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Photo by Danielle Gallo

How To: Breast Self-Exams


While October is used as an opportunity to remember those who have lost their lives to breast cancer, to give congratulations those who have beat it and to support those who are fighting it, we must also focus on prevention throughout the whole year. In order to protect ourselves from becoming another statistic, we have the ability to give ourselves at-home breast exams.


Halloween Makeup Without the Break-Outs


With a little bit of patience and creativity you can transform yourself into your favorite monster, goblin, or zombie. However, before you break out the paint brush, make sure the tools you’re using are actually safe. Costume makeup can have some not-so-safe ingredients, so we have some tips to make sure you look cool and breakout free.

Photo by Susannah Foos

Feelin’ the Flu


If you’ve sat in any Penn State class ever, you’ve probably heard at least ten people with a cold sneezing and coughing like crazy. These symptoms travel campus quickly, coming and going throughout each semester. These little head colds have even earned themselves the famous title, “The Penn State Plague”, even though they’re not that serious.

Photo by Hunter Talpas

Got Milk?


The underrated star liquid— milk. Whenever you sit down for a bowl of cereal or want something to go with that delicious Insomnia cookie, you reach for milk. But which one? There are so many milks that exist it’s almost unbelievable!