Save your Skin and Avoid These Five Skincare Products

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Finding the perfect facial cleanser that suits your skin type can be a hard task, especially when you don’t know what to look for. Plenty of cleansers have a cult following with ranting and raving reviews but are actually harmful for your skin. The bottom line is that everybody’s skin is different, but these products in particular have done more damage than good.

Here are five facial cleansers that you should avoid at all costs.

Mario Badescu
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This is probably hard to believe considering many influencers raved over the Mario Badescu line for years, but the products are just not worth it. You are just not getting your bank for your buck with any of their skincare lines. For example, the $17 Drying Lotion, which you would think would work wonders for the price you are paying, barely makes a difference. Mario Badescu also has had lawsuits in the past for putting steroids in their products and not adding them on the ingredients label. You can find better skincare lines other than Mario Badescu.

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Bioré is mostly famous for their facial and nose blackhead strips, but it is not widely known just how harsh these can be. If you have sensitive skin, the Bioré pore strips can cause irritation and burning. Also, the Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser is known for causing redness and new breakouts to form. Just avoid these products if your skin is prone to breakouts and sensitivity.

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For a while, Curology was advertised on various social media platforms as the up-and-coming skincare line. What set Curology apart from other skincare lines was that customers take a survey about their skin, and the company makes a personalized formula for you to use that comes straight to your door. While this is very convenient, the product itself is subpar. Skincare is hard to prescribe based on photos and a survey without an in-person consultation, therefore the line is lacking. If you want an accurate prescription, VALLEY recommends consulting a Dermatologist.

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While this brand is aesthetic, the products they offer are not worth all the hype. Glitter and shimmer in products is nice and all, but with their higher price range, they should also have various benefits. The Glitter Mask Gravitymud Firming Treatment Mask in particular missed the mark so hard. Besides the glitter appeal, this mask does not prevent acne, redness or other skin problems. It is just overall a flop and the brand itself should amp up their product quality.

St. Ives
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St. Ives is the worst brand that you can use for skincare. From the body washes to cleansers, the line is drying and damaging. The Apricot Scrub in particular is known to be the worst possible product to use on any type of skin. The scrub itself scrapes at your epidermis, leaving the skin irritated and sensitive. The scrub also causes long-lasting and permanent acne scars. Ditch St. Ives and go for a gentler skincare line.

All in all, it is imperative to take good care of your skin.  Even the most popular skincare products, despite all the hype around them, may not be helpful in reversing the dilemmas you have with your skin. Always look into the products you want before you buy them. It might save you a breakout.



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