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After working with well-established artists like Tyler, the Creator, Thundercat, Tame Impala, the Gorillaz, Steve Lacy and Rico Nasty; Kali Uchis has claimed a spot in the top charts with her song, Telepatía. But, she was not always living this successfully.

In her youth, Uchis split her time between Columbia and Virginia, which is why she is bilingual. Growing up with her parents as immigrants and in the working class, she had to work hard. Because she often broke rules set by her parents, she ended up having to live in her car while she made music after they kicked her out.

Since then, things have turned around for her. Uchis is a fashion icon, provides makeup inspiration for many, has released multiple EPs, one album in English and one album in Spanish. She even has a beauty video with Vogue.

Uchis has stayed consistent with her glam looks since she started making music. She often rocks a glossy lip and long lashes. But she always promotes protecting and healing skin first, as well as spirituality and a healthy mind. “Just be gentle with yourself,” Uchis says during her skincare tutorial. That is something everyone should remember.

She also continues to stay fashion-forward, often seen wearing luxury brands Chanel, Gucci, Dior as well as popular brand I.AM.GIA. She wears a lot of funky sunglasses, glitter, crystals and monochromatic outfits. Uchis seems to take trends and put her own spin on them, giving a unique sense of style and taste. She even performed at the God Cannot Destroy Streetwear (or GCDS) fashion show during Milan Fashion Week in 2020. Uchis represents a mix of high fashion and music.

Even though Uchis is influential in many ways, it is essential to discuss her musical talent. She has been nominated for multiple Grammy’s, including Best R&B Performance and Best Dance Recording. In addition, she has received a Latin Grammy Nomination for Record of the Year. Uchis has also toured with Leon Bridges and even came to Penn State’s own, State College, with Lana Del Rey in 2018.

The song Telepatía recently has gotten a lot of play on TikTok, leading many in America to appreciate a song in almost full Spanish, which does not happen very often. This has led Uchis into claiming her first solo hit on the Billboard Hot 100. This song was from her most recent album that is in full Spanish, called Sin Miendo (del Amor y Otros Demonios).

Uchis channels genres like R&B, funk, pop, neo-soul, hip-hop and more. Although, she publicly claims that she does not care about genres and just wants to create. VALLEY strongly suggests songs Telepatía, After the Storm, 10%, Flight 22, Melting and Loner. Uchis is definitely a genre-bending artist worth looking into now before she blows up.


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