Student Spotlight: HanMade Clothing

Posted by Han Made Clothing | @hanmade_clothing

The past few years, football season fashion here at Penn State has evolved in many ways. Ever wonder how to get that perfectly ripped, dyed or cut t-shirt for tailgate season? Here at Valley, we decided to reach out to junior Hannah Schwalberg, creator of HanMade Clothing.

Schwalberg started making custom t-shirts for herself her freshman year, and once her friends started requesting for her to make shirts for them, she came up with a great idea. Why not turn this creative talent and fun hobby into a business? She started HanMade Clothing out of her freshman year dorm, and it’s been extremely successful ever since.

“I had seen shirts like mine on other websites, but I figured instead of paying a crazy price, I would try to make them myself” says Schwalberg. “It took a few tries to get the shirts just right, but now making them is like second nature to me. I then just started getting creative and experimenting with different materials!”

Since starting her business, Schwalberg takes pride in creating quality, custom pieces for each client. She is always open to suggestions and new ideas from buyers, and works to exceed expectations.

“I love the idea of being able to make shirts and sweatshirts custom made for each person who wants one! So if you can come up with a design in your head of what you want your piece to look like, I try to execute that vision to the best of my abilities,” Schwalberg says.

The possibilities through HanMade are endless. She creates personalized pieces for any occasion, ranging from college apparel to greek life and band tees. You name it, Schwalberg can make it!

Some of the most popular looks include bleach splatter dye, lace trim, and braided back tank tops. Her prices start as low as $10, and go up depending on what exactly the client wants done to the piece.

So, if you’re looking to update your game day wardrobe with some trendy, custom-made tees, tanks, or sweatshirts, be sure to check out HanMade clothing!

All inquiries can be sent to Schwalberg at and be sure to check out her designs at @hanmade_clothing!