New Year’s Resolutions: Penn State Edition

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Welcome, 2016. At the beginning of every year, most people set resolutions for the upcoming year. If you’re not the resolutions type, good for you. We love the ‘new year, same you’ mantra. But, if you are and haven’t thought of your New Year’s resolution, you’re in luck. Valley thought of some resolutions that every Penn Stater can try to conquer from the beginning to the end of 2016.

1. Go out every night of syllabus week.

2. Go to your professor’s office hours at the beginning of the semester, not just towards the end when you need to try to raise your grade.

3. Go to an ice hockey game and experience “Hockey Valley.”

4. Get a snowy picture with the lion shrine.

5. Try a new class at the gym.

6. Go canvassing with your THON org.

7. Eat more creamery ice cream.

8. Try the famous sticky buns.

9. Go to all of your classes.

10. Stay for all 46 hours of THON.

11. Go to more on-campus events.

12. Go somewhere other than the HUB for lunch.

13. Find your new favorite study spot on campus. (While our library rocks, there are plenty of other study places on campus)

14. Sit out on Old Main lawn or the HUB lawn (now that it’ll be open!) when the warmer weather hits.

15. Attend a spring sports game.

16. Join an IM sports team.

17. Make plans to attend Arts Fest this summer.

18. Learn the alma mater so you can sing it without looking at the screen at the end of the football games.

19. Stay until the end of every football game for the 2016 season…

20. …Or at least until they play “Sweet Caroline.”

21. Yell “We Are” and a random stranger who’s wearing something Penn State.

22. Yell “We Are” at a tour group.

Do you have any more Penn State resolutions in mind? Share them with us on social media @ValleyMag.


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