Burnt Out From Drinking? We Have Your Back

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Many college students struggle with drinking culture and the pressures that come with it. If it’s not in a frat basement, then it’s at a bar or an apartment with friends. It is true that drinking can become exhausting and is not exactly good for your body if consumed excessively. If you are feeling burnt out or just need a break from the college drinking environment, keep reading. We have some tips and alternatives just for you!

Take Care Of Your Body

Drinking alcohol weekly can be exhausting both physically and mentally. After a weekend of drinking, anxiety and dehydration can make your body feel weak and tired. Make sure to hydrate before and after drinking. You can even try Liquid IV or other hydration multipliers for an added boost! If your hangover is really bad the next day, these can be essential for adding electrolytes back into your body.

We can all agree that after a night out sometimes you just want to lie in bed all day. It can be tempting to just lie down, but sometimes your body needs exercise. Even if it is just yoga or walking around the block, it can really make your body feel better in the long run.

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Take Care Of Your Mind

Not only does your body sometimes feel under the weather after a night out, but your mind can also feel the effects. So-called “hangxiety” can hit even a couple of hours after you stopped drinking. If you already suffer from anxiety or depression, alcohol can make you feel those effects even more. The day after is so crucial to getting your mind back on the right track.

Staying active can help your mind and keep you from lingering on sticky thoughts. Try meditating to ease any anxious or stressed feelings. Anxiety after drinking can be so real, and so a self-care day the day after is very important! I mean, who doesn’t like a self-care day anyway? Wake up, do some yoga, take a relaxing bath, meditate and drink some water!

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Alcohol Alternatives

If you’re in the mood to completely give up drinking or take a nice break from it all, we can help you find some alternatives. Even though FOMO is so real, sometimes having a night to yourself can be very rewarding. Put on your favorite movie, do a face mask eat some candy and call it a night. If you ever catch yourself regretting not going out, try thinking about it this way instead: you’ll wake up tomorrow morning nice and early and get your day started while your friends might be struggling to feel better before noon after a night of drinking.

If you don’t wanna completely give up drinking, then try having a glass of champagne or wine with friends. A little wine night in with the girls can be just as fun, as long as you still make sure to take care of your body and your mind, both before and after. If you still end up wanting to go out but want to skip the drinking part, try filling your cup up with something sparkly or even with water so you can enjoy the same night out with your friends… well, minus the hangover.

You don’t always need a drink to have fun. Get your friends on board for a girl’s night, and substitute the wine for some sparkling cider! You will feel a million times better in the morning.

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VALLEY does not support underage drinking. Please remember to always drink responsibly.



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