GroupMe: Both The Best and Worst App Ever


We can all agree that GroupMe comes in handy when we need to get in touch with members of group projects, pledge classes, organizations, etc. But, we can also agree that it gets annoying after a while—really annoying. So do the benefits of GroupMe really outweigh the downside?

Emoji Photo

Emoji Equality For All


At first the original emoji may not have seem like a problem when the image of what looks similar to you is of the “norm.” But to other racial identities that we’re being ignored, a change in representation needed to happen.


#TBT: Summer Things


The things we love about summer in our college years are nothing like what we loved when we were younger. We’re throwing it back summer style with a few things we all patiently awaited as kids once school finally let out.

Photo by Andrea Navarro

What Valley Learned at Coachella


After a year of serious planning, Coachella 2015 came and left in the blink of an eye. Whether you’re planning on going next year or heading to another festival this summer, here are some tips to help you make it the experience of a lifetime.


#MCM: Jesse Williams


Whether you follow Grey’s Anatomy or not, there is no denying that the man behind the heartthrob surgeon is sheer perfection. The name of this majestic human being is Jesse Williams.


#MCM: Scott Eastwood


If you ever wondered whether angels are real or not, this week’s #MCM is proof of their existence. Actor Scott Eastwood is the star of the latest romantic hit The Longest Ride, a film adapted from Nicholas Sparks’s novel.