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Kegels: A Different Muscle Group to Target“Am I doing it?” said the blonde girl casually sitting in the HUB-Robeson Center. “I don’t know,” her friend replied. “You just feel it, it’s not like I’m going to check for you or anything.”

As the two continued on, it became evident that the conversation revolved around Kegels – an easy clench-and-release exercise that strengthens pelvic floor muscles, the same muscles that are responsible for contractions during climax. These muscles work to hold up your bladder, which, in turn, can prevent leakage, strengthen bladder control and enhance sex by boosting arousal.

Before you start practicing Kegels, you must know how to locate the correct muscles. The next time you urinate, attempt to stop midstream without contracting your butt or abs. Hold for a few moments, and then continue the flow. The start and stop muscles at work are the muscles you want to target. Continue reading

Diet Diaries: Food Journaling 101

Florio.FoodJournalingRemember when diaries and journals were all the rage in middle school? Looking back, you may be a tad embarrassed that you even wrote something in strawberry-scented gel pen. But before you toss that Lisa Frank notebook, give journaling another chance by trying a food journal.

A food journal is a record of what you eat, when you eat it, calories or anything else you want to know about how you eat. Why should you even bother writing down everything you consume? Tammy Impellitteri, a licensed, registered dietitian in Mount Nittany Physician Group’s endocrinology practice, says food journaling can give you a lot of clues about your eating habits.

“Food journaling is really eye opening for some people,” she says. “In many cases, what people perceive they’re eating is actually a lot less than what they’re actually eating. People don’t always realize how much they’re eating or how often until they see it written down. Continue reading

Weighing In: The Swim Workout for Non-Swimmers

Each week, our own fitness fanatics Christina Monteleone and Sabrina Evans will explore the latest workout crazes, diet fads and dish out tips for healthy living. Managing your schoolwork is tough enough- let us take care of your health.


For a lot of us, swimming consists of body surfing at the beach or sitting in a hot tub. Years having passed since our moms and dads forced us to take lessons at the local YMCA as kids.

However, whether you’re starting to get tired of your regular workout or your friend who was high school swimming champ has been begging you to swim laps with them at the gym (Yeah… because that’s totally going to end well), even doggie-paddling pros can learn how to incorporate swimming into their fitness regimen.

Why Swimming is Full-Body Fun

Your entire body is submerged in water and your goal is to somehow stay afloat while making forward progress – how could you not break a sweat swimming?

According to the Aquatics Coordinator at Penn State, Justin Brown, “There are so many different muscles working in sync with swimming that it’s just a total body workout.” Continue reading

Hair Obsessed: Products Worth the Price

We are spoiled women – when it comes to hair products, that is.

Today’s market has thousands of brands and products to choose from, each ranging in price and quality. But the hunt for perfect product has become overwhelming. Do we have too much of a good thing?

Drug store hair care brands carry hundreds of products, each claiming that their products are equal – if not better – to salon products at the discounted price. But the truth is, there is a difference.

Hair stylist Alli Lemon recently ranted about this in a ha-larious blog-post “10 Things Your Hairsylist Wants You to Know.” Continue reading

Pro-Ana: The Pro That’s Not A Pro At All

Mannino.EatingDisordersHow would we make it through college without our support system?

Our parents, friends and classmates help us get through the nitty-gritty of college life. It’s these support systems that push people from wellness into darkness. But in today’s culture, support comes in various outlets – and mostly through social media. Who knew that one hashtag could push your friend over the edge?

So let’s take a look at what’s trending on your news feed. Pro-ana (pro-anorexia) is an online community that promotes the practice of anorexia in order to achieve “the perfect body”.  #ProAna is found in various social media outlets such as Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter.

“It’s so visually present in social media and it’s so in your face,” says senior Torri Singer. “People will fall back into old habits because they see it in their face, especially websites like Instagram because it is so visual.” Continue reading

What Your Pee Can Tell You

oberdorf_bathroomIt’s easy to disregard urine as waste because you flush it down the toilet every single day. But your urine is a lot more valuable than you think, so it’s time to take another look at the toilet bowl.

Dr. Howard Miller, a urologist at the Mount Nittany Physician Group, says the color, smell and appearance of urine can be clues into your overall health.

“Most individuals want to aim for urine that is a clear, pale yellow with no strong odors as this indicates a healthy and well-hydrated state,” he says.  “Darker yellow and strong [smelling] urine may indicate that one’s body isn’t getting enough water.” Continue reading

So You Have A Hickey

Obrien_HickysSo you have a hickey. You haven’t had one in so long (sophomore year of high school to be exact), that you’ve forgotten how frustrating it can be to have a vampire bite-sized bruise on your neck.

Back in the day, having one meant strategically hiding it from mom and especially dad by wearing a turtleneck sweater for a week. However, spring is upon us and turtlenecks are only ideal for the winter hickey-covering season.

If a guy has Edward Cullen-ed you, here are the most effective ways to get the bruise gone. Fast. Because trust me, no one’s buying the “curling iron burn” excuse.

First, you must know understand your enemy in order to know how to conquer it. What exactly is a hickey? Well, has been made to answer just that. According to the website, a hickey is when “somebody sucks hard on soft skin, causing the capillaries underneath the surface to rupture.” Lamens terms: hickeys are bruises. They will generally last one to two weeks before fading if left untreated.  Continue reading

Oil Pulling: The “New” Health Fad

SabineC.OilPullingAn ancient Ayurvedic Indian system of healing, originating from the Vedic culture of India, is teaching us a completely “new” way to go about oral hygiene – not to mention a supposedly natural way of whitening teeth. Oil pulling has become a major health craze here in the U.S. as of late, but many people have never heard of this remedy. So what is it exactly?

Oil pulling is a practice in which you take a spoonful of coconut oil or sesame oil and swish it around in your mouth, going back and forth from the front to the back of your teeth for 20 minutes. Once the 20 minutes is up, spit the oil into a trashcan, not the sink because it can clog the drain if it solidifies. Oil pulling helps remove unwanted bacteria in your mouth, so once you’re finished with the process, make sure to thoroughly rinse your mouth out. Continue reading

Weighing In: The Benefits of Fast-Walking

Each week, our own fitness fanatics Christina Monteleone and Sabrina Evans will explore the latest workout crazes, diet fads and dish out tips for healthy living. Managing your schoolwork is tough enough- let us take care of your health.


We all know the saying, “You have to walk before you can run.” But what if we told you running didn’t have to be part of a great workout? The latest fitness craze is often associated with old people in the mall, but now you can learn how to own it too.

That’s right – we’re talking about fast walking.

Powerful Perks

Cardiovascular exercise is brimming with heart-healthy benefits and fast walking is no exception. In addition to protecting against colds, stimulating weight loss and enhancing your mood, fast walking is also low-intensity enough to prevent against joint damage. Continue reading

Valley Pick of the Week: L’Oréal Advanced Haircare – Total Repair 5

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 11.50.12 AMFor those who have crisp split ends, L’Oréal’s recently released hair care line is the answer to your prayers! When it comes to hair, there’s nothing girls want more than for theirs to be silky and smooth. Between flat irons, curling irons and the dry winter we just experienced, our hair is really suffering (or dead).

Luckily, L’Oréal’s Total Repair 5 shampoo and conditioner helps bring life back into your hair. Over time, your hair will be repaired in five areas: split ends, weakness, roughness, dullness and dehydration. It’s important you use both the shampoo and conditioner to see results and make them last. Continue reading