Products to Achieve a Flawless Natural Look

Establishing a makeup routine for achieving both a natural look as well as a flawless finish may seem impossible to do. VALLEY took the initiative to research some of the best products to use in overcoming this common struggle.

One of the most important things to consider when trying to achieve a natural makeup look is that the products you use for full-blown glam may not work well for a natural look just because you use less of the products. A common misconception is that using less of the same full coverage foundation that you use for a night out will give you a more natural look, this is not always true. A great alternative for a natural look is the use of a tinted moisturizer or a light to medium coverage foundation that you can layer on if needed. Some of the most popular tinted moisturizers are from widely known brands such as Neutrogena, NARS, Laura Mercier, BareMinerals, and more.

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Roxanne Newson, a popular makeup guru, posted this video that may be helpful for anyone looking to purchase their first tinted moisturizer. She goes in-depth with comparisons and reviews of each product which could definitely be helpful for anyone figuring out which product may work best for their skin type. It is also important to research further about which tinted moisturizers work best for oily skin versus dry skin because this can make a world of a difference in your final look.

To steer away from foundation and tinted moisturizer, there are plenty of other products that are crucial for your natural look makeup routine. For all of you who are devoted to your eyebrows, you can still include them in this makeup routine. You can use any of your preferred eyebrow products that you typically use, but this is an instance where applying less of the product will contribute well to your natural look. Eyeshadow is definitely not required for a natural look, but for anyone who would like to incorporate it you should be using a neutral tone palette. A light smokey eye of neutral earth tones can be the perfect addition to that natural glow you are looking for.

A personal VALLEY favorite brand for eyeshadow is Morphe. Morphe has released countless palettes to choose from for all of your desired looks. In this case, the Morphe 350M Nature Glow Matte Eyeshadow Palette, containing 35 beautiful and natural shades, is what you want to look for. Continuing on with eye glam, to maintain a natural look any top eyeliner is typically avoided. The top liner, especially any sort of wing, is realistically the ultimate staple of a night-out type of look. However, what is acceptable is some bottom liner just in the waterline.

No matter how natural of a look, you should never have to leave your mascara behind. Top and bottom mascara is totally fine for a natural look but it should be used far more minimally. Your lashes should not look super thick and dark in a natural look, but wispier. In achieving this, you can use thinner mascara brushes or a fan brush to separate the lashes and thin out any left extra mascara.

To finish off your look feel free to add some products that will give you that natural glow. Light blush or a hint of highlighter on the apples of your cheeks could be just what you’re looking for. Lastly, some clear gloss is perfect for a natural look when you want to avoid color, but still want that extra pop.

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