A Trim to Reclaim A Grin

Photo from Pinterest.com
Photo from Pinterest.com

The mascara staining your cheeks, your favorite ice cream in hand and a broken heart as you lay in your bed in complete despair. Your relationship has just ended and it seems as if nothing can make it better. 

However, you gain the ability to muster up the energy to pick up your phone. Finding yourself calling up your go-to hair salon and booking an appointment. Saturday at 1 p.m. … it is time to receive a fresh new look. 

THE Hair Appointment

A remedial cut is not a new concept for those of us who’ve walked through the low points of love. When searching for the quickest cure to the hurt snuggled up inside, we often search for ways to rid of the memories of the past. Since we discover that the thoughts of how it used to be are the culprits behind our internal aches. 

Photo from Pinterest.com

Whether or not this new hair-do will alter the trajectory of your emotions is a question the majority aren’t looking for an answer to. We just want a change. Perhaps, changing a part of our identity will change the perception of how we view our hurt. Healing begins with the remedial cut. 

“Hair is a visible aspect of our identity and changes to hair (such as cutting, shaving, or changing its color) can reflect internal emotional shifts.”

Grouport – Online Group Therapy Organization
Why Does “THE Haircut” Exist?

Despite our hair having no scientific correlation between our memories and the trauma stored within our brains, according to Grouport, “our emotional states, including trauma, can influence our perception and treatment of our hair.” But why? 

It could be that we’re hoping to achieve a sense of authority in our lives because the pain we’re experiencing is out of our control. The remedial cut could be a psychological practice to reassure ourselves that we have the power to choose what we do with our lives. 

Or … the chop signifies a relinquishing of the past. Producing a new physical look, which differs from all the romantic photos, now resting in our recently deleted, asserts a path of moving on. 

Photo from Pinterest.com

When speaking with Hannah Mainero, former salon receptionist, she shared that “after a breakup, girls want to feel like themselves again and not live or do things for someone else. Changing their hair opens up a new world … ” Though it’s a minor transformation, it’s enough to declare that the heartbreak will not last forever. 

Regardless of what your reason behind the remedial cut may be, it’s a stage of the breakup that maintains a silent fame among many. The simple, yet demanding alteration signifies a new beginning. Whether it be a chop, trim, color change or blowout, the victorious feeling as you strut out of the hair salon is indescribable. 

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