Spring Salad Bowls to Brighten Up Your Meals

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When the weather starts to warm up and more fruits and veggies come into season, salad bowls start to sound like a super refreshing meal. Even though getting a nourish bowl from Roots is a tempting way to have a convenient and healthy meal, why not prep ingredients in the beginning of the week that can be combined in hundreds of tasty blends without any thought. 

With making salad bowls at home, sometimes there is no time to prep rice, protein options or chop up vegetables in between classes. Que food prep! By taking an hour or two on Sundays or the start of a week, it is possible to have a ton of healthy foods ready to be thrown together at any given moment during the week so that these nourish bowls can be enjoyed at any time! When prepping for a week of bowls, it is best to break up foods into three categories which include bases, protein and toppings. And the best part of these nourish bowls? They are all customizable to your taste and diet preferences!

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Bases are the heart of all salad bowls and include greens and carbs, aka the main event. Your choice of greens can be anything from kale or spinach to iceberg lettuce. Whatever green base you choose, start your meal prep with rinsing and storing greens in an airtight container to increase longevity of them. Next, prepare your carbohydrates of choice for a big energy boost that will keep you filled up for hours. Carb options include things such as rice, pasta, quinoa and potatoes. VALLEY recommends having at least two different carb types ready to go for the week as it can really change up the flavor of your nourish bowl! And just like that, your bowl is ⅓ of the way ready to go.

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Next up on the meal prep to-do list are proteins. This ingredient is crucial to the bowl to balance out the base while giving you some necessary protein to maintain your energy and curb cravings. For meat-eaters, chicken or salmon takes only a couple of minutes to male and will provide a good amount of health benefits to the bowl. For vegetarians, options for proteins are wide and can include tofu, hard-boiled eggs, beans, lentils or even nuts. Making protein options can be as easy as rinsing off beans or grilling up fish! Either way, proteins are the perfect way to add nutrients and flavor to your salad bowls and prepping them will make all the difference during the week. 

VALLEY has saved the best part of the nourish bowls for last-the toppings. Here is your chance to get creative and get any and all toppings you can think of ready to add to your bowl for the ultimate flavor. VALLEY’s favorite toppings to have on hand include different types of cheeses, premade dressings, olive oil, lemon, avocado, hummus and grilled veggies. Many toppings require little to no prep but provide amazing flavor so don’t be afraid to load up on them!

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Once you finish getting your toppings together, you are all set to create tons of combinations of nourish bowls throughout the week. Explore different flavor mixes and keep the bowls fun by changing up your ingredients weekly. Nourish bowls don’t have to be boring, a hassle or even expensive as they can be created easily at home for the ultimate meal!


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