Rihanna’s Career Trajectory

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Rihanna is no joke. Since the Super Bowl, the music and makeup mogul has stirred up rumors of new music while shocking the world with the debut of her belly bump debut. So, let’s recap: how has Rihanna become so widely known and popular?

Where does Rihanna come from?

Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born in Saint Michael, but was raised in Bridgetown, Barbados. 

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“Pon the Replay”

Rihanna and two of her classmates formed a group in 2005. They got the opportunity to share their record with Evan Rogers. Rogers states “That he knew she was going to be special.” This led to Rihanna being signed by Evan Rogers.

“Music of the Sun” 

By mid August of 2005 Rihanna released her debut album “Music of the Sun.” She released her first album under Jay Z’s leadership position for Def Jam Recordings. 

“A Girl Like Me” 

By April 2006, Rihanna released her second studio album “A Girl Like Me.” This album was positioned as number 5 on the US Billboard 200. 

Rihanna Wins Billboard’s Female Artist of the Year

In December 2006, Rihanna won the female artist of the year, Pop 100 of the year and the female hot 100 artist of the year.  

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The Release of Umbrella

Back in 2007, Rihanna and Jay Z did the iconic “Umbrella” song togetherthis song transformed Rihanna’s career from pop star to a sex symbol and pop icon.

“Good Girl Gone Bad” 

By June 2007, Rihanna’s third album was releasedthis album highlights this “Sex Symbol Persona” Rihanna has become. This album is all about Rihanna’s transformation and maturity when it comes to her career. 

Rihanna Wins an AMA 

In 2007, the pop super star won the Favorite Soul/R&B Female artist award and showed the world her incredible talent by performing “Umbrella” that night. 

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Her First Grammy

Rihanna and Jay Z won the Best Rap/Song Collaboration at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards for “Umbrella.”

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“Rated R” 

By November 2009, another epic album was released by the artist, which was titled “Rated R.” Many suggest that this album was her response to Brown’s domestic violence abuse. 

“Talk That Talk”

By November 2011, Rihanna released the “Talk That Talk” album with the help of Calvin Harris. This album was a mix of Rihanna’s hip hop music with electronic/house music inspired by Calvin Harris. The song with the highest rates on this album was “We Found Love”.  


In November 2012, “Unapologetic” was a top hit not only for the record album but for Rihanna’s nude cover.

2010s For Rihanna

Eminem and Rihanna did a collab back in 2010 with the song “Love The Way You Lie.” They decided to pair up again to create “The Monster” in 2013 due to their close friendship.

Back in 2016, Rihanna released the album “Anti” which blew her former successful albums out of the water. This was the first album Rihanna did after leaving Def Jam Recordings, her former record label. Ratings suggests that the single “Work” featuring rapper Drake was the best song of the entire album

In September 2017, Rihanna released her cosmetic brand called “Fenty Beauty” which has products for all genders and skin tones. The Time Magazine named her brand as one of the top 25 inventions of 2017.  

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Super Bowl 2023

Rihanna performed at the Super Bowl half time show for Super Bowl LVII. She performed her top hits during this event: “Umbrella,” “All Of The Lights,” “We Found Love,” “Work” and “Diamonds” among others.

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