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The Stress of Fall TV

IMG_6727The leaves are just starting to fall, making State College a beautiful red-and-orange sprinkled wonderland. The weather has not reached freezing levels yet, allowing you to wear your favorite hoodie to class. In a picturesque world, you are outside laughing and savoring the bliss while it lasts.

Except you probably haven’t left your living room when you’re not at work or at the library.

Fall TV is back, and it is all encompassing. It devours your soul entirely and gives you that escape you crave after that terrible exam or that blockage you need from your surrounding when your roommate is being terrible.

Despite all of the amazing things the return of Fall TV brings, its angels have demons, giving you a whole new wave of unwanted stress of your life. If you haven’t thought about it before, Valley invites you to take a closer look into your other new schedule, and how it is equally saving and also ruining your life. Continue reading

WCW: Giuliana Rancic

Giuliana Rancic Maria Menounos E! EntertainmentYes, there are millions of woman we see as role models out there. However, how many of those women are celebrities who have been through so many heartbreaks and continue to put their best foot forward? This week, my “Woman Crush Wednesday” goes out to Giuliana Rancic. Giuliana is a beautiful Italian TV Personality. Perhaps you have seen this stunning beaut on E! News, Fashion Police, a host of Miss USA or Miss America or even her own show Giuliana & Bill. But do you know her story?

Giuliana Rancic is the person she is today because of her enduring journey. Giuliana tried to conceive children with in vitro fertilization in 2010. Unfortunately, Rancic suffered a miscarriage early in the pregnancy. However, believing in her faith like never before she continued with her husband, Bill. In 2011, Rancic was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She later underwent a double mastectomy. During all of this, Giuliana and Bill remained positive and kept trying to start a family. In 2012, they were happy to welcome their son Edward “Duke” into their lives via surrogacy. Continue reading

What Gone Girl Means for Women

MV5BMTk0MDQ3MzAzOV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNzU1NzE3MjE@._V1_SX640_SY720_Last Monday night I got a call from a guy I’ve been seeing. I picked up the phone to the question: “So, you know how all women are conniving?” and subsequently participated in a conversation in which I was informed that I, as a woman, was deep down exactly like Amy Dunne, and because of that fact he would never trust me. I wasn’t, and am still not, entirely sure how to respond to that conversation. Sure, he was joking, but the conversation made me question if the movie was really that intensely disturbing.

Yesterday, I saw Gone Girl for myself. No, I did not read the book. But, I’m assuming that the majority of the population seeing and making enormous generalizations about the female sex based on it did not take the time to thoroughly research the work. So, I will confidently proceed with the following: Screw Amy. That’s it. Screw her, and her alone—no, not all women, just her, because she as an individual sucks. Yes, Amy is a sociopath, yes she’s manipulative, yes she’s absolutely horrible. But those qualities don’t come from her identity as a woman. They come from the fact that she as a person is completely psychotic. Continue reading

TBT: My So-Called Life

my-so-called-lifeBefore there was Claire Danes playing a CIA badass in HBO’s Homeland and before there was Jared Leto’s to-die-for man-bun, there was teen angst. And no, we’re not talking about Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” angst, but it comes pretty close. This week, Valley is throwin’ it back to the 90′s with My So-Called Life.

In the throes of an era filled with brown lipstick, oversized flannel shirts and the rise of the Backstreet Boys, My So-Called Life emerged on television. It basically summed up the lives of every teenager ever through the eyes of Angela Chase (Claire Danes) in the perfect way. Fun Fact, it’s on Hulu Plus if you’re suffering from withdrawal.

Why We Love It

Overlooking the most important fact that Jared Leto played the troubled bad boy every girl wanted to date (we love you, Jordan Catalano), this show had real substance. Not only did it deal with real-life issues in a finessed and not-cheesy way, but the humor is absolutely on point. It just goes to show that not every adolescent TV series out there has to be filled with over-the-top physical comedy and unrealistic scenarios. I’m looking at you, Disney Channel. Continue reading

The Five People We Love to Hate on Facebook

_DSC0035Before we were blessed with Twitter, Instagram and Tinder, there was Facebook. In high school, Facebook was the end-all and be-all of social media. It was important how many tagged photos you were in and how many people liked your profile picture. The most important thing, though, was the amount of friends you had. Looking back now, we have all noticed certain “friends” whose requests we wish we never accepted.

The Overly  Politically Opinionated Activist

Okay, so we give them credit for being politically aware. But when they change their status every 30 seconds during the presidential debate, it gets old. This person is the first to lash out at someone for making an “ignorant” comment or joke and will not surrender until you agree with their point of view. Usually their statuses and comments are filled with politically-fueled rage and a touch of I’m-better-than-you. The best thing to do is ignore them.

The Overbearing Mom

We won’t lie, her baby is adorable. She was adorable in those 35 pictures of her eating food, she was cute in the 60 photos of her sleeping and she was especially lovable in the 300 pictures of her doing nothing. But too much is too much. When your cover photo, profile picture and all of your tagged photos are pictures of your baby rather than pictures of yourself, it gets old. Continue reading

MCM: The Top 10 Hottest NFL Players

We’ve all been in that situation: we’re watching a sport with our friends and we know absolutely nothing about it other than that they have some smokin’ hot players. While I pride myself on knowing a lot about football, I watch a lot of games only to ogle at how good looking these men are. This week, Valley’s Man Crush Monday is the top 10 hottest players in the NFL. A huge shout out to my roommate, Megan Kraft, one of the biggest football fans out there, for helping me compile this list and giving us reasons why they’re so hot.

10. Michael Mauti 


Mauti, a current linebacker for the Minnesota Vikings, doesn’t even need an explanation. According to my roommate, “One, look at him. Two, we all know what we did for our school. That makes him hot. Him leading our football team is hot.” (Photo credit:

9. Aaron Rodgers


Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers’ quarterback, is the “nice guy” of the NFL. Not only does he break records on the field, has that scruffy, down-home charm about him that makes us ladies swoon. (Photo credit:

8. JJ Watt 

Watt is a defensive end on the Houston Texans. Besides his charming good looks, he’s got a sense of humor – check out his Verizon commercial with the teachers at a dance. To top it off, he gives back to the community with the JJ Watt Foundation which has donated over $600,000 to middle schools for after-school athletics. Also, he’s an excellent player. (Photo credit:

7. Eric Decker

When he’s not playing wide receiver for the New York Jets, Decker he wins over the hearts of America alongside his equally-gorgeous wife, Jessie James Decker on their E! reality show “Eric and Jesse.” So, if you’re not into watching football, you can at least enjoy this man crush off the field raise his newborn daughter. (Photo credit:

6. Alex Smith 

To quote my roommate, “He may have had struggles throughout his career, but he isn’t struggling in his appearance.” Smith, the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, started as back up for the San Francisco 49ers, became their first-string, and was then put on second string once Colin Kaepernick took over. Most recently, he led the Chiefs to the play-offs last year. (Photo credit:

5. Reggie Bush

If he’s hot enough for Kim Kardashian, he’s hot enough to make our top five. A running back for the Detroit Lions, his career has only gone up hill since he and Kim broke up. Bush is dominating on and off the field – he just got married to a Kim K look-alike (and they have a baby)! (Image credit:

4. Tom Brady


Brady would’ve been higher on our list if he wasn’t an endorser for male Uggs. But, being one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game, he’s blessed the New England Patriots with his talent on the field and he himself is blessed off the field – he’s married to the Giselle Bündchen.   (Photo credit:

3. Cam Newton

The quarterback for the Carolina Panthers is nice to look at when he isn’t hiding under a towel because he’s losing. That’s not to say he’s a bad QB – last year he led the Panthers to a division title. (Photo credit:

2. Miles Austin

Austin’s career may be on the decline, but those gorgeous eyes are nothing to scoff at. You may recognize the former Cowboy – and current Cleveland Browns wide receiver – after his two-episode stint on “Keeping up with the Kardashians” – yes, he and Kim dated. Even though that relationship was short-lived, we KUWTK fans will always remember him as being in one of the only episodes where Kim got drunk.  (Photo credit:

1. Colin Kaepernick

Do yourself a favor and Google the rest of Kaepernick’s pictures from ESPN’s Body Issue. The 49ers quarterback led the team straight to the Super Bowl during his first year as a starter in 2013, and led them to the NFC championship against the Seattle Seahawks last year – and he’s only 26 with plenty of time to do it again and again. Not only is he one of the most gifted athletes in the game – he was drafted to the Chicago Cubs baseball team right out of high school – he works closely Camp Taylor, a charity for children with heart defects. Basically, he’s perfect. (Photo credit:

The Vampire Diaries Premiere: What Went Right and What Went Wrong

Screenshot-2014-05-31-at-3.51.11-AMThere’s only so much you can do with a fantastical series about a vampiric love triangle with some dashes of werewolves and painful amounts of angst and attractive actors embedded in between.

There’s only so many different ways Nina Dobrev can cry with the talent of an Oscar-winning actress over yet another branch of her childhood foundation being shattered or member of her family tree being broken off.

Yet here we are, almost six years later since the 2009 premiere of CW’s smash-hit “The Vampire Diaries,” ready to see what twisted, unbelievable and wildly addicting thing they come up with next.

It’s no secret that there are shows that we love dearly that have gone down in quality over the years/duration of seasons (take “Glee” or “Dexter”).

“The Vampire Diaries” is not one of those shows, and tonight certainly did not disappoint.

So continue to dry your eyes, try to get over your Paul Wesley sexual frustration (as I have to every day of my life), and let’s get ready to dissect this heartbreaking season premiere together Valley style. Spoiler alert for everything below: Continue reading

Celebrity Baby News: The Newest Additions to the Spotlight

Rachel Bilson

Photo credit:

We were all so happy when Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher announced the big news that they were expecting a baby! (And even more excited to hear this week’s news that their little girl has arrived!) Then, when Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling confirmed the news on their bundle of joy, most of us were shocked. Another shocking one: Scarlett Johansson and Romain Dauriac. Let’s just say we were heartbroken that it couldn’t be Ryan Renolds’. But very excited for Johansson to become a mother!

Even when we are taken by surprise, the thought of a new celebrity baby fills us with as much joy as those expecting parents! Then, we see those first pictures and find out the little star’s name, and our emotions skyrocket. Babies are the one charm that can make even the toughest person soft, and the meanest person nice. So, here’s a look into the future babies that will be gracing us with their presence.

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick will soon be welcoming their third child. Those who keep up with the Kardashians noticed that Disick wasn’t very thrilled at first. Now, that anxiety has settled and they will be ready for their little bundle sooner than they think.

Another couple adding to their family: Kate Middleton and Prince William. Little Prince George will now have a younger sibling to roam around the palace with. Although Middleton has been very sick throughout the pregnancy, they are both very excited to extend their family. Continue reading

The Rory Gilmore Way to Conquer College and Relationships

20186__rorey_lNetflix recently announced they are streaming all seven seasons of the beloved “Gilmore Girls” starting Oct. 1. It is time to go back to Stars Hallow and relive the glory days.

There is a lot to be learned from Gilmore Girls about life and relationships. To be honest, Rory Gilmore taught us how to handle college like a pro. She attended Yale University and eventually became editor-in-chief of the Yale Daily News. Rory taught us everything from how to be a good college student to being a great friend and girlfriend.

Here are ten lessons Rory taught us about college and relationships:

1. Do not give up on your dream future

Rory persevered with her dream of being a journalist even after being told she did not have what it took. It is important to not let negative people discourage your dream. College is an imperative time for you to figure out what you want to do and to make it happen. This is the time when you really have to “do you.”

2. Bad grades are not all that bad

Yes, even Miss A-Student did not always get A’s on her papers. It is college … it is meant to be challenging. Do not let one grade defer you from doing your best and keeping your head held high. Do not be fooled, grades are not everything. As long as you are not failing out of school, your future will be OK. Continue reading

Yik Yak: A Story of Discovery

YikYak_MaryDugganSo, I would like to think that I’m technologically savvy, and can pick up on the latest apps and internet trends in a millisecond. But what in the actual world is Yik Yak?

No. Seriously. What is it? Also, what kind of animal is that even supposed to be?

For the longest time, I genuinely couldn’t figure it out. Is it like a new form of dating site where you can hit on random people anonymously? Is it a secret blackbook to all of the hottest parties around State College?

From what I have concluded, despite the insanity of it all and the weird bison-themed icon, it is absolutely hysterical. So, I decided to do some experimenting.

In case you are not aware, Yik Yak is a new app that connects you with your current location, and allows you to see a stream of random, anonymous posts. Most of the comments are irrelevant things about everything from making fun of Greek life, to praising Canyon Pizza to basically trying to “subtweet” other people. Continue reading