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Ways to Get Out of the “Sophomore Slump”


The sequel movie isn’t as good the original, a singer’s second album is not as soulful as the prior, and sophomore year of college is simply just different than the first. By now you probably have a solid group of friends that you enjoy spending time with, and maybe you finally know what your interests are so your major choice is pretty much made.

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Ins and Outs of Tanning


To have that bronzed skin means you take pride in the way you look and some believe it makes us look healthier and feel more confident. Through the media, beauty standards in our modern era convince us that being tan is sexier.

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Why We’re Smiley for Miley


Behind the funky clothes, unique personality and extremely liberal attitude, Miley Cyrus can teach us all something. Whether you like Cyrus or not, there is no denying that she is a role model for not only being yourself, but loving every aspect of yourself –especially your body.

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DIY: Rustic PSU Home Decor


The “rustic” home décor look has been extremely popular lately and we have a few easy ways to not only get the look yourself, but to do it on a budget while adding a PSU twist. What better way to welcome football season than to show your PSU spirit at home?

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Breaking the Mold


I was exceptionally interested in spirituality, death, the afterlife and how life on Earth works the way it does. Even though I was taught the reasoning behind these in religion class, something about Catholicism always bothered me.