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TikTok tea is always entertaining to follow, but this cup is extra hot. Well-known TikTok creators Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler have recently become the faces of multiple online news outlets, social media platforms and podcasts as their newly surfaced love affair have left a rollercoaster of emotions and shock within the people closest to them and all of their fans.

For a quick recap, Nessa Barrett has been dating Josh Richards, another well-known TikTok creator and best friend of Jaden Hossler, for quite some time now. Jaden Hossler has been dating Mads Lewis, well known TikTok creator and best friend of Nessa Barrett. Do you see the pattern?

Speculation began regarding Nessa and Jaden from fans and pretty much the entire internet as they released songs and music videos together where chemistry appeared to be high. It seemed as though their music was their outlet and excuse to demonstrate the secret feelings they have had for one another this entire time. The speculation and accusations were quickly debunked by most parties involved, besides Mads.

Video posted by Nessa Barret

It is evident when listening to Nessa and Jaden’s recent song “la di die” that some of the lyrics they decided to include maybe insinuating that something is going on. For example, the lyrics “loving me is suicide” seems like a direct message to her latest boyfriend Josh Richards.

Mads was the only person involved in this scandal that vocalized some suspicions on TikTok. She was quickly shut down and attacked by Nessa’s fans and others who called her crazy in the comments. Was she though?

This past week Nessa and Jaden have finally come forward about their feelings towards one another, and it turns out that any and all speculation was right on the money as Jaden and Nessa are in fact dating; despite their relationships with each others’ best friends.

Video posted by BFFS with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards

Clearly, this news is huge as Dave Portnoy, famous Barstool President is willing to cover the story. On this episode of their BFF’s podcast/Youtube channel, Josh Richards speaks out about the situation and reacts to Mad’s appearance on the also widely known “Call Her Daddy” podcast. With that being said, Josh and Mads have both spoken out about the situation as both the individuals who have been betrayed in this scandal, and Jaden and Nessa have ultimately remained silent.



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