We Were Staying In Paris


It has been two weeks since Spring Break and Valley is still reminiscing and reflecting what it’s like to be free to do and go where you want. This past break, two Penn Staters, Ryan and Joe, embarked on an international journey to visit their friend, Christian, studying abroad in Paris.

Crossing Musical Borders


It’s time we all stepped out of our comfort and time zone and tread into unknown waters. French waters to be exact. This week we’re here to bring you the hottest French songs and artists that will make you seem so cultured and hip!

Je Ne Sais Quoi


Quite literally, “Je ne sais quoi” is French for “I don’t know.” This is a phrase often attributed to those indescribable aspects of beauty: the little things that aren’t immediately visible to the naked eye. Pinpointing these traits requires more attention.