Channeling Your Inner French It-Girl

When preparing to study abroad in France, practical steps like researching programs and scheduling classes should, ideally, come first. When armed with Instagram to check out French bloggers, however, VALLEY won’t blame you for making your abroad OOTD-planning a priority. 

Who To Follow

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The concept of the French “it-girl” is a long-running stereotype with a basis in truth. Many of these women who are thriving in the social media age, equipped with enviable bangs and that certain “je ne sais quoi,” populate Instagram with glamorous shots from front rows of Paris fashion week and their chic apartments.

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How to think

Berets and striped shirts, especially when paired with a cigarette and croissant, are often the first images that jump to mind when considering French style. While the beret is having a major fashion moment and stripes are timeless, style in the fashion capital of the world and its surrounding cities is naturally not limited to two basic pieces.

French fashion is not limited to one specific look or even to several staple pieces. While classic silhouettes and staple basics are popular, the defining feature of French-girl style is, rather, the attitude.

“The idea would be to stop having [a] complex about what you can do and not do, and stop running after perfection because it does not exist,” French model, music producer and author Caroline de Maigret told Refinery29 when asked for a checklist on how to be Parisian.

What To Invest In

The typical French approach to beauty is to highlight your natural features. Rather than pile on the foundation and contour during your time abroad, invest in a skincare routine that will turn your natural skin into a glowy base for a light BB cream or sheer foundation.

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Caroline de Maigret’s 2014 book, “How to be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits,” co-written by Anne Berest, Sophie Mas and Audrey Diwan, highlights the ins and outs of what makes a French it-girl. Hilariously written, the book is equal parts a guide and a self-deprecating look at the often contradictory stereotype.

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How will you channel classic French it-girl style while abroad? Tag @VALLEYmag on Instagram and show us!


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