Top 10 Spook-tacular Halloween Flicks

Valley has a special love for Halloween, so it’s only natural that we want to celebrate early. For the 13 days leading up to Halloween, we’ll be reveling in all of the creepy, spooky, and sometimes stylish fun. Join in with our countdown of the 13 Days of Halloween.

Goblins, witches and ghosts, oh my! Halloween season is in full swing again and it’s time to celebrate with some all-time favorite haunted films. From childhood classics to downright spine-chillers we’ve got 10 Halloween flicks that will make you scream.

Hocus Pocus – Who can resist an epic childhood throwback such as this one? Resurrected from a 300-year-old Salem Witch trials curse, The Sanderson Sisters sure know how to brew the perfect combination of laughter and fright in this movie. Wander alongside Max Dennison as he risks his life in order to save his sister and destroy the three witches before time runs out!

Halloweentown – 13 may be an unlucky number for some, but for Marnie Piper it is the year she finally get’s to go out for Halloween and learn her family secret! This classic Disney Channel original movie may not be something you have to shield your eyes from, but is an entertaining holiday comedy you are sure to love.


Double Double Toil and Trouble – Surely you remember the glory days of the Olsen twins? In this 1993 Olsen-classic Mary-Kate and Ashley team up to take on their Aunt Agatha, who is actually an evil witch, in order to save their family from her spells.



Friday the 13th – Now an American Horror franchise of 12 slasher films, the original from 1980 was what started it all. The movie focuses on Jason Vorhees a boy who drowned at Camp Crystal Lake decades past due to negligent camp staff. Jason comes back though, with a vengeance against anyone who goes near that lake. Can you sit through all of Jason’s terrifying murders?


Nightmare on Elm Street – Sleepy-heads beware! The infamous villain Freddy Kruger might just creep into your dreams and to attack you, just as he did to the children on Elm Street. So don’t doze off… it may be the last time you wake up!


Nightmare Before Christmas– A list of Halloween films wouldn’t be complete without one of Tim Burton’s creepy films. This stop-motion musical fantasy tells the story of Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town. However, Jack is getting tired of the same old holiday and his world turns upside down when he accidentally opens the portal to Christmas Town.


Scream – You may laugh at the typical Halloween “ghost face” mask now, but it was no joke to Sidney Prescott. On the anniversary of her mother’s death Sidney receives a threatening phone call and is suddenly attacked by the “ghost face” killer. The situation quickly escalates into a twisted murder mystery that will have you on the edge of your seat; be careful not to scream too loud!


Casper – It’s not your typical hair-raising Halloween flick, it’s just the friendliest ghost in town. Curl up with some popcorn to watch Dr. Harvey and Kat help Casper complete his unfinished business and move out of Whipstaff Manor. Beware the supernatural romantic twist in the end!



Halloween – Starring Michael Myers, this 1978 low budget slasher-horror film, will make your blood curdle. At six years-old Michael Myers’ character murders his sister with a kitchen knife. Fifteen years later he escapes from a psychiatric hospital to continue on his murdering spree while wearing this infamous, traditional white mask.


Ghostbusters – Need removal of some haunted spirits in your house? Who ya
gonna call? Ghostbusters are here to save the day! These three former parapsychology-professors turned ghost removal workers are sure to give you some laughs and a few spooks.



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