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DIY: Rustic PSU Home Decor


The “rustic” home décor look has been extremely popular lately and we have a few easy ways to not only get the look yourself, but to do it on a budget while adding a PSU twist. What better way to welcome football season than to show your PSU spirit at home?

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Breaking the Mold


I was exceptionally interested in spirituality, death, the afterlife and how life on Earth works the way it does. Even though I was taught the reasoning behind these in religion class, something about Catholicism always bothered me.

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Why You Are More Than Your “Likes”


Let’s be honest, every now and then you may look at a celebrity and think that you wanted his or her _____. But in reality, the goal is not trying to look like someone else by doing insane challenges that can be actually harmful to your body, but by being happy with yourself and being the best version of you that you can be.