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With a new semester starting and the overwhelming feeling of having to do schoolwork creeps back on us, it is especially important to have self-care moments. Although the semester can seem really busy, fast pace and you have no time to take a breather, VALLEY has your back.

It may seem like self-care has to be a dedicated night or a long process, but just incorporating little things into your daily life to relax your mind or make you happy are crucial. In order to stay motivated, you have to let your mind take a break and reset or you are going to burn yourself out! Here are some things VALLEY suggests to achieving self-care during your semester.

Say Bye-Bye to Your Phone
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Let’s start off by putting your phone down. Achieving self-care is not going to happen while you are flooding your mind with social media, texts, emails, and notifications. This is your time away from all of that so let’s unplug.

Often, we do not realize the effects our phone has on us. It is an addiction. Constantly picking up your phone to see who texted you or how many people liked your picture becomes unhealthy. It is best to even set times for when you can go on your phone and when you cannot go on your phone, like when you first wake up and when you are going to bed.

It’s Showtime
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Kick back, relax and put your favorite show or movie on. By putting on your favorite show or movie it can take your mood from being at an all-time low to an all-time high. This can help you forget everything you were once stressing about and focus on the present moment you are in.

Getting that giddy feeling knowing your favorite part is about to come on is what will make you feel good. Laughing and enjoying the show will give you this sense of comfort and sanity because for once you are not worrying about something, even if it is for a split second.

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching
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Dance, sing, scream, do whatever you do when you hear your favorite song. This right here is bliss. Who doesn’t love hearing their favorite song? Hearing your favorite song will most likely bring you a nostalgic, warm feeling, that brings you the utmost joy. Music for a lot of people is like therapy and an escape. Whether you enjoy listening to music in your car on a drive, blasting it at home on your speaker or even just putting in headphones this could make you very content.

Let’s Eat!
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Finding your comfort food is key. Eating snacks and meals that you enjoy can put you in such a blissful state of mind. Order in food or make it yourself, whichever makes you feel good. Isn’t it crazy how food can bring a sense of comfort to people? It’s nice to know the food will always be there.

Overall, self-care is finding things that bring you joy, relaxation and a peaceful state of mind. VALLEY hopes that doing some of these things will help take your mind off of any work or stress you have. If you did any of these tweet us, @VALLEYmag!



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