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As you are swamped with completing countless assignments and cramming those last minutes of studying, the last thing you need is the neglect of self care. Carving out time to prioritize your physical and mental health is a vital habit to remember as a busy college student at Penn State. VALLEY has put together a list of places in the community that are sure to soothe your body and soul.

2000 Degrees
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No matter your skill level, art is able to take your mind elsewhere. Aisha Beau, a digital content creator specializing in self-care, touched on this topic on her website.

Beau says, “When we create art, we’re able to look outside of ourselves and see the world around us with new eyes. We bring our attention to the piece we’re creating, or the photo we’re taking and all the details that bring it to life. It’s a low-intensity act that doesn’t leave us feeling depleted, but instead soothed and more open-minded.”

The paint-your-own pottery studio, 2000 Degrees, is a great spot to unwind and let the creative juices flow after a long day of hard work. Located on 202 W. College Ave., 2000 Degrees offers hundreds of different pieces of pottery and glazes to choose from. The studio welcomes walks-ins, but asks for a call ahead of time for parties over five guests.

You can visit 2000 Degrees’ website here for more information and details on how to make a reservation.

Yoga Lab
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Lecture after lecture, you body may tend to become stiff and tense, creating unwanted amounts of stress throughout your body. An activity such as yoga can help your body de-stress and of course serve as a well-needed pick me up during the fall semester.

Conveniently placed at 124 McAllister Alley, Yoga Lab offers in-person classes for COVID-19 vaccinated individuals, along with virtual classes as well.

This studio can become your next self-care spot, as the official Yoga Lab website says, “Yoga Lab is a supportive environment where people can gather and share in the spirit of learning, self-discovery, and continued growth.”

If you are interested in yoga, meditation or mindfulness, check out Yoga Lab’s official website for pricing and more information about classes.

Saint’s Cafe
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There is nothing quite like nestling up with a warm cup of tea or coffee. If you want a cozy spot to clear your mind, stop by Saint’s Cafe.

When your brain is crammed with school work and needs a caffeine break, Saint’s Cafe is a quintessential coffee shop that checks off all the boxes: quaint atmosphere, lo-fi music and of course amazing coffee and treats. Even if you aren’t looking to drink coffee, this is a spot you can come to to loathe in all the good vibes.

Visit Saint’s Cafe at 123 W. Beaver Ave. and check out their menu and more here.

Walnut Springs Park
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It may sound cliche, but nature does in fact cleanse the soul. As the cool breeze of autumn fills State College, the scenery we all know and love will transform into a beautiful sight full of different shades of red, orange and yellow.

Getting some sunshine on your face and taking in the wildlife at Walnut Springs Park can be the perfect remedy for when you feel overwhelmed with stress and schoolwork.

In an article posted on The Viva Center, a counseling center in Washington D.C, the official website mentions that, “Nature-based self-care is also associated with lower levels of stress, depression and anxiety. Further, the bacteria found in plant life may help boost the immune system and reduce inflammation.”

Next time you have a free hour during your schedule, stop by Walnut Springs Park with some friends, you won’t be disappointed. You can visit the park at 843 Walnut Spring Lane.

Webster’s Bookstore Cafe
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When it comes to self-care, you can never go wrong with a good book.

Reading books is therapeutic, as they have the opportunity to act as an escape, taking you into a new world. Throughout the school day, our brains are focusing on an abundant amount of things. However, with a book in your hand, it helps your mind focus solely on one thing, calming yourself down in the process.

Webster’s Bookstore Cafe provides an endless selection of books and media — plus they have amazing coffee and fresh food. Located in a well-decorated, eclectic basement, you can find some peace and quiet here during your busy day.

You can visit Webster’s at 133 E. Beaver Ave. and you can visit their website for more information.

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