Keeping Wellness Days?

While this year has been extremely overwhelming for college students in particular — more students have experienced the ‘mid-semester burnout’ earlier than usual. Penn State implemented three “wellness days” throughout the semester to help students recharge and refocus.

When Penn State first announced its plans of implementing “wellness days” throughout the spring 2021 semester, many students argued that it was a less than efficient way to replace spring break.

Although these wellness days were not as some may have hoped, it wasn’t the case for all. Some students believe implementing them in the calendar throughout the fall semester in addition to Thanksgiving break could deem beneficial.

“I totally think wellness days would be beneficial in the fall. I think they were a good reminder that we need to slow down and take time for ourselves.,” says Gwen Jepsen, a nutrition major.

Now more than ever, focusing and maintaining your overall health is most important. The last year and a half has continued to put everything into perspective and has reminded us that mental health comes before any grade, test, or assignment.

With vaccines beginning to be distributed and Penn State’s plan to return to in person learning for fall 2021, many are hopeful in the implementation. With warmer weather, outdoor activities that aid in promoting overall wellness will be around the corner such as hiking Mount Nittany, picnics with friends, shopping downtown or simply just catching up on sleep.

“While I wish the wellness days were not in the middle of the week, but instead on Friday or even Monday, I think it would totally be beneficial to have them in the fall semester,” says Izze Ucar, a business major.

Would you like to see wellness days occur throughout the upcoming semester? Let us know what you think by tweeting us, @VALLEYmag, with your thoughts!


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