Valley Apologizes for Article “Football 101: For the Girls”

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 4.41.46 PMIn response to an article posted earlier today on our website, Football 101: For the Girls, those of us at Valley Magazine would like to apologize to anyone who may have taken offense to it. It was insensitive of us and the article has since been removed.

It was not our intention or the writer’s to be discriminatory or sexist toward women. The majority of our staff is women and it has always been Valley’s mission to give the female population here at Penn State a positive voice.

We hope that the Penn State community will forgive our error and continue to allow us to be that voice.

Again, our sincerest apologies.

Valley Magazine Staff


Epic Art: The Newest Splash of Color to Arrive in State College


An array of bright colors, daring patterns and stunning images greet the customers who venture into State College’s newest art store, Epic Art. Located on Calder Way, Epic Art represents roughly 50 different international artists and photographers hoping to make their way to the walls of State College homes.

Epic Art came to life at the end of August, a week before students arrived. Store owner Akemi Benton, who is from State College, brings in artwork from their production facilities in Maryland. Benton says she knew that when students came back to campus they would be looking for things to fill the walls of their dorms and apartments. So, why not bring Epic Art’s collection in to see if students enjoyed it?

“We got busy and started hanging up art, and we opened our doors two or three days later,” Benton says.

Epic Art is connected to artists through a licensing company holding close relationships with featured artists, but they also take the time to seek out artists on the web, according to Benton. Working with other companies and satisfying clientele give them a sense of what will sell and what won’t, which supports the selection of art featured in the store. Read more.



Welcome to Covert Advice

Ever question what guys are really thinking? Our newest male writer and columnist, Christopher Covert, is here to answer just that and more from the perspective of the ‘boy next door”. Introducing Covert Advice, Valley’s first anonymous advice column!

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 10.01.19 AMAs a man, I realize that I will never understand women, no matter how hard I try. There are even times when despite all of the chaos around the world, nothing represents a true war better than the battle of the sexes. Yet at first glance, this war doesn’t seem very logical: shouldn’t we have everything in common? If we’re both human, why are women so confusing? Well, ladies, men are complex creatures of their own, and FAR more complex than we appear to be.

With a tip of my hat to social media, the dynamic of the sexes has completely changed over the past decade: we made new “friends,” published new “relationships,” retweeted our crush’s thoughts and subtweeted our jealousies. So why have I lost some hope in understanding women? Probably because I’m barely able to understand myself and the difference between who I am and who I want my Facebook profile to say I am. Sadly, it’s the world we live in, but there is hope after all: I may not need to understand women, but I understand men. READ MORE!