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Working on State Patty's

The Woes of Working on State Patty’s


Working on State Patty’s can be the ultimate nightmare for a student, but before you start to cry, understand that as you get older, you will start to learn that there is a thing called responsibility and it’s important to develop this quality over the course of your college career.


Clinique Takes on the Penn State Bookstore


“Oh my gosh it can’t be true! It just can’t be!” This was basically Valley’s train of thought when we discovered that Clinique found a new home in Penn State’s student bookstore. Now, not only can you purchase some books and Penn State gear, but you can also pick up some makeup tips and products while you’re at it!


THON 2015: A Senior’s Last Stand


For most Penn State students attending THON at least once during their time here at University Park is an obligation rather than just a suggestion. For 703 Penn State students this year, they not only fulfilled this obligation but went the extra mile. This year over 700 students didn’t just attend THON, they danced at THON.


THON 2015: Music To A Dancer’s Ears


The entertainment committee has a hard job of picking songs and bands to please not only the volunteers and spectators, but the dancers as well. After all, they’re the ones on their feet for 46 hours! Valley talked to a few of this year’s dancers to see what songs they’ve liked dancing (or singing!) along to, or what songs they’re hoping to hear:


THON 2015: Mail Call


As mail is lined up in the back of the Bryce Jordan Center, the dancers are called up group by group to receive envelopes spilling with supportive letters from their friends and loved ones. Reading these can give the dancers that extra boost of energy they need during the later hours of THON.


Best of THON 2015: Socks and Shoes


The floor of the BJC is a sea of neon Nike’s every third weekend of February for THON. Dancer’s embrace the bright colors while staying comfortable and practical by wearing one-of-a-kind socks with their favorite sneakers. Valley hit the floor and met the owner’s of some of the brightest, cutest shoe/sock combinations at THON 2015.


THON 2015: If You Could Have One Wish


When you are on the dance floor, looking around at all the upbeat individuals resisting the urge to sit down all in the name of fighting for the cause, you can’t help but be incredibly proud of them. We couldn’t help but wonder what these dedicated dancers are wishing for or thinking about during this time. Valley had a chance to catch up with some of the dancers for THON 2015 to find out just what that might be.


THON 2015: Wigs for Kids


When it comes to THON, everything is for the kids. In this case, THON participants were more than willing to share some of their luscious locks in order to provide wigs that can withstand everyday activities that kids partake in such as playing a sport or taking a shower. This is all made possible through the Wigs for Kids organization.


Best Of THON 2015: Accessories


Amongst a blend of rainbow color on the dancefloor, THON participants and committee members use their accessories to really stand out. From capes to blow up dinosaurs, the people of the floor find small ways to show off their creativity and have a little fun with it! We went around and talked to some of the best accessorized!


Best of THON 2015: Tutus


THON weekend is one of the only times where fanny packs are in style. However, there’s another fashion item that becomes increasingly popular over THON weekend: the tutu. Valley took a look at the tutus being worn this year. Here are some of our favorites:


THON 2015: What’s In Your Fanny Pack?


THON is the one weekend of the year where there is no such thing as too much bedazzle, bright colors and mismatched high socks. It is the weekend for super puffy tutus, crazy haircuts, wacky hats and of course, decked out fanny packs. We took a glance inside some of the fanny packs that really caught our attention.