Career Prep with Royalty: Intern Queen Lauren Berger to Speak with Penn State Students


Navigating the intimidating waters of internship searches and career building can be a daunting task for everyone. Between cover letters, resumes and interviewing, it can be hard to get a head start and have a competitive edge.

But have no fear, InternQueen.com‘s CEO and Founder Lauren Berger has got you covered. Berger has teamed up with Ford for the Ford College Ambassador Challenge to provide college students with the tools necessary to become driving forces in the job market. Along with several other universities across the country, Berger plans to stop by Penn State to share her wise words with the student body.

A useful tool for collegiate go-getters, InternQueen.com provides students with a free platform to apply for internships in several different job fields. The site also posts daily content with tips and tricks for students to be the best intern and employee out there. Read more.


Weighing In: Ballet-Inspired Fitness

WeighingIn.KristenRobertson1What if we told you there was a frappe that actually reversed your calorie count, not contributed to it?

You won’t find this frappe on the menu between iced chai lattes and caramel machiattos at your local Starbucks, but you will find it on the menu at your favorite gym between plies and rond de jambes.

Thanks to barre workouts taking Pinterest feeds and YouTube channels by storm, ballet isn’t just for pretty-in-pink ballerinas anymore. After sitting down with Cynthia Sherry, a senior art education major and president of Penn State’s largest dance organization, Vole, Valley has everything you need to know about breaking a sweat the ballet-way.

Ballerinas of a different breed

“Dancers are starting to become more recognized as athletes,” says Sherry, and luckily for you, this type of athleticism has nothing to do with pounding the pavement or bench-pressing impossible numbers. Read more.


Welcome to Covert Advice

Ever question what guys are really thinking? Our newest male writer and columnist, Christopher Covert, is here to answer just that and more from the perspective of the ‘boy next door”. Introducing Covert Advice, Valley’s first anonymous advice column!

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 10.01.19 AMAs a man, I realize that I will never understand women, no matter how hard I try. There are even times when despite all of the chaos around the world, nothing represents a true war better than the battle of the sexes. Yet at first glance, this war doesn’t seem very logical: shouldn’t we have everything in common? If we’re both human, why are women so confusing? Well, ladies, men are complex creatures of their own, and FAR more complex than we appear to be.

With a tip of my hat to social media, the dynamic of the sexes has completely changed over the past decade: we made new “friends,” published new “relationships,” retweeted our crush’s thoughts and subtweeted our jealousies. So why have I lost some hope in understanding women? Probably because I’m barely able to understand myself and the difference between who I am and who I want my Facebook profile to say I am. Sadly, it’s the world we live in, but there is hope after all: I may not need to understand women, but I understand men. READ MORE!