The Reality Of Drinking On Medications

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When people think about the culture of college, they usually think about drinking and going out with friends. Not many people talk about the real effects of drinking while on medications.

It is normalized nowadays to be on medication for something like depression or anxiety. Typically, doctors do not recommend mixing those types of medications with alcohol. Many do it anyways which can end up creating more harm than good.

No Drinking Alcohol On Medication?

Drinking alcohol on medication can make your physical and mental state very vulnerable. It can impair your motor skills and judgment which can put you in possible danger if not responsible. The combination of the two does not pair well together and can cause a possible black-out feeling where you do not remember a lot once the alcohol has passed through you.

Not only that but drinking on medication can increase whatever you are on medication for. It can increase your anxiety or even depression due to alcohol being a depressant. Because it cancels out the medication, it may lead to suicidal thoughts.

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Because many are not familiar with how the combination of the two can react, it can be easy to just take your medication and go on with drinking without really knowing how your body will react. That being said, everyone is different and everyone’s body will react differently. Just because someone can handle the reaction well, does not mean another can do the same.

Moderation Is Key

If you struggle with this dilemma, especially as a college student, it does not mean you have to completely cut alcohol out of your life. It is true that you might feel better if you do, but it is not an end all be all. When it comes to drinking on medications, moderation is always something to keep in mind. Just because your friends are drinking more than you does not mean you have to catch up or drink the same amount. If you sneak in water and have a hearty meal before going out, your mind and body will thank you for the next day.

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Do not be discouraged if you have been feeling any of the mentioned effects or are scared to drink because of what you are on. Remember that every person is different and moderation is always the route to take when nervous about combing the two.

If you know anyone suffering from suicidal thoughts or actions reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and dial 800-273-8255.

VALLEY does not support underage drinking. Please remember to always drink responsibly.


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