Club Spotlight: Coffee Club

Valley loves coffee and we know you do, too. Coffee is the one thing we can always count on to never let us down. So why not celebrate it? Coffee deserves the world and the Penn State Coffee Club is dedicating its time to giving our beloved addiction the appreciation it deserves.

Last week, Valley attended a coffee club meeting and it was everything we could have hoped for. The coffee club, led by president Paul Smith, meets once a week to discuss all things coffee. This is the club’s first semester at Penn State. During meetings, members of the club hang out and catch up while brewing and sipping on coffee. The club also experiments with different ways to brew.IMG_1929

“We’ve typically been doing Chemex; that’s our main one. We’ve been doing Aeropress and some Siphon,” said Smith.

Chemex is the slow and steady approach to brewing coffee. Chemex coffee makers require thicker filters and produce a flavorful, non-bitter cup of coffee from the strong filtration.

During the coffee club meeting, members brought in coffee beans from their hometowns for everyone else to taste. As each all the beans were brewed in a different way, the aroma of coffee filled the air and turned Willard from a sad classroom into a cozy café (kind of). The different types of coffee were passed around and everyone got to taste test. Is there a better way to spend your Thursday evening?


Smith recommends Saint’s for a good cup of coffeeat Penn State, but he’s not a fan of decaf. We don’t blame him!

If sipping coffee and chatting with fellow caffeine lovers sounds like your cup of tea coffee, visit the coffee club’s website for more information on meeting times and how to join.