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If you’re anything like us here at Valley, you’re always looking for the next big thing; The fashion statement that hasn’t yet reached the masses, the new book everyone needs to read, and of course, the hottest new songs. But, what if we told you that you weren’t reaching your full potential of music discovery? Don’t worry, thats why we’re here. It’s time we all stepped out of our comfort and time zone and tread into unknown waters. French waters to be exact. This week we’re here to bring you the hottest French songs and artists that’ll make you seem so cultured and hip— and really what more could you want?

1. Formidable – Stromae

Stromae is a rapper from Brussels, Germany who rose to fame after his “Alors on Dance” single went to #1 in several European countries. In Formidable, Stromae raps about a fresh heartbreak that he decides to mend with alcohol. The relationship was “wonderful” (formidable) while in his eyes, he was “pathetic” (fort minable).

Listen to this song when: you need that little extra oomph to get you through a grueling workout.

2. Tilted – Christine and the Queens

We went easy on you with this one. This is the English version of Tilted, a single off Christine and the Queens 2015 self-titled album. With only a couple lines here and there in French, this is an easy one to sing to while still pretending like you now speak a new language. There’s also a completely French version of this song titled Christine if you’re feeling up to it.

Listen to this song when: driving in the car, windows down, volume all the way up.

3. Time To Wake Up 2023- La Femme

With a beat that quite literally sounds like an alarm clock, this song is so innovative and catchy you won’t care that you have no idea what they’re singing about. However, if you do decide to learn French— or simply google translate—you’ll notice the song is actually a beautiful but dark testament of love.

Listen to this song when: walking to class, or use it as an actual alarm for a beautiful twist on the dreaded alarm clock.

4. Quelqu’un m’a dit – Carla Bruni

If this song sounds familiar, you might be recognizing it from the perfection that is the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack. Carla Bruni, supermodel turned singer, tells a melancholy story of life and love. You don’t need to speak the language to take something away from this song. Carla’s stripped down vocals backed by the simple guitar melody is pure bliss and will leave you wanting more.

Listen to this song when:  you’re studying. Listening to a song in a different language is a great way to keep you from getting distracted while hitting the books and the soft melody will keep you cool, calm and collected.

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