Day to Night Saint Patrick’s Day Outfit

ShreelParikh.StPattysWith State Patty’s Day in the past, Penn Staters now have the actual holiday (not the student-made, town-hated one) of Saint Patrick’s Day to look forward to.

Typical State Patty’s attire include the annual State Patty’s Day shirt and hat, a ton of piled on beads in every shade of green they have at McLanahan’s, glittery green make up and festive knee-high socks that probably have a creative rendition of “kiss me, I’m Irish.”

True fashionistas know to never repeat an outfit – and let’s be honest, you’re tagged in way too many State Patty’s pictures.

Instead, this time around, opt for a more realistic and fashionable outfit that you rock at kegs and eggs in the morning, a daylong all afternoon and out to the bars at night.

Start off your look with a basic green tank top. A simple base layer means you can always add to your look – out-there beads, a jacket, etc. Urban Outfitters, 234 E. College Ave., has some fun, Irish add-ons!

For the bottom half of your outfit, wear a pair of comfortable white, black or dark blue jeans. Pair ‘em with fun or funky shoes.

Now, 5 p.m. finally rolls around and your body needs food and a nap. After reenergizing, you have to put on your night outfit. You’re rushed for time because you want to get online for the downtown bars. Luckily, you’re wearing your basics!

Keep the jeans on and throw over a sheer top to your tank top. White or green blouses both work fine. Kick off your kicks and throw on your comfortable wedges. After all, spring is blooming so it’s the perfect time to break out the summer shoes.

Sexy for spring yet with a pop of the festive Saint Patrick’s Day colors, you’ll love both day and night looks. The transition is as easy as can be.

Beauty Tip: To make your friends green with envy or to add more color into your holiday outfit, try incorporating some green eyeliner and nail polish into your look! We recommend Cover Girl’s Exact Eyelights Eye-Brightening Eyeliner in Majestic Jade and Essie’s Crocadilly.

Photo by Shreel Parikh


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