Treat Yourself Like Someone You Love

If you’re the girl who constantly hypes up your friends, gives great advice and always lends a helping hand, it’s time to start becoming your own hype woman and person to rely on.

It’s really easy to recognize the beauty and greatness in the people around us that we love, such as friends and family or even an influencer or celebrity that you idolize, but what about yourself? When is the last time you looked in the mirror and admired your beauty? Or sat and thought about what makes your personality so awesome and unique? Have you recently set aside time for yourself that does not involve work or any other responsibilities? Let’s talk about how you can treat yourself like someone you love each and every day.

The most important step in achieving this level of self-love is devoting an appropriate amount of time every single day to only yourself. Build this time into your schedule and put it in your planner as if it is any other assignment or task you have for the day. Time for yourself should not take any less of a priority than anything else you have to do on your agenda.

During this time, you should focus on doing things that make you feel great. Whatever you choose to do should be something that relieves stress from your life and something that improves your well-being. This can be something like reorganizing your room and adding some new decor. A positive change in your surroundings can promote positive changes in your day to life. If you are looking to feel good physically, try out some new remedies and products such as a new skincare line you’ve had your eye on or an interesting detox tea you found on Pinterest. Simply find something that you love that promotes a new sense of well-being and positive change in your life.

In this time, get active. This does not just refer to working out or going to the gym as that does not exactly sound appealing to everyone, however, this does qualify. Getting active should simply refer to getting out of bed, out of your room and doing something you normally would not be able to do while doing work or being in class. If the sun is out, go for a walk, there is a lot of beauty to see on our campus that can promote tranquility and relaxation. Try a new activity such as biking or hiking to bring adventure to your day. Additionally, there are so many workouts and yoga sessions you can do from the comfort of your room if needed. Open up your laptop and listen to some calming music as you engage in one of these relaxing activities.

Finally, find a new hobby. Try new things and find something you love to do that is strictly for you. This is something that will not have to meet deadlines or cause you to feel stressed and under pressure. This should be something that brings you genuine happiness and allows you to unwind. This could be something like painting or singing and maybe even learning new TikTok dances. You may have to try different things before finding the best hobby for you, but once you do it will be worth it.

Whatever you choose to do with the time you devote to yourself it should be something you love and something that makes you love yourself more. Disconnect from the world around you for some time each day, no one’s going anywhere, make yourself a priority.



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