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With concealers, there have been many trends. First, it was the triangle method, then the minimal look and now we have stumbled upon pink concealer. The realm of makeup created another makeup hack in the form of a pink concealer. As VALLEY delves to compare the current trend to its famous predecessors, VALLEY will also teach you how to achieve the look!

Brief History of Concealer Trends

There have been many concealer trends that were popular before pink concealer. First, it was the trend where a person creates an upside-down triangle under their eyes. Then it was the “minimal concealer” trick where a person uses a significant amount of concealer and places it in the corners and the outside of their eyes to give a more “lifted” look.

Finally, the last recent trend is white concealer. This trend is the most popular because it highlights the inner corners and high cheekbones of a person’s face (like the white concealer trend) to give them that extra “lifted” look.

What is the Pink Concealer Trend?

The pink concealer trend is a popular, new beauty hack on TikTok. It is a new concealer trend that circulated in the beauty community just a few weeks ago by TikTok user Alissia. She was inspired by another TikTok user, Rose Siard, who uses a mix of a pink color corrector and pink setting powder to achieve the look. Alissia re-created the look by mixing concealer, liquid blush, and pink setting powder and created a new concealer trend.

The increase in popularity is over how the concealer looks on certain skin tones. This trend brings outs your skin’s natural undertones and blends into the blush on the face, creating a more natural look. Now that we understand how the trend emerged, let’s get into how to achieve the look!

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How to Achieve the Look
What You’ll Need:

Pigmented Concealer: NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer Wand ($4.55)

Liquid Blush: Soft Pinch Liquid Blush ($20)

Pink Setting Powder: Morphe Bake and Set Powder ($12)

  1. First, do your makeup routine and stop when you are done applying your base (foundation, cream contour, blush, etc.), but DO NOT set your foundation with any powder yet!
  2. Take your pigmented concealer and apply it to the back of your hand. Then take your liquid blush and mix it in with your concealer.
  3. Now take a concealer brush and take some of your new pink concealers and apply it to the inner corners and outer “v’s” of your eyes (as you would normally apply concealer)
  4. For extra blending, take a small beauty blender and blend it into the skin.
  5. Next, take your pink setting powder and pat it in the areas you applied the concealer.
  6. Finally, continue the rest of your makeup routine and voila, you’re done!

Extra Tip: If you have deeper or olive undertones it might be best to go with a peachy pink, rather than a light or pinky pink!

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