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Hydration and vitamin infusion IV drip therapy has made its way to downtown State College. The exclusive provider, Aqua Vivir, found a home under the RISE apartments offering students and State College locals the opportunity to achieve their wellness objectives.

Following the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the concern for maintaining health and preventing illness sparked a nationwide trend causing individuals to search for solutions to their problems.

Noticing this trend was owner and CEO of Agua Vivir, Greg Wolf. Inspired by his father, Wolf knew the importance of hydration and vitamin supplements and decided to focus on a solution — IV therapy.

Hoping to offer the same experiences and services found outside of Centre County, Wolf brought his business to create a luxury experience for all, creating what he calls a “clinical lounge.”

The clinical aspect refers to the treatments and procedures being managed by state licensed registered nurses and nurse practitioners, who work with patients one-on-one to decide on which route they should take. The lounge aspect refers to the ambiance and spa-like setting as they provide patients with a relaxing process throughout their time from plush chairs to the sound of soft music in the background.

Intravenous Therapy

You may have seen your favorite celebrity or influencer partaking in an IV drip but what does it mean? Intravenous (IV) therapy is a mode of administering fluids into the body through blood vessels. By targeting from within, hydration, detoxification, and overall nourishment are able to occur.

“When you get an IV it’s all right there,” Wolf said. “It’s available because it’s in your system so you’re not missing anything.”


While the primary service offered at Agua Vivir are the IV drips, they also offer botox and dermal fillers for those seeking to partake in preventative measures or those who simply chose to treat areas of concern.

With a simple menu of 10 IV drips, 10 additives and five boosters, guests have the opportunity to tailor their experience to meet their wellness goals. Additives referred to as “bangers” are 2-3 additional vitamins and minerals one can add to their drip while boosters are intramuscular shots.

“All the ingredients from the drip come from a FDA-designated 503B compounding pharmacy,” Wolf said. “Its makes complex medications so we get our saline and inject everything for the treatment into it.”

Results may vary depending on the treatment as some have an immediate effect while others require various rounds to notice a difference.


Not sure which to choose? Thankfully your registered nurse will go over everything with you to help you find the one best suited. Generally speaking here are a few you should look out for:

  • Alleviate: Great for anyone who experiences PMS symptoms since this drip minimizes bloating, eases cramping and makes you a bit more tolerant of others as it helps with irritability.
  • Brainstorm: Finals week is approaching so for someone who needs help on a test or project, this is the option for you as it provides a brain boost by improving memory, processing and other cognitive functions.
  • Get Up & Go: Those who are lacking energy this is for you. This drip offers a boost in metabolism, energy and fat burning.
  • Immunity: As the colder season fast approaches, a plethora of colds and other illness find their way to circulate among the masses. Build up your immune system with this drip and decrease the recovery time.
  • Inner Beauty: For people who want to achieve a glow from within. This treatment combats wrinkles, acne and tired skin.
  • Myers Cocktail: Wolf recommends beginners try this drip. The “gold standard” among drips coined after Dr. John Myers who developed the usage of IV therapy.
  • N.A.D+: Individuals concerned with mental clarity and anti-aging.
  • Reboot: Perfect for someone who went the extra mile the night before as it eases headache, nausea all while rehydrating.
  • Recovery: Anyone who works out may reap the benefits of this drip specifically athletes who endure extreme workouts. It decreases recovery time and can enhance performance.
  • Quench: Fatigued and overall dehydrated individuals are best suited for this treatment since its primary focus is rehydration.
What to Expect

Upon entering the doors of Aqua Vivir, guests can find themselves greeted by the welcoming staff who establish a relationship right away, allowing patients to feel comfortable.

One is either seated in the lounge area or can be found picking up items for sale in the front which involves multiple rounds of smelling the luxurious candles, bath bombs and more.

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They then meet their nurse to go over what treatment will be done and pick any desired booster(s) and banger(s). Following that, the nurse begins preparing the infusion by injecting the saline bags with minerals and vitamins.

Guests during this time are offered a complimentary alcohol-free beverage that pairs complements their selected treatment. These drinks are filled with ingredients that are nutrient-rich, perfect for giving an extra little boost and sense of luxury.

Making their way to the lounge chairs or zero gravity recliners, the treatment begins and can average 30 minutes to 45 minutes. No need to fear, the treatment is monitored closely by the nurse the entire time while the patient relaxes in the cozy environment.

After Treatment

Following the treatment, each person receives a support card that offers lifestyle recommendations such as taking 10 minutes to meditate while the other side recommends supplemental vitamins and minerals to take if desired.

According to Wolf, these suggested supplements help magnify, enhance and extend the treatment they got.

Individuals can return back for another treatment whenever desired but Wolf recommends a drip every 3-4 weeks but notes that it depends on the lifestyle as it differs from person to person.

You can visit Aqua Vivir at 538 E. College Ave. or check out their website for more information.

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