is a good depiction of reality. A majority has said that the medicine is somewhat close but the entertainment portion of the show is completely unrealistic. Here’s what some members of the Penn State Pre-medicine Society think of some of the scenarios on Grey’s: Continue reading

What A Guy’s Tinder Profile Says About Him

imageThe popular dating app Tinder seems to be a must-have among college students. I caved and joined a few weeks ago, and while the attention I’m getting is fun, it’s nothing compared to some of the bios I’ve seen. So gentlemen, this week Valley tells you: What your Tinder profile says about you.


Just your name and age, and there’s only one picture of you. Who are you? Why are you showing up on my Tinder? Are you really only 10 miles away, or are you just stopping in Bellefonte on your way somewhere else? Either way, I don’t trust you. Left swipe.

PSU (Year)

And that’s it. You’re short, sweet and to the point. You’re probably just looking to get laid, but I know absolutely nothing else about you. Do you have friends? Are you in a frat? I’ll never know. Left swipe (unless you’re gorgeous. Then right swipe.) Continue reading

Meeting Dylan O’Brien: Valley Writer’s Radio Interview Experience with the Maze Runner Star

GKC3I remember deliriously waking up to four missed calls. Without my brain fully turned on yet, I heard the news.

There had been a radio contest for Q102 Philadelphia to win special passes and a meet-and-greet opportunity as part of a promotion for Dylan O’Brien, one of the stars of “Teen Wolf,” and the front-runner of the soon-to-be hit movie, “The Maze Runner.”

And by just the right amount of appropriate spamming on Twitter, my best friend Tara had been named the winner.

I have put my entire life and all my responsibilities on hold to attend things like this, usually just for the chance of meeting some of my favorite celebrities. I have been extremely fortunate… almost too fortunate. Continue reading

From the Bookshelf to the Big Screen: A Guide to the Newest Novels Turned Films

gladerguideEveryone knows America’s favorite industry has been cranking out films for as long as they can remember. Yet just when we think they have run dry of fresh ideas, Hollywood proves they still have a few tricks up their sleeves.

Whether you have your nose in a book or your eyes fixed on a screen, you’re in luck this coming season. It’s time to turn to the bookshelf, dust off a few of our favorites and sit back as they are adapted for the Silver Screen.

Film adaptations of popular novels is not a new concept (remember The Notebook!?), but it certainly seems to be a growing trend in the past few years. With the commercial success of some of these novels-turned-blockbusters in the past few months alone (The Fault in Our Stars, If I Stay, The Giver), why not continue to capitalize on this movie movement?  But I don’t have to tell you that, Hollywood. According to the plethora of novel-based films on tap for the rest of the year, you already seem to know. Continue reading

Rap Sensation Hoodie Allen to Perform at the HUB

hoodie webWhat: Hoodie Allen Concert
Where: Alumni Hall in the HUB-Robeson Center
When: Saturday, September 12th at 10 p.m.
Price: Free (must have PSU-UPark Student ID)

“We should take a walk someday. Dream about what we could’ve been. But I don’t wanna leave this place: no faith in Brooklyn”

These are not the words of Ivy League graduate Steven Markowitz, rather his alter ego and rap artist Hoodie Allen.

Although he was lyrically gifted from the beginning, Hoodie wasn’t always a rap icon. Before he smashed through the doors of the rap game, Hoodie was raised in a Jewish household, attended the Long Island School for the Gifted, graduated from UPenn with a degree in marketing and finance, and worked at Google. Continue reading

Your Back-to-School Playlist

_MG_5597Is summer really gone? Well to us, we’re just happy we can soak up the last rays with our favorite group of college kids in these next few weeks.

It’s time to set your clocks to fifteen minutes before that first 10:10 a.m. class, indulge in that long-awaited State College Chipotle burrito and get together that perfect playlist that will pump you up for class.

Luckily, we have a playlist that will swing you full-force back to school—in the best way possible.

Because this beat is impossible not to move to:
“Take My Love and Run”
—Bad Suns

Because we all have a dark side, and this song brings it all out: 
“Shades of Gray”
—Drake feat. D.L.O and The Weeknd

Because of that summer hookup that you swore you wouldn’t spill about to your friends (but you’ll tell ‘em):
“Don’t Tell ‘Em”
—Jeremih feat. YG

Because there is always a time and a place for Jay Sean:
“All on Your Body”
—Jay Sean Continue reading

Most Common Sylly Week State-stagrams

269852_10150222559455592_6175887_nWe’re insta-back to Penn State for another soon-to-be insta-amazing year, so you know what’s coming and you’re more than likely a contributor. Get ready to throw your dying iPhone in a fitted rage at the nearest wall for freezing up, because your Instagram feed is about to actually burst into flames. While Valley has already uncovered PSU’s Most Common Instagram Posts, this next week is truly in a league of its own. The popularly-coined ‘Sylly Week’ may be complete with late-drop classes and move-in boxes still lining your hallways, but it’s also filled with its own overload of specific state-stagrams, and we’re here to uncover these gems now: Continue reading