Looking Back: 2016’s Song of the Summer

Posted by Justin Timberlake | @justintimberlake

As the summer comes to a close, let’s take a look back at all of the dropped singles and figure out which one was the true song of the summer.

Whether you’re lying on your back porch or on the beach, you need a good song to listen to that captures the essence of summer, and every summer, there seems to be one song that dominates the charts and becomes the theme song of the summer.

Valley talked to Brittanny Hicks, a Penn State alumna with a degree in public relations and former Sony Music Entertainment Inc. College Marketing Representative intern, to figure out which hit was this years’ summer smash.

“I think ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ by Justin Timberlake is definitely going to be a huge summer hit,” says Hicks. “It has such a fun dance vibe and always puts people in a good mood.”

What qualifies JT’s new hit as the song of the summer?

“I always imagine a summer song being music that everyone can jam out to at an outdoor pool party or barbecue,” says Hicks. “I think what makes a summer song so great is that it has a fun and catchy dance vibe.”

Whether you jam out at the pool to Justin Timberlake or another song that you feel suits your summer better, blast your speakers with great tunes that can’t stop your summer feeling.