Feel-Good Songs To Get You Ready For Break

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It’s at the point in the semester when finals are around the corner and work seems to never end, but the holidays are almost here. While it can be a difficult time of the year, music never fails to lift people’s spirits. Here is a list of uncommon feel-good songs that will get you through the end of the semester. They might even be good enough to put on your playlist to listen to on your way home. 

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Overnight” by Maggie Rogers

This first song has more of a laid back sound going through it and is accompanied by a steady beat. Roger’s soothing indie pop voice relaxes even the most stressed minds. The constant lyrics will keep your mind occupied and happy. After listening to the chorus all you’ll want to do is dance. 

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Flying” by Wrabel

A more cookie cutter indie pop song, this one will have you imagining you’re driving down the highway towards home. It’s more conventional sound will remind you of simpler times. While this song won’t relax you in times of stress, it will definitely boost your mood and make your impending test seem not so bad. 

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Beige” by Yoke Lore

This song is a very obvious member of the alternative/indie family. Another driving-towards-home, windows-down song to get you through your last set of exams. With a mix of a well placed banjo and consistent vocals in the background, this is the type of song that will have you happy and relaxed instantly. 

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The Cave” by Mumford & Sons 

A song by a more well-known band, this one is again, a tremendous mood booster. Carrying the lyric “I will hold on hope,” will give you the motivation to get through all of the homework and exams coming up. It also has a great pickup with a chorus of voices and an up tempo banjo that will put a spring in your step while walking around campus. 

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Sedona” by Houndmouth 

From the first note of the song, it immediately takes your heart rate down and relaxes you. Calming vocals mixed with a great guitar and drum beat will give you a sense of optimism. The lyric “A Saturday night kind of pink,” will give you a very clear image of summer and a break from school, something everyone needs right now. This song is an escape to more relaxing times while giving you an uptempo chorus that brings a smile to anyone’s face. 

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 “The Whole of the Moon” by The Waterboys

Definitely a song that feels and sounds a little older than the rest, this one will bring nothing but nostalgia. Most listeners might not remember when music sounded like this, but it still evokes memories of summer fun and simpler times. With a piano heavy chorus and a mix of trumpets and powerful vocals, this song will be the first thing you listen to after an exam to celebrate.


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