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How to Tailgate (The Right Way)

IMG_4498As if you didn’t already know, tailgates are one of the highlights of every football season—scratch that, every fall semester. What’s better than hauling your favorite party dips and bevvies up to the stadium to consume with your friends and family and pump yourself up for yet another great game? Let us answer that for you—nothing, friends, nothing.

If you’re looking to get your own tailgate going but are not sure how to put it all together, we’ve got you covered.

Step One: Get Your Pass

Head up to the ticketing office in the BJC at least a week before the game and pay a mere $10 for your spot. Without that, you are facing at least $40 if you decide to wait until the day before.

Step Two: Prepare the Food (Probably the Night Before, Especially If It’s a Noon Game)

Some recommended foods that will always please a crowd are guacamole, buffalo chicken dip, and other great (and incredibly easy) game-day recipes (for the recipes, click here). All of these foods are better prepared at least a few hours in advance of arriving at the tailgate, so be prepared! Continue reading

Epic Art: The Newest Splash of Color to Arrive in State College

EpicArt2.MaryDugganAn array of bright colors, daring patterns and stunning images greet the customers who venture into State College’s newest art store, Epic Art. Located on Calder Way, Epic Art represents roughly 50 different international artists and photographers hoping to make their way to the walls of State College homes.

Epic Art came to life at the end of August, a week before students arrived. Store owner Akemi Benton, who is from State College, brings in artwork from their production facilities in Maryland. Benton says she knew that when students came back to campus they would be looking for things to fill the walls of their dorms and apartments. So, why not bring Epic Art’s collection in to see if students enjoyed it?

“We got busy and started hanging up art, and we opened our doors two or three days later,” Benton says.

Epic Art is connected to artists through a licensing company holding close relationships with featured artists, but they also take the time to seek out artists on the web, according to Benton. Working with other companies and satisfying clientele give them a sense of what will sell and what won’t, which supports the selection of art featured in the store. Continue reading

The Royal Treatment: A Night with Intern Queen Lauren Berger

221“You’re going to get rejected for the rest of your life. Get. Over. It.”

102 Thomas filled with silence and nervous laughter after Intern Queen Lauren Berger delivered this harsh but motivational reality to students at her presentation Monday evening. She quickly followed up with the saving grace to the scary truth.

“Rejection does not mean no, it means not right now. We can’t get to the yes until we get to the no,” finished Berger.

Over 250 students jam-packed the lecture hall to hear Berger speak, and the close quarters were definitely worth it. Berger spoke about internship advice, career prep, why failure should motivate you and every topic in between.

With a degree from UCF and 15 internships under her belt, Berger knows what she’s talking about. Partnering with the Ford Motor Company, Berger is taking a tour of universities across the country to participate in the Ford College Ambassador Challenge, helping college students reach their career goals. Continue reading

THON 2015: Upcoming Events

1607038_10152735476898255_6980035232533356943_nThe Penn State Dance Marathon is so much more than just THON weekend. There are many exciting events held throughout the year to raise money for THON, get everyone pumped and provide some fun for the Four Diamonds families. If you’re into running, sports or just dancing and chowing down on some cotton candy, come out to one of these upcoming events to show your support for THON!

THON Sporting Events 

The most well known THON sporting event is easily the THON football game. This year, the THON football game will be on November 1st, where Penn State will take on Maryland. THON 2015 PR Media Relations captain Graceanne Domino tells us, “THON will be honored between the first and second quarters with an appearance by the Executive Committee on the field.” Just like previous years, THON volunteers will be canning outside Beaver Stadium to raise money for THON. Continue reading

Career Prep with Royalty: Intern Queen Lauren Berger to Speak with Penn State Students

LB_HiResNavigating the intimidating waters of internship searches and career building can be a daunting task for everyone. Between cover letters, resumes and interviewing, it can be hard to get a head start and have a competitive edge.

But have no fear,‘s CEO and Founder Lauren Berger has got you covered. Berger has teamed up with Ford for the Ford College Ambassador Challenge to provide college students with the tools necessary to become driving forces in the job market. Along with several other universities across the country, Berger plans to stop by Penn State to share her wise words with the student body.

A useful tool for collegiate go-getters, provides students with a free platform to apply for internships in several different job fields. The site also posts daily content with tips and tricks for students to be the best intern and employee out there.

A Florida native and UCF graduate, Berger is a career-savvy powerhouse. During her college years, she interned with 15 different companies, working at places like NBC, Fox News, Backstage Magazine and NBC. In 2009, she left her first real-world job to found the website that got her to the top. Continue reading

Why Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is More Than a #WomanCrushWednesday

Chimamanda-Ngozi-Adichie-640-x-403Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is more than just Wednesday’s woman crush. She’s a role model to all on any day of the week.

You’ve probably heard her name, or the sound of her voice in the feminist monologue in Beyoncé’s song “Flawless.” Besides the beautiful voice of Queen Bey’ herself, what really draws you in is the message behind Adichie’s speech.

The part of this speech was of a larger one called, “We Should all be Feminist,” a TED talk on how both men and women should not only know about equality but actually advocate it in order to produce change.

Junior women’s studies major Corrina Williams heard Adichie speak on Monday night at Schwab Auditorium.

“I thought it was absolutely inspirational to listen to her speak.” Williams says. “She speaks with such grace and confidence; it was honestly an honor to even be in her presence.” Continue reading

Kung Fu Tea

20141009_162036Any time something new pops up in our rather small Happy Valley, we can’t help but be some of the first to check it out. This past week, we ventured near the Palmerton—under it, actually—to enjoy some bubble tea.

If you haven’t heard about bubble tea, get your head in the game. State College is not new to this drink trend—Tea-Time on McAllister Alley is a popular spot for many students—so naturally another spot is always welcome.

If you fit the following categories:

1. You know you love bubble tea—you may have even been to Tea-Time
2. You’ve heard of bubble tea and you’d like to try it
3. You’re not even sure what bubble tea is

You need to check out Kung Fu Tea on 316 W Beaver Ave. Upon arrival, we noticed the big, stretching windows across the entire store, allowing floods of light straight in. It was immediately welcoming.

The menu may be a little intimidating—there are a lot of options. But just stick with what you already know. If you like green tea, get the green milk tea. If you like tea with honey, get the honey tea. The great part about this place is that you don’t have to like tea—they have an entire section of the menu just for coffee and flavored slushes like strawberry milk. Continue reading

Bad Neighbors: It Could Be Worse

NoisyNeighbors.DanielleD'Angelo-2Neighbors can be good, or they can be really, really bad. We complain about our neighbors to everyone any chance we get because bad living situations are always the topic of a good conversation. But if you think you have bad neighbors because they blast too much Taylor Swift really late on weekends, here are five students’ stories that prove it could definitely be worse.

The Loud and Proud Neighbor

“I hear my neighbor and her boyfriend having sex. There’s a whole lot of screaming,” says sophomore Rachel Newell. Some people have no problem flaunting their eventful sex life so they don’t take into consideration that most of the walls around here are paper- thin. The screaming is not only awkward and uncomfortable, but also a horrible reminder of how single you are. Continue reading

The Definitive Proof that #MichiganStillSucks

photo-5-2So we may not have come away with a win this weekend, but let’s be honest… Michigan still sucks – no matter what time of day it is.

Having been at the game in the “Big House”, I experienced firsthand the many reasons why Penn State is and always will be the better school.

1. We Have Better Fans

Although Michigan Stadium may have the capacity to seat 2,619 more people than Beaver Stadium, it’s very clear we have a much stronger fan base. At Beaver Stadium, when we’re asked to “GET LOUD” and “MAKE SOME NOISE”, it gets so loud it’s nearly deafening. And we can proudly say we keep that enthusiasm up throughout the entire game. Michigan fans? Even on their most intense plays got maybe half as loud as Penn State fans. Let’s just say I could still talk to my friend sitting next to me. Continue reading

Penn State’s Military Women

ROTC.SkylarYuenA noisy alarm sounds at 5:00 a.m. It’s time to hurry to Penn State’s Multi-Sport Facility. The sun still sleeps. The only illumination outside is a florescent glow from street lights and scattered luminosities from apartments overhead.

Buzzing delivery trucks and faulty wires are the only sounds accompanying the walk. Not a single person is in sight until nearing the facility. Then, shouting voices break the silence. Time for ROTC physical training.

ROTC stands for Reserve Officer’s Training Corps and is used to prepare college students for careers as military officers. Undergraduates commit to the military but still have the opportunity to get their degree. At Penn State, men and women participate in Army, Air Force and Naval ROTC programs.

Members of each ROTC branch have comparable schedules. Although time dedication varies, each branch has morning physical training between 5 and 6 a.m., jobs to complete within their branch, and various classes focusing on military leadership and skill. Continue reading