Interested in Photography? Join Our Staff!

Do you want your photos recognized around campus? Do you want to be more involved at PSU? Do you want to build up your portfolio and get more photography experience? If so, get your cameras ready – we want YOU!

We are currently looking for photographers to join our staff for the Fall 2014 semester. We are also looking to fill the Photography Director and Web Photography Editor positions on our staff. Follow the appropriate links below for more information and to find out how to apply.

Join Our Fall 2014 Photography Staff!

Photography Director and Editor Positions Available for 2014-2015 Academic Year


Sun-kissed or Sun-burned: How to Treat Sun-exposed Skin

sunburnWhen it starts to get hot outside, everyone starts running around in tank tops and shorts leaving their skin completely vulnerable to the suns harmful rays.  Some people emerge from the sunlight with beautiful sun- kissed tans while other become walking human lobsters.

We all love to believe we can get a tan, but the unfortunate truth is that a lot of us will continue to burn forever. Some people may think burning is better than being pale, but with risk of skin cancer and skin poisoning it’s really not worth it. So here are some easy tricks to prevent burning in the summer. Read more.


World Cup Wanderlust

usmnt-soccer-fans_thumbSo far, you probably have been paying attention to the most watched sports event aside from the Olympics on your TV screen—the FIFA World Cup. Since it doesn’t involve varied events (it’ssoccer) everyone is on the same level.

The great thing about the World Cup is that you don’t even have to be an expert in soccer to watch it. There will be plays and calls that have you scratching your head at times but the excitement of watching it is what brings everyone together.

Whether it is in a bar, at a get together with friends or even in the comfort of your own home, watching your country’s team play on the big screen creates a sense of pride and joy that can’t be beat. With most of the world’s leading soccer teams competing, everyone is sure to have their game faces and all bets on—no pressure.

But what happens if there is pressure? Read more.