Is Rihanna Coming for the World of Natural Beauty?

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It is no secret that when Rihanna dropped her beauty line, Fenty Beauty, it changed the makeup game. Her beauty brand always comes through with the plethora of shades anyone of any color can pick. Her beauty line first ever launched in September of 2017 with her first product Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longer Foundation with a shade range of 50 different shades. Fast forward to March 26th, 2020 Fenty Beauty dropped their new hydrating skin tint, Eaze Drop with a shade range of 25 shades that are ‘flexible’ to your skin tone.

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Recently, makeup looks have done a 180. It used to be all about full coverage foundation, big lashes and dark contour, but now, looking more natural and glowy has been a recent trend. This skin tint, like any skin tint, is meant to be for more of a natural look but still has coverage. Could Fenty’s skin tint be better than Morphe’s or other brands? Let’s look at the reviews.

Review #1: MUA Mikayla Nogueira’s
@ mikaylanogueira on TikTok

Based on this MUA’s review, it looks like this skin tint going to be replacing Morphe’s when she wants more of a natural glam look. Being that this skin tint is buildable, it is great for makeup users that are just starting or users who like a natural look but want more coverage. It was also able to be applied nicely with her hands and sponge which is great for the ones who do not like using makeup tools or the ones who do!

Review # 2 by Maya Galore

To test this product to full potential, Maya used primer on one half of her face and left the other without, applied most of it with her fingers and then applied some with a brush. She also tested if the skin tint transfers, as a claim of this product is that it’s non-transferable. She also did a wear test and showed her skin after 5 hours of wear. She did claim she had a mask on when she was out which could have affected oil build-up, but she also said “definitely getting that no makeup. makeup vibe with this”. Mikayla had said she is here for this product and thinks it is a great addition to your makeup bag for the summertime.

Review # 3 by @saaammage on YouTube

For the final review @ Saaammage went in and she did not just do one review in this video, she did two. In the first review she claimed the product was very lightweight and was comfortable on the skin. She applied half her face with a sponge, the other half with a brush and tried using her fingers for her chin. She claimed that when applying with her fingers she got more of a matte look whereas when she used a brush or sponge it was glowy. “I think this would be a beautiful product, currently from experience to rock into these warmer months,” she said. On the other hand, she showed pictures and zoomed in on the video to show the product was separating and cakey by her nostrils. She did say her nose is where she struggles most with oil, but after her 10-hour wear test she saw it emphasized texture in her chin and the product never settled by her nose. “I don’t think this would last a long time with a mask on,” she said.

For her next review, she then tried it with four primers on different parts of her face. She said from using the primers she can see an improvement from when she did not use any. She also applied the skin tint much thinner over her ‘problem area’ over her chin with a sponge. Using a hydrating primer around her nose also worked better to hold the product in place and not make it look so cakey. Finally, she gave the overall grade of this product a ‘B’ overall.

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