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Jennifer Lopez’s latest documentary, “The Greatest Love Story Never Told,” has lit up TikTok like a fireworks show. People are all up in arms, tossing around controversy and snark faster than you can say “Jenny from the Block.”

J.Lo’s at a major crossroads in her career, dropping a new album, “This is Me … Now,” along with a musical film called “This is Me … Now: A Love Story,” and of course, a juicy documentary about her and Ben Affleck.

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In the trailer, Lopez says her latest releases are “about facing the truth of who you are.” But, TikTok isn’t buying it. Instead, they’re calling her out for putting on a show and being fake, saying she’s stretching the truth about her Bronx roots.

In a notorious clip, Lopez was seen in front of a mirror, messing with her hair, and reminiscing about being a wild teen in the Bronx.

“I like taking my hair out like this,” she says. “It reminds me, like, when I was 16 in the Bronx, running up and down the block. Crazy little girl who used to f***ing be wild and no limits, all dreams.”

The moment, now forever ingrained into TikTok meme culture, has conjured up hundreds of videos mocking the moment for those who have tapped into the comedy of the moment.

Others, specifically Bronx residents, have called out J.Lo for misrepresenting her working-class background as well as her connection to the Bronx. 

One TikTok creator, Photosbyangela, dropped a bombshell video alleging that she and Lopez had attended the same high school. She claims to have harbored frustration silently for years before finally speaking out, stating she was “annoyed in silence.”

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In the TikTok clip, she boldly accuses Lopez of “lying” and of exploiting the Bronx’s residents to “look human.”

“We both attended an all-girls high school in an Irish and Italian neighborhood, so you weren’t ‘running up and down the block,’” she says.

Other snippets from the documentary also caught the attention of TikTokers, seemingly portraying Lopez as self-centered. Some delved into past interviews with the star and reached similarly unfavorable conclusions about her character.

This isn’t the first time Lopez has been accused of appearing out-of-touch or of misrepresenting her connection to the Bronx. 

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In another iconic clip, Lopez reveals her go-to bodega order during a Vogue interview – ham and cheese on a roll, a bag of chips and an “orange drink.”  In the words of J.Lo “If you know, you know.” Girl, on behalf of all New Yorkers, we don’t know … do you?

No video quite showcases her connection to the people of the Bronx– or lack thereof– than a surfaced clip from 2014, showing Lopez returning to her childhood home in the Castle Hill neighborhood. 

As she walks by the house, the current owner steps out and notices Lopez and the camera crew behind her. To her surprise, the current owner of Lopez’s childhood home didn’t recognize her and had no idea who she was. 

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The awkward interaction has only added fuel to the fire of TikTok users criticizing both her behavior and superiority complex. 

“When celebrities realize they are not as important as they think,” one person commented.

“Jenny from the block got her a –- humbled,” another person wrote.

It seems like Lopez is long overdue for a reality check with many calling for Lopez to simply, “Leave the Bronx alone.”

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