How Rihanna’s Pregnancy Fashion Champions Modern-Day Feminism

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Time and time again, Rihanna has proven herself triumphant in defeating gender norms. She sang unapologetically about sex and female power throughout her musical career. She founded two multi-billion-dollar companies that earned her recognition as an accomplished female entrepreneur. She pioneered fashion inclusivity by using models of all body types in her FentyxSavage lingerie line. The list goes on and on.

It seems that RiRi’s every move shifts the narrative for women — and her rewriting of maternity fashion is no exception. Since her pregnancy announcement in January, Rihanna’s style choices have been exactly what we expected them to be: completely unexpected. Here’s a closer look into Rihanna’s pregnancy looks and how they totally empower women.

She Confidently Bares Her Belly
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Historically, the standard expectation for pregnant women has been to keep their baby bump covered. Exposing a pregnant stomach in public has often been viewed as inappropriate. Yet, Rihanna not only completely ignored this idea, but also created a new (and much better) one. In nearly all of her most recent fits, RiRi makes her bare stomach the focal point of her look. She embellishes her belly with jewels. She accentuates her stomach with cutouts. She wears jackets with open slits.

The result is an incredible twist of fashion that recognizes that pregnancy is beautiful. Rihanna challenges the idea of modest maternity fashion by embracing her body, reminding women of the power they possess in creating new life.

She Doesn’t Shy Away From Dressing Sexy  

In today’s society, women aren’t exactly taught that pregnancy is sexy. Not in Rihanna’s world! The style icon shows no shame in displaying her pregnant body, as shown in her look from the Dior fashion show during Paris Fashion Week. The star boldly wore lingerie and a sheer gown, claiming her confidence and sex appeal for herself, and for women everywhere. ?

She Remains Limitless in Her Fashion Choices
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Crop tops, latex and leather shorts might not be the typical fashions of pregnant women, but Rihanna rocks them all effortlessly. With her newest outfits, the celeb proves that there is nothing you can and cannot wear when it comes to maternity fashion. She challenges the notion that pregnancy limits women by choosing to remain bold in her newest looks. Rihanna’s unapologetically daring outfits show women that they should always embrace their bodies and dress confidently.

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