Top 5 Must-Watch Movies on Netflix

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1. Legally Blonde

Comedy – Legally Blonde. That’s right, The classic film, Legally Blonde, starring Reese Witherspoon has just recently been made available to stream on Netflix. You can not possibly go wrong when choosing this film if you are in the mood for some good laughs while having comfort in knowing this is an absolute classic. The next time you are struggling to find the perfect comedy on Netflix, don’t be hesitant to kick back and watch Elle Woods on her quest for Harvard, and love.

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2. Hush

The next best genre has to be horror, and with that being said, the film Hush is an absolute must-watch. Hush is a film available to watch on Netflix that tends to be underrated just because it isn’t your mainstream horror movie that everyone has seen or knows about. Hush is a different kind of film that revolves around a young girl who is deaf and is ultimately in her own home with an intruder who she remains unaware of throughout the first half of the movie. Due to her disadvantage, there is no talking in the movie, hence the title. This film leaves a unique kind of thrilling and anxiety-ridden roller coaster of emotions that other horror films do not.

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3. Eat Pray Love

If you’re looking for a good romance, which everyone is in the mood for at least once in a while, you should know that the classic, Eat Pray Love starring Julia Roberts is available on Netflix. Eat Pray Love. The ideal romance is this as you can watch Julia Roberts as Liz Gilbert on a quest for self-discovery as she travels through Italy, India and Bali.

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4. What Happened to Monday

Who doesn’t love a good action-packed film? What Happened to Monday is the hidden gem of action movies available on Netflix. This film takes place in some alternate reality where each family is permitted to have only one child per household and there are strict implementations to ensure that this is the case. As seven children are born into one household, they are named each day of the week which symbolizes the day of the week they are allowed out of the house. This system works well for them until it doesn’t.

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5. Secret Obsession

Who doesn’t love good suspense? Last but certainly not least of the must-watch films on Netflix is Secret Obsession. If you’re ever looking for a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat this is it. This film is about a girl who ends up in a tragic accident and loses her entire memory. With her tragic accident being the least of her worries, this film is an absolute must-watch in the genre of suspense.

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