Lemme Know Kourt!

Photo posted by @kourneykardash on Instagram

The Kardashian of the week, filling headlines and our feeds alike, is Kourtney Kardashian. Not only was she announced Boohoo’s sustainability ambassador and then memed, she debuted her new lifestyle brand “Lemme”.

Photo posted by @kournteykardash on Instagram

In the past, Kourtney Kardashian preferred to lay low, stick to her “irrelevant sister” label and eat her avocado pudding with Addison Rae. Now she’s made the flip to the cool older sister we’ve always wanted with her rockstar husband, edgy style and … vitamins?

Photo posted by @kourtneykardash on Instagram

Rumors began to spark earlier in the week when Kourtney posted to her instagram a simple shot of her sitting in a chair with nothing but the word “Lemme” in the background. The health nut reality star left us with nothing in the caption but “you’re going to want to sit down for this.” Immediately the internet began the guessing and speculation of what the new brand could be for. Since Kourt already has her health and wellness website “Poosh” the guesses went for areas more uncovered by the Kardashian empire.

Photo posted by @poosh on Instagram

The guesses ranged from “some kind of furniture swap website” to a new dating app but as it turned out, it is yet another health and wellness item she wants us to try. And “lemme” be honest, we probably will.

So far, from what we can see on her Instagram, the brand will be launching “Lemme focus”, “Lemme matcha” and “Lemme chill” gummies. The rest we will just have to wait for the official launch!


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