Valley Presents: Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Watch as we show you how to transform into a fawn or comic book character. Happy “Valloween”!


Covert Advice: Why I Hate Sexy Costumes


Halloween is right around the corner, and for many of us, that means one thing: finding the right costume. Now trust me, I know how much time and effort goes into choosing the perfect one, but I want to address an important issue before it’s too late to rethink your idea.

As kids, we would battle the cold of a late October’s night, dressed up as our idols. Halloween wasn’t a fashion statement: it was a night of free candy and expressing your creativity for a single night out of the 364 boring others. But somewhere along the way, the tables turned: now, the right costume is the same one you wore when you were a kid, but with half of the fabric and probably half the size. So why, and I mean WHY, are more and more Halloween costumes turning a cheek to creativity and turning up for the half-naked, barely-legal versions of my favorite childhood memories?

Now, if you are wearing the greatest costume in the entire world, and this does not apply to you, then I hope you rock it come October 31.  But almost all of the girls that I hold dear to my heart here at this university have come up to me with their brilliant costume ideas, asking if guys will find them sexy or whether I had an idea for a better (translation: sexier) costume. Continue reading.


The Link Between Halloween Costumes and Body Image

HalloweenCostumesBodyImage.RachelJohannes-2It seems these days the only epidemics on everyone’s lips are medical. The news is constantly gathering facts, spreading the word, and making sure the people are well prepared in a fight that hopefully, we never have to face. But what about the epidemics that don’t get national coverage? What about the epidemic of negative body image? In my opinion, this problem has as many serious health risks. In anticipation of Halloween and the culture that has become Halloween costume shopping, it is important to address the situation at hand.

While browsing the stores and websites, it has come to my attention that the costume selections are not very versatile. Almost everything offered for women comes with a title of “sexy this” and “sexy that”. These costumes are very revealing and tight – most with short hem lines and cropped tops. A lot of women don’t appreciate the lack of choices and are apprehensive to spend money on these pieces. Read more.


Vamos! LionChariot Haunted Rides


As a Penn State student, you are no stranger to Vamos! LionChariot rides. Vamos! provides a different way to get around town- by bike. Getting picked up in one of these chariots is the most entertaining way to get around campus and downtown. The friendly and upbeat drivers paired with bumpin’ music makes for a great time. In the spirit of Halloween, Vamos! is changing up their style. We spoke to Todd Miner, the Founder/Owner, to get the lowdown on the spirited new rides.

Q: What is a Vamos! LionChariot Haunted Ride?

A: “These are rides on the north part of campus for about a half hour in length. Typically we start at the Creamery and head down Curtin road. Then we go to some of the parts of north campus that are a little darker. We have the chariot all decked out in all kinds of fun and sort of scary decorations. Some of them are animated, so they could set off when the cart is in motion or if someone claps their hands. We also have some Halloween music that plays while we ride around campus. We would like to have two packaged levels of fright. One is as we described, the other would include a guest-spirited ghost that would stalk us while we are riding around and would pop out in random places to keep things interesting and a bit scarier.” Read more.