VALLEY Tries It: Gua Sha and Ice Roller

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For months I had been seeing viral videos on TikTok and Instagram of influencers and A-list celebrities using gua shas and ice rollers in their skincare routine. As someone who is very self-conscious about their full, puffy face, I of course bought the two in hopes I would look snatched. It’s been about a month of me using both every day in my skincare routine and here are my thoughts so far. 

What are Gua Shas and Ice Rollers?

A gua sha is a traditional Chinese medicine practice that involves using pressure and scraping/rubbing your skin with a massage tool to promote circulation among other things. According to Healthline, it can also be used to help with chronic pain, inflammation and increase blood flow. 

An ice roller is exactly what you think it is. A small, rolling tool to be kept cool and is used to massage your face and decrease puffiness.

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How Do You Use a Gua Sha and Ice Roller?

For an ice roller, use it on a bare face and keep it in the fridge or freezer so it stays cold. It is recommended to use it for about five to fifteen minutes daily. Roll in a left to right motion on the face and neck and apply slight pressure. 

For a gua sha it’s a little more complicated. With a gua sha, it’s a good idea to apply your facial oil or serum right before you use it. That way it can easily glide across your skin. Once you’re done, remove excess oils and apply moisturizer. Don’t forget to be gentle but still add pressure. Below is a diagram on what kind of motions are best to use with a gua sha. 

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There are many different types of gua sha tools you can use. For example, the one I purchased is a rose quartz wing-type gua sha. Do your research and choose what works best for you and your needs. 

What I Found Using A Gua Sha and Ice Roller.

Finally, (drumroll please) my review. Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed using the gua sha and ice roller and will continue to keep them in my routine. What I usually do is after I shower and use my cleanser and toner, I use my ice roller for five minutes. Then, I apply hyaluronic acid and vitamin C serums and use my gua sha for about five to seven minutes.

Finally, I apply moisturizer after. I have experienced many benefits from using them both. I have improved blood flow to my face, reduced puffiness and fullness, and best of all, more radiant, glowing skin. I have been annoyed with how dull my skin looks but combining the serums and gua sha has seemed to make it much more glowy and healthy. 

I definitely recommend using both the gua sha techniques and ice rollers. It makes you feel glamorous (that is a Jack Harlow reference, he owns the song now). If you have any advice on these tools or how to use them tweet @VALLEYmag with your best tips.

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