Embracing J.O.M.O: the Joy of Missing Out

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In a world where F.O.M.O. (fear of missing out) is constantly promoted, it is refreshing to discover the opposite concept. The joy of missing out, or J.O.M.O., is this idea of being satisfied staying home, doing nothing or simply just saying “no” to a night out.

Being busy is often glorified, with the notion that whoever has the packed schedule is the most successful. Constantly bombarded with the worry of missing the most eventful night and being left out of the inside jokes your friends come home laughing about.

However, taking the time to embrace the J.O.M.O might serve as an act of self-improvement and self-care.

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It’s okay to say “no.” As work, school and life in general become increasingly demanding, it’s vital to recognize everyone has limitations. We have different schedules, course loads and overall different priorities when it comes to our specific work-life balance.

Saying “no” to going to the same bar you’ve been to hundreds of times before is not a sign of weakness, but rather an acknowledgment of the need to rest. Whether you utilize this time to complete missing assignments, or simply indulge in a self-care night, these activities should hold equal significance on our priority scale as getting drunk in a crowded basement.

Turning your phone and life on do not disturb, is simply just a way of taking a reset. Being able to find peace in staying in allows time to refresh and enjoy time in solitude, something that’s hard to come by at Penn State. Declining invitations to social events allows time to focus on other priorities, priorities that might include your mental well-being.

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While it might be tempting to check Snapchat stories to feel a little less left out, that defeats the purpose of J.O.M.O. The pressure to be in the loop, attending every social event and pushing yourself to the limits of partying can be overwhelming. However, by embracing  J.O.M.O., we are alleviated from this pressure.

J.O.M.O. gives yourself permission to cultivate a deeper self-awareness and intentionality that isn’t possible with F.O.M.O. One can choose to invest their valuable time in activities that align with their values and goals, rather than doing activities out of what feels like obligation.

J.O.MO. empowers us to curate our lives with authenticity and purpose, rather than the status quo. When we let go of the pressure to do everything and be everywhere all at once, we provide time to focus on the now. It allows one to create a balance between engagement and solitude, between saying “yes” and saying “no”.

The joy of missing out is simply about finding pleasure in what you please, regardless of the stereotypical college student narrative. J.O.M.O. serves as a gentle reminder that our worth is not defined by packed schedules or social agendas, but rather by what truly satisfies us at the end of the day.

Photo from Pinterest.com

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