Slacklining State: Your New Favorite Pastime

Slacklining2_SkylarYuen.jpgOn a campus as large as Penn State’s, it’s not unusual to come across something, well, unusual.

It’s easy to assume the circus has come to town when you spot a group of students taking turns teetering across what can only be described as a tightrope tethered between two trees on Old Main lawn, but when it comes to writing them off as another campus oddity, Dear Old State’s resident slackliners ask that you cut them some slack.

“Everybody should come out and try it,” says junior Nick Nader, one of the university’s many, though often overlooked, slacklining fanatics.

When it comes to choosing extra-curriculars that keep you grounded, slacklining probably isn’t your obvious first choice, but according to Nader, slacklining might be just the game-changer you need.

“Anyone that likes to do anything athletic can do it. It’s not demanding at all, you just have to give it a chance.” Read more.


Valley Helps You Prepare for the Career Fair


The career fair is an invaluable opportunity available to students each semester. It is a chance to hone your interviewing and networking skills – and potentially score a dream job or internship. As the key to all success is good preparation, we decided to help you accomplish that preparation by compiling a list of our best advice to students attending the career fair over the years. Read more.


Unconventional Farmer’s Market Finds

DSC_3467As a Penn State student, you’ve probably passed the farmer’s market, either on your way to class or while shopping downtown. You probably didn’t think twice about it, shrugging it off as just a place to buy fresh fruit and veggies. While this may be true, it’s not your traditional farmer’s market. Apples, peaches, berries, tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, celery, squash, corn—you name it, we have seen it. But as the saying goes, there is more than meets the eye and there’s some rather unconventional items waiting to be found. 

Herbs, sunflowers, gladiolus, bonsai, lucky bamboo, cacti, succulent and faerie gardens

Ok, so some of these may not be completely out of the ordinary, but there’s a few that deserve some recognition. Where else in State College can you buy a lucky bamboo plant or an exotic cactus? Read more.