Mezzi, Mezzi Christmas

Posted by MEZZI | @mezzi_official

Since Halloween is now (sadly) over, the Christmas music turns on and we start thinking about what we want to see under the tree. As we get older our tastes change along with what we ask for on our birthdays and Christmases. For instance, some of us might ask for the opportunity to study abroad, that Michael Kors watch that we’ve been eyeing for a month now, or even a new purse.

Here at Penn State, weekends are meant for late-night bar crawls and filling up our Snapchat stories, which can drain our phone’s battery life by the end of the night. To keep your Snapchat story alive and well throughout a busy night, Valley has found a purse that can charge your phone, The MEZZI ‘Mini Cosima’ purse.

‘Mini Cosima’ is perfect for weekends and late nights because of its small size. It it just big enough to fit your makeup bag, keys and any other essentials you may need for the night. There’s no need to carry around your big portable charger out to the bars anymore – its built in to the bag! It comes with a built in 4,000 mAh charger that has a USB end so it can connect to your iPhone and Android. The purse charges your phone up to full battery life 3 times before you need to charge the bag. Don’t stress about having a million wires, you use the same cord that charges the phone, to charge the bag!

Are you chilling low-key at a pregame that doesn’t have any music playing but you left your speaker at home? The ‘Mini Cosima’ has your back with a built-in Bluetooth speaker on the side of the purse. You just plug your phone in to the charger and play your favorite playlist. Also, don’t worry about missing any notifications if your phone is charging, the bag allows you to be notified through light and sound where the Bluetooth speaker is so you don’t miss a thing.

Ever have trouble finding your lipstick in your bag at a lowly dimmed club or bar? MEZZI is one step ahead of you and included a built-in light in the ‘Mini Cosima’. There is no need to switch out the batteries because it is all connected to the same battery when you charge the bag. Now there is no need to fumble around for five minutes to look for the lipstick – just turn on the light and you are able to find whatever you are looking for in an instant.

The ‘Mini Cosima’ purse comes in grey, pink, tan, blue and black. It runs for $350 on the MEZZI site. We know that $350 is not exactly in the range of a college student so if you can’t afford a MEZZI ‘Mini Cosima’ right now, there is an alternative version that also includes an iPhone and Android charger created by HB called ‘Mighty Purse Reversible Tote‘. It comes in navy, black, and taupe and runs for $149.99 on the HB site.

Whether you ask for a MEZZI purse or an HB purse this Christmas or birthday, you’ll be carrying less weight and stress when it comes to charging your phone and staying connected during the weekends.