If Stranger Things Gifs Were Days of the Week

Posted by Stranger Things | @strangerthingstv

In honor of (almost) everyone binging Stranger Things season 2 this past week, VALLEY put these Stranger Things gifs together to represent how we feel on each day of the week. There are some spoilers in here, so beware.


The weekend is gone and classes start again. We just want to go back to sleep.


Monday is done, but now we have Tuesday. We still want to go back to sleep but we’ve got work to do in preparation for Friday night.


We’re halfway there!


The weekend is so close, but so far away. We are almost done with our work for the week but we have one more day.


Our favorite day has arrived! We have completed all our work and now it is time for fun. After class, we meet up with our friends and get ready to blow off steam from this past week.


We’re reminiscing about last night while preparing for the night ahead. We have been binge watching Stranger Things while recovering all day and now it’s time to repeat.


We woke up later than we should have and we remember that the next day is Monday. We had a good weekend, but now it is sadly time to get back into work mode.

Whether you watch Stranger Things or not, you can most likely relate to these gifs. We hope you have a fantastic week and always remember to drink responsibly when you do.