Keep Your Ears Warm Penn State

Wearing a hat is easy but not always hair-friendly. Ear warmers are the perfect combination of staying snug while keeping your hair in tact. The best thing about them is that there are so many different kinds and looks you can choose from. We visited a few downtown State College stores in search of our favorites. Here’s what we found!



Where it’s from: Connections
Brand: D&Y
Price: $12

The light cream color intertwined with softer colors can be a compliment to various clothing.This one has a looser fit, so it’s perfect for keeping your hair together without a kink in it. Modeled by Connections employee Emily Jepson.



Where it’s from: Appalachian Outdoors
Brand: 180s “wearable technology”
Price: $29.95

This ear warmer is more on the functional side and is also great for not messing with your do. It has adjustments as well to accommodate any head size. Worn by Appalachian Outdoors employee Alex Duncan.



Where it’s from: People’s Nation
Price: $18

At a relatively low price, it doesn’t hurt your wallet too much to get this retro styled ear muff. The houndstooth print is perfect to give that dreary winter coat some gild. Modeled by People’s Nation employee Emily Davis.



Where it’s from: Urban Outfitters
Price: $28

With a sequenced embellishment on the front, this beautiful burnt orange headband is different from a lot of others out there and a great addition to any girls’ winter closet.. Urban is never disappointing, however it is to the poor college kids’ budget. Nevertheless it could definitely be worth it if your ears need to stay warm and your hair needs to stay flawless.


Photos by Danielle Gallo


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