Photo by Danielle Gallo

Lazy Girl Workout


Not everyone is blessed with a love for the gym – some hate even just the thought of it! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, except it’ll hurt you in the long run (no pun intended)

Photo by Stephanie Distasio

Plain White Sneaks


Many of us go for patterns and bright colors in our quest for uniqueness when it comes to shoes, especially in the warmer months. We forget that there is beauty in the simplicity of plain white sneakers and, out of nowhere, this easy fad is really taking off.


What’s In A Dream?


We all dream and wake up wondering what the heck our brains are trying to tell us by putting awful or just weird images into our brain while we sleep.Interpreting dreams is confusing and sometimes impossible.


The Evolution of Peanut Butter


Peanut butter. That glorious smell of a fresh jar. Crunchy, smooth, organic and natural. So many varieties and everyone has their favorite. There’s always that peanut butter we grew up with on our PB&J’s. However, most peanut butter lovers don’t experiment beyond that. The Jif and Skippy’s world we love has expanded and turned into quite an evolution.


LionHeart CrossFit Fitness


The terms you overhear at the gym that don’t quite make sense—clean, deadlift, snatch. It’s definitely a whole new fitness world that can be very ambiguous to the regular gym goer. We sat down with Lionheart Crossfit manager and instructor, Jeff Welsh to get the full scoop on Crossfit.