25 & Under: Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dating Criteria

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 The break up heard around the world: Leonardo DiCaprio and long-term girlfriend Camila Morrone officially ended their relationship. The internet protocol for celebrity breakups has officially commenced and the rumor mill is working over time— this time sparking suspicions from internet trolls and jealous girls everywhere. Why do DiCaprio’s girlfriends never pass the age of 25? While this is a concerning and strange dating habit, the internet has come up with a multitude of entertaining conspiracies behind its origin.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Girlfriend Camila Morrone Break Up After 4 Years  Together | Entertainment Tonight
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If for some reason you haven’t watched any of the best movies of the last two decades, Leonardo DiCaprio is an Oscar-award-winning actor and devoted climate change activist. Camilla Morrone, the stepdaughter of Al Pacino, is also a successful actress and model (P.S. her insta is worth a stalk). As with all celebrity couples, the inner mechanics of this relationship were a mystery, aside from DailyMail’s speculation attempts, but to the outside eye, they appeared perfectly happy.

Leonardo DiCaprio, 45, enjoys day at the beach with girlfriend Camila  Morrone, 23, and dog in Malibu | Daily Mail Online
Photo from www.dailymail.co.uk

So what happened? The internet has boiled this breakup down to one defining detail. Camilla, as of June 2022, has officially turned 25. And according to Leo’s well-documented celebrity dating history, she’s hit the age limit. Now VALLEY is perfectly aware that, while he is an international heartthrob, Leonardo DiCaprio is a 47-year-old man, and solely dating women over twenty years younger than you is gross and highly likely to be routed in misogyny. But why ruin the image of many of our beloved first crush? Instead, the internet has chosen to create bizarre and hilarious conspiracies to distract ourselves with.

Here are VALLEY’s favorites:

  1. Once the women reach the age of 25, their pre-frontal cortex has fully developed and their decision-making skills increase and they dump him.
  2. Leonardo DiCaprio is actually a vampire and can only drink the blood of women under twenty-five.
  3. Dating women under 25 is actually a tactic to spread climate change awareness to the youth of America.
  4. He’s breaking up with them before they’re off their parent’s health insurance.
  5. He hated 9/11 so much that he refuses to date anyone who remembers it.
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