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VALLEYCOVER_spring14_FORWEBInterested in joining Valley? Now is your chance!

The search has begun for new staff members to join us next semester. We currently have open positions within our editorial, business and photography divisions (as well as Photography Director and Photography Web Editor positions) available for Fall 2014.

You can find more information and retrieve the application for the position you are interested in by checking out each of the following:

Join Our Fall 2014 Editorial Staff!

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Photography Director and Editor Positions Available for 2014-2015 Academic Year


From Coachella to Your Closet: Getting Ready for Movin’ On 2014

Florio.DaisyTrendGreat music, cool clothes and good times. Mix ‘em all together with sweat and spilled beer and there you have it – Coachella 2014.

Or should we say Movin’ On 2014?

Celebrating its 40th anniversary, Movin’ On is Penn State’s annual spring music festival held free of charge for students and guests, boasting A$AP Rocky as its headliner this year with Fitz and the Tantrums, Aloe Blacc, Sky Ferriera and Air Dubai rounding out the lineup.

While you probably won’t catch Leonardo DiCaprio breaking a leg on the dance floor or the Knowles sisters performing a sister act on stage (maybe getting Blue Ivy to make an appearance would be more reasonable), bringing that Coachella magic here to State College can be as easy as dressing the part, because let’s be honest – the best thing about music festivals is the fashion. Read more.


Quiz: How Much of a ‘Bro’ Are You?

Florio.HowMuchBroLet’s be real – every girl has a little bit of ‘bro’ in her. Whether you have an obsession with Nintendo 64 or enjoy nothing more than shouting at your abused television during sporting events, it’s totally acceptable to let your feminine side down for a while and embrace your inner bro.

However, there’s a fine line between just being a little more in tune with your guy buds and completely friend-zoning yourself. While girls who aren’t afraid to curse like sailors and fall face-first in the mud during a soccer game are great to have around, sometimes being too much of a ‘bro’ can totally hinder your chances for a guy (seriously, been there about one hundred times).

How do your guy friends/potential actual interests really see you? Take this quiz to find out! Read more.