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Telepatia shot to the top of the charts bringing fans of all nationalities to the world singer-songwriter, Kali Uchis has shown a strong presence in. While the song became a viral sensation, many individuals enjoyed the spanglish mix bringing in a new demographic to the genre. While Kali Uchis opened the flood gates, it’s time to introduce more people to the world where euphoria meets spanglish with these Latinx artists.

While it may seem daunting to those unfamiliar with the language, the beats and tempos of the music will have you feeling 100 emotions at once as music transports you to another dimension. With these artists offering a wide array of listening options, you’re bound to find something you love; whether it’s a song only in english, spanglish, or fully Spanish.

Kali Uchis
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Born in northern Virginia and traveling frequently to visit family in Colombia, Karly-Marina Loaiza known as Kali Uchis, began the start to her musical career following her high school graduation with her mixtape “Drunken Babble,” which caught the attention of industry leaders. After numerous collaborations and working closely with artists such as Snoop Dogg, Tyler, the Creator and Lana Del Rey; she continued her career with the release of “Isolation” in 2018. Following the success of her debut album and collaborations following the release, Loaiza released “Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros Demonios)” which rose to fame following the release of viral hit, “telepatía”

While fame and fortune have risen in the life of the Virginia native, humbleness and selfishness show the true artist behind the music as she continuously shows support and care for Colombia and those in her family’s hometown.

With an influence of the 1960s, soul, R&B, latin, jazz — Kali Uchi is giving major vibes with each song on her multiple albums as well as features.

  • Spanglish: telepatía, la luz (Fin)
  • English: Dead To Me, After the Storm
Katzù Oso
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Latino artist, Paul Hernandez known as Katzù Oso began his music career right out of his bedroom in Los Angeles, California. After the release of “Sophie,” the domino effect occurred for Hernandez as he began to move from his home to various venues performing and creating new music that reflect his experiences and background. In 2018, Hernandez released his debut album “Pastel” and since has released numerous singles and an EP “Colour.”

Drawing inspiration from Tame Impala, HOMESHAKE, pop, latin, disco, R&B his artistry is a direct reflection of this in each release.

  • Spanglish/Spanish: Coqueta, Secuestro Al Corazón
  • English: Crazy4luvinU, Retail Therapy
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Omar Banos, known in the industry as Cuco, is 22-year-old singer-songwriter who grew up in sunny California experimenting with music at a young age in school. Following his high school graduation, Banos uploaded a video on YouTube gaining thousands of views which led to the release on music platforms including SoundCloud. In 2016, Banos began to release self-produced music and in 2019 released “Para Mi” his debut album which includes features from other industry leading artists including Clairo leading to tours and collaborations with musical heroes.

Banos’ music is often seen as a mixture of bossa nova and indie pop with influences from his early childhood and the music his parents would play as well as later inspirations including Tame Impala with his song “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards,” which Banos said helped shape his career and view on it.

  • Spanglish: Drown, Lo Que Siento
  • English: Lover Is a Day, Hydrocodone
Daniela Andrade
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Inspired by her father who introduced her to singing and playing the guitar, Honduran-Canadian artist Daniela Andrade grew from secretly listening artists such as Julio Iglesias and Selena to music to being on full display producing and crafting her own songs. After uploading covers on YouTube, competing in contests, Andrade solidified her place in the industry following her EP release in 2012 which led to more releases and features.

Andrade continues to bring her music back to her heritage which has allowed for her as an artist to discover her Latin identity, something she claims was not possible before due to conflicting visions of church, femininity and Latina heritage.

  • Spanglish/Spanish: Fin, Ayayai
  • English: Tamale, Nothing Much Has Changed, I Don’t Feel The Same
The Marías
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Combining both worlds, The Marías are an indie pop band founded by duo María Zardoya (referred to as María), Puerto Rican lead singer and Los Angeles drummer, John Conway. Both artists have fused their own influences and inspirations to create music in both English and Spanish with the help of band members including keyboard player Edward James and guitarist Jesse Perlman.

Influence and experimentation played a key role in the vision of artistry as María brought in Latin influences such as Selena and Carla Morrison while Conway brought influences such as The Strokes and Radiohead.

  • Spanglish/Spanish: Cariño, Basta Ya
  • English: I Don’t Know You, Jupiter
Boy Pablo
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Nicolas Muñoz, Boy Pablo, is a Chilean-Norwegian singer songwriter from Bergen, Norway. Coming from a musical family, Muñoz was taught various instruments and attended music schools throughout his life. Boy Pablo was created in 2015 as a project of Muñoz as he began playing in various festivals around Bergen. International fame rose following the release of “Everytime” on YouTube in 2017 which led to the release of the debut EP, headline tour, and release of the second EP. In 2020, the debut studio album was released, “Wichita Rico.” Live band includes: Gabriel Muñoz, Eric Tryland, Henrik Åmdal and Sigmund Vestrheim.

Influences are drawn from many including Mac DeMarco, Arctic Monkeys, Veronica Maggio and more.

  • Spanglish: wachito rico, te vas // don’t go
  • English: Everytime, Dance, Baby!

Be bold and give something a new listen! Supporting artists across communities not only broadens your musical horizons but allows for artists worldwide to be acknowledged for their craftsmanship and promotes inclusivity and diversity within the industry!

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