Pick of the Week: Vinrella, Umbrella in a Bottle

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 11.04.57 PMEvery Penn Stater knows how unpredictable the weather can be in Happy Valley, especially when it comes to the rain. The just-in-case, messy umbrella always stored in your backpack for precaution is no stranger to most students. But what happens when it rains and 20 minutes later it stops? All you have left is a sopping wet umbrella that your either leave next to your feet on the floor while in class or laying on your apartment floor.

Vinrella is the modern solution! The chic design inspired by every wine-lovers favorite bottle fits the umbrella perfectly into the bottle and traps the water that leaks off the wet umbrella. This way, everything from your books to your carpet stays dry.

Vinerlla comes in an assortment of designs from traditional wine bottle designs to fun geometric and animal prints all costing just $20! Vinrella is available at https://www.vinrella.com. Vinrella is also a customer favorite at Sercy located at 224 East College Ave. Stop into Sercy and see Vinrella for yourself!