Perks of Having Your Younger Sister at College With You

Photo by Cameron Hart

Back in the day our younger sisters were there to play Barbies with us, watch Saturday morning cartoons with and survive the matching outfits mom would put us in. Younger sisters were also there for tattling on us, taking our clothes and embarrassing us in front of our friends. We all grow up with our sisters— some grow closer and some grow further apart.

Those of us who have been lucky enough to grow closer with their sisters get to cherish even more of these happy days and make new memories. And those of us who are even luckier get to go to college and have their younger sister make the choice to attend the same one. The benefits of having your sister at school with you are endless, but here are some of our favorite perks:

1. You always have someone to hang out with

College can get lonely, boring and stressful. But always having a sibling a 15 minute walk away is the best feeling. Someone is always there for you and who better than the girl you grew up with? You can talk about anything from your weird family, to boys, to how much weight you’ve gained since high school and there’s no judgement. It’s awesome!

2. You go to parties together

When we were little going to parties meant mini golf and Chuck E. Cheese. Now it means keggers, frat houses and house parties. It’s fun borrowing clothes for the night out and finally getting ready to go to the same party isn’t quite as lame.

3. She knows your friends

Some siblings can’t stand the idea of their sister hanging out with their friends (flashback to some of your worst cat-fights in high school). But hanging out with the same people and joining some of the same groups can be an awesome bonding experience that you get to share for the rest of your sister-lives.

4. Your younger sister will be brutally honest with you

“That dress is too tight.” “We should probably stop watching Netflix and go workout.” “That boy is stupid and mean but he sure is hot.”

No matter the topic, our younger sisters know what’s up. They will tell it like it is, which is a blessing in disguise. We can’t trust anyone else to be completely trustworthy with these important topics.

5. She buys you food with her LionCash

It’s not so bad being a broke college student when you have a younger sister kind enough to donate to the hungry (aka, me). Having the same breaks for lunch makes it pretty easy, too. You don’t know how good campus food tastes when you’re used to eating Cheerios and Ramen all day.

We thank our younger sisters for the things they give us everyday, whether we realize it or not.