Let’s Talk About Wellness!

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, colleges all over the nation have canceled spring break to reduce travel rates. In turn, the spring semester has started to drag on for some students — especially with no breaks.

Because of this, it can be common for students to experience academic burnout. According to Psychology Today, signs of burnout can include chronic fatigue, insomnia, loss of appetite and more

To advocate for the mental health of their students, Penn State has implemented three wellness days throughout spring semester.

Photo via wellness.psu.edu

On these days, classes are not held and students are encouraged to participate in activities that will help their mental and physical health! 

So, how can college students take full advantage of their wellness days? VALLEY has compiled a fun guide with activities you can on your wellness day. Let’s jump right in!

1. Embrace Nature… Go outside!

Let’s face it — nature is calming. Stepping outside and walking around is vital during wellness days, especially when we spend the majority of time on our laptops and smartphones. Get out and smell the roses, you won’t regret it!

VALLEY recommends walking (or hiking!) to different places around State College, like the Arboretum or Mount Nittany. Bundle up and wear a mask, you’ll get to see some BEAUTIFUL views!

2. Sleep

Sleep brings a variety of benefits, like reducing stress levels and improving mood. The night before, don’t set an alarm for the morning. You should catch up on the sleep you lost from all of those late-night study sessions throughout the week. Your body will thank you later! 

3. Catch Up With An Old Friend

College life is busy. While we are (usually!) caught up in our academics throughout the week, it can be common for college students to lose touch with old friends and family. Take this wellness day to call or FaceTime an old friend, it will be comforting and reassuring to catch up with them! 

4. Volunteer

In the Penn State community, giving back is a part of student culture. With events like THON, our student body has been very involved within the community. On your wellness day, take this opportunity to help out someone less fortunate. Check out this list of Student Volunteer Opportunities.

5. Listen To Music

Music is great. Listening to music can lessen anxiety and provide comfort, which is something all college students could use. The pandemic hasn’t been easy on anyone — and there’s nothing a good song can’t fix.

What are your best recommendations on how to spend a wellness day? Tweet us @VALLEYMag with your ideas!


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