Saying “No” As A People Pleaser


It can be easy to overcommit or put ourselves in situations we don’t want to be in for the sole purpose of making someone else happy. Learning how to say no once in a while, though, can empower you to take control of your own life and how you choose to spend your time.

Better Bookworm, Better You


As the semester starts to wind down with stress-filled weeks leading up to finals, de-stress by cracking open … a book. That’s right. Spending your downtime with a good book has many benefits that can help you relax and improve your brain functions.

Spotify Playlists for Every Moment of Your Day


Music can instantly transform your mood, and sometimes all you need is a good song to get your day going! Whether you like hitting the play button as soon as you wake up, or you prefer waiting until your homework session to listen to some tunes, Spotify has the best playlists for every moment of your day.